Han Yifeng's expression looked increasingly morose. Huang Ziyao and Han Yu had also kept calling to ask about the progress on the whole ordeal, yet he did not know how to answer them.

He studied the phone screen that had already dimmed on his table, his eyes dark. He sat there for a long time without moving until he heard Secretary Wang call out to him, "CEO Han, what do we do? These scandals cannot be suppressed anymore. Yueying is being forced to make Miss Xinyi temporarily leave the company. I heard that CEO Deng even collapsed from being angered by this..."

Secretary Wang looked a little uneasily at Han Yifeng. "The old Chairman and Madam have already called many times to ask about the situation and Xinyi, but your phone has been switched off. They're very worried."

Han Yifeng fell silent for a long time before finally answering, "Go home first. I'd like to be alone."

"CEO Han, but Miss Xinyi... She..."

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