289 Decision (2)

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Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen were married!?

Before the New Year!?

Xi Xinyi was shocked. Her eyes momentarily went out of focus. It was as if all of her energy and emotions were sucked away. Her body fell limp and she collapsed onto the bed.

How could this be...?

How could she be married?

If Xi Xiaye really was married to Mu Yuchen, how could there not have been any news at all? With the Mu family's background of being a well-known family, how could they have accepted a daughter-in-law like Xi Xiaye? And with a man like Mu Yuchen...

Previously, she had guessed that there was something more between Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen. She thought that there must have been more than just a relationship between a superior and subordinate, yet she never would have guessed that they would be husband and wife!

They were actually husband and wife!

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