288 Decision (1)

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The ward instantly fell silent. It was so silent that there was an indescribable stillness, a suffocating feeling. Xi Xinyi's expression had turned pale and stiff underneath Han Yifeng's disappointed and dim gaze.

Han Yifeng stared at Xi Xinyi, catching all her reactions. A while passed before he continued, "By this point, I've been organizing and analyzing everything between us from the start till now. I admit that we did have many happy times in between, but, Xinyi, the journey in the future is much longer. I had to reevaluate and reorientate our relationship after everything that has happened."

"Yifeng, that's enough. Please don't continue..."

As if knowing what Han Yifeng was about to say next, Xi Xinyi clung onto Han Yifeng in panic. She wanted to reach out to cover Han Yifeng's mouth, preventing him from continuing.


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