1 Chapter One

"Where do you think you are going Lilly?"

"Far from you..."

"Who gave you the right to do so?"

" I am done playing this game, Mr. Cornor."

"Oh, please, don't shed those crocodile tears in front of me."

I hold my breath tight because I have lost all the hope in him when I saw him with his secretary last night at Mr. Evans house warming party.

I am just a fancy doll by his side to impress his delegates. I will never be more than a show piece for him and it's my mistake that I began wanting more.

There is no option left now. I will have to confess after, because the honeymoon trip to Paris meant so much to me.

Like normal couples we enjoyed a lot had and had sex. It was the most sensuous and amazing experience of my life when Richie Cornor, my multimillionaire fake husband actually took my virginity away.

But those days couldn't last long. The day we returned, everything changed. He has been hating me since then. I don't even know what the hell did I do wrong. When he kissed me first in front of Eiffel Tower I though he too had feelings for me the way I had already fallen for him, irrespective of his bank balance. I started looking at him like I had my right on this man because he was mine through and through.

And the moment we came to Manhattan, everything shattered, like a fairy tale bubble bursted. I cried the night he became so rude like never before.

He stopped talking to me even with a minimal respect and last night broke all hell loose when he led his secretary get a taste of his touch and kiss when he peppered her neck with his sleazy kisses in a shady corner of the party hall. He knew I was watching him and he still did it.

"Tell me, Lily, what is your problem? Aren't you having fun living the lavish life you always wanted and fucking the men without anyone catching you red hand?"


His blatant acquisition brings me back to reality and I forgot I was thinking of confessing my love for him.

Is this how your first love be like?

I have never been in love before and the one time I decide to let my heart flutter, I am being accused of cheating and whoring around. What is going on?

"You heard me right, Lily. I know about all of your games now. I have seen you true face. Did you honestly think you could hide away from me?"

He throws a cynical laugh at me as my steps falter back, hitting the concrete wall behind me. He watches me with utmost curiosity and like an angry beats he lunges forward, closing the distance and the opportunity for me to have a say.

"I own half of the business in the country, and there are people everywhere who know how to bring me something that has missed my eye. I saw you, Lily."

Tears threaten to escape my eyes and before I can steel myself, pleads dance from my mouth because I know I am purely innocent.

"I didn't... didn't do anything. I was in fact... coming to you to tell you that... that I love you."

He laughs and spits on the tiled floor below us, giving me space, and shaking his head in disappointment he watchea me again in anger.

"Love me? Bitch, do you even know what is love??"

He cusses me while tightening his grip around my neck. My eyes almost pop out and he lets me go at the right time.

"How dare you sleep with my best friend right after our honeymoon?? Do you any explanation to this???"

He clicks a button a remote and a screen behind me opens up with a slide show that shows pictures of Steven with someone who can be mistaken to be me from the side angle.

They both are nude and tangled in sheets and playing with each other throughout the snaps. The images tell that the couple really had a great sex. But it wasn't me.

"It isn't me, Mr. Cornor!!!"

He closes the distance between us in fury and grips my neck again that begin to hurt so much that this time I cannot stop myself from crying.

"You are nothing but a liar. I made a terrible mistake by trusting you."

His lips are whispering in frustration and anger before mine which are shivering in fear already.

"Get out of my house and my life, forever. If I see your ugly face and nasty personality around me again, god knows what will I do to you."

He doesnt give me a chance to explain when he leaves me shouting his name in void.

The head chef, Noor, comes minutes later with my baggage already packed and divorce letter which Mr. Cornor has already signed.

"Please sign it mam, a taxi is waiting outside for you to take you wherever you want to go."

I am crying endlessly and there is no one to hear me. I have nowhere to go except maybe one place. Thankfully, no one in this city knows about this place, not even, Mr. Cornor.

After I hesitantly sign the paper, wishing all of it to be a nightmare and nothing more, I sigh and regret for it not being anything less than a cruel reality.

I am heart broken and thrown out.

I was not given a single chance to prove myself.

Am I that unworthy of being loved?

I don't know at this point of time but I promise myself to never ever face Mr. Cornor in my life again.

So, I leave the mansion, board the taxi to the unknown destination with my only luggage and a resolution set in my mind that will mould my destiny in coming years.

Goodbye, my first love.