5 Accompany Her To The Hospital

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Inside Hospital T's spacious and neat consulting room.

"You're lucky it isn't blistering yet, otherwise it'd be tricky. Take some medication home to apply and use it on time to avoid your wound from becoming inflamed. Also, for the next few days, don't let the wound get wet."

After the doctor helped Xi Xiaye apply some medication on the back of her hand, he issued her a prescription as he reminded her about of all this.

Xi Xiaye nodded slightly. "Thank you, Doctor."

"No worries, just be careful the next time. Take the prescription and pay, then you may get your medication."

The doctor handed the prescription over. Just as Xi Xiaye was about to take it, the man beside her was quicker and his long fingers confidently grasped the doctor's prescription. Nonchalantly skimming it, he then gave it to Ah Mo who was behind him as he said, "We'll wait for you in the car."

Ah Mo obediently accepted it and nodded. "Yes, Master, I'll go right away!"

Then, his tall figure walked out and he vanished in an instant.

"Let's go."

Mu Yuchen looked down at Xi Xiaye who was still sitting on the stool. Soon, he walked out of the consulting room first. Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment, then she took her bag, got up, and slowly followed after him.

The sound of their footsteps echoed in the empty corridor. Two shadows were cast across the floor. She walked in front while he followed right behind her. Their rhythmic footsteps sounded exceptionally distinct in this empty walkway.

The two of them did not say anything.

When they walked out of the hospital, it was still raining, and the sky had already turned dark. The streetlights by the sidewalk were turned on too.

"Thank you so much for today." Xi Xiaye raised up her bound hand and her elegant face flashed with a grateful smile.

Mu Yuchen nodded before he responded softly, "You're already said thank you to me more than five times along the way."

Xi Xiaye looked embarrassed and wanted to explain herself when suddenly her handphone buzzed. She looked apologetically at Mu Yuchen before taking her phone out...

The phone blinked with Su Nan's number. That was when Xi Xiaye realized that it was already late. Initially, she meant to pick Su Nan up from the airport right after meeting this man, but she did not expect such a thing to happen. Now, she started to frown from being upset with herself.

"Hello? Xi Xiaye! I just landed. Are you driving over right now? Are you late again, or did you forget?"

The call was just picked up when Su Nan's sweet and high-pitched voice immediately came through. Xi Xiaye had to move the phone slightly further away and even beside her, Mu Yuchen could hear everything clearly.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and then softly answered, "I'm going over right away. Wait for me a while."

Then, she hung up because knowing Su Nan's temperament, she would definitely grumble again.

She looked up at the rain that kept pouring while she thought about how her car was still at the Bamboo Maple Forest Tavern. It was about half an hour's drive away from where she was. She definitely would not be able to make it if she went back to get her car right then. Besides, she could not really drive given the state of her hand anyway, so Xi Xiaye could only ponder over whether she should flag a cab.

"Rushing?" Suddenly, Mu Yuchen's voice came from the side.

Xi Xiaye suddenly looked up and her eyes met his concerned gaze. She could only nod. "I said that I'd go pick Su Nan up from the airport in the evening, but I forgot all about the time. Thank you for today. I'll treat you to a meal the next time, but I've got some urgent matter, so I'll go first!"

She could not care further. Xi Xiaye just uttered these words and then picked up her bag to provide shelter for her head before running into the rain...

Mu Yuchen's indifferent gaze looked past the gloomy drizzle and stared as that delicate figure swiftly got into a cab. Something flashed in his eyes.

He quickly retrieved his gaze and walked into the drizzle, getting into the car.

After Ah Mo paid and walked to the car with the bag of medication, he noticed that only his Master was in the car. Suddenly, he was curious. With the bag in his hand, he asked, "Where's Ms. Xi, Master?"

"She left."

Mu Yuchen was focused on checking something on the laptop across his lap. The blue light from his screen complemented his extremely handsome face, making him seem even more mysterious.

Ah Mo was stunned. He hesitated for a moment and then waved the bag of medication in his hand. "She forgot her medication!"

Mu Yuchen looked up. Upon seeing the medication in Ah Mo's hand, his handsome face frowned. Then, he said with a lowered voice, "Find a time. Play by ear."

Then, Mu Yuchen looked away and continued to study the laptop in front of him.

Ah Mo was shocked. He pondered for a long while and was still not sure what the Master meant. However, seeing his Master's focused expression, he dared not ask. He thought about it and could only nod in response, then he got into the car.

"Master, are we going home right away now?" Ah Mo asked softly.

"Return to Maple Residence," Mu Yuchen said simply. Then, he slowly closed his laptop and gently massaged the fatigue between his brows away before he leaned back and shut his eyes to rest.


When he saw Mu Yuchen's behavior, Ah Mo did not dare say more. He started the car instantly and the car slowly drove into the drizzle...

Even though Hospital T was quite far from the airport, by using the bustling city's highway, it would only be a 40-minute journey.

When Xi Xiaye reached the airport, it was already night time and many people milled around the airport, especially at the arrival gates. It was crowded with people from all over the city. Many were representatives from travel agencies or huge companies who had come to pick their guests up. They all held huge boards and squeezed in the crowd. Xi Xiaye wore huge dark brown shades and stood far away behind because there was no way she could squeeze in.

Tourists kept walking out from the airport. Soon, the people who gathered at the arrival gates had started to slowly disperse too. It was not long before only a few people were left.

When she did not see Su Nan come out for a long while, Xi Xiaye had to pull out her phone to call her, yet no one answered for a long time. As she was hesitating about whether or not to go in to look for her, suddenly Su Nan's sweet shout came from behind her —

"Xiaye, Xiaye! I'm here!"

When she heard her voice, Xi Xiaye turned around and looked towards the source of the voice. Quickly, she could see the familiar figure amidst the crowd.

Su Nan held her luggage high above her head on one hand while her slim yet extremely nimble body squeezed through the crowd towards Xi Xiaye.

The elegant face hiding underneath the huge shades smiled with warmth. She adjusted her shades slightly and then walked towards the departure gate.


Once she rushed up to Xi Xiaye, Su Nan threw her luggage and backpack aside before rushing up to give Xi Xiaye a hug. She could not help but sound a little raspy as she said into Xiaye's ear, "Wonderful! We haven't seen each other for a few months and I realize that the person I miss the most is still you!"

Then, she tightened her grip on Xiaye's waist. Her force made Xiaye think that she was about to be snapped into half!

Underneath the shades, her twinkling eyes flashed with a tender helplessness. She reached out and patted Su Nan's shoulder, yet she did not say anything. She just let Su Nan hug her.

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