1 Chapter 1 Not Samuel or Samson

"In a land deep in the seas surrounded by mountains, where the sun never rises or sets but still, there's night and day lived these creatures who are only being whispered around by humans, nobody knows if they're real, but there are legends about them that they were the first of beings to walk upon the face of the earth, they know about the beginning  and how it ends. Rumor has it that some of them walk amongst us….."

 "Sammy! Come down right now and feed the pets." his mom called from downstairs

"Oh, come on mom, you made me miss an episode the last time and now, I'm gonna miss this one." 

"You are not getting anything out of those shows." 

"Mom, you know I love Smith The Myth Guy." 

"Just get down here sammy". 

In case you're wondering(which I'm pretty sure you're not) his name is not Samuel or Samson, he's "Samu", meaning to be able to hear God and no, he's parents are not religious, this random man in the hospital named him, his parents never bothered to know the meaning of his name even Samu himself.

Samu has a pretty good life except his parents are divorced, his dad is now married to his math teacher. He's still wondering till this day how his dad got together with Miss Tabby now Mrs. Cai cause of the fact that his dad never partook in any school events, dropped him off at school or picked him up, basically, he never stepped into the school building. His mom didn't bother to change samu's last name after she got custody of him but she changed her last name to her first name. 

"Is that even a thing?" Samu had asked. "Won't it sound really weird if you put your name that way" that was samu's reply when his mother asked him how he felt about her new name. 

"Everything is a thing young man," His mom had replied.

"Hello, this is Qiu Qiu on the line, I just wanted to confirm that Grace has signed in for my shift…."

"Hey doggy and bunny, how are you guys today?, I don't hate you but you guys get hungry at the wrong time, so, how about we do something a little different today, doggy gets bunny's food and bunny gets doggy's food, sounds nice doesn't it?" Pissed off Samu said to the pets. 

"Sammy, you do remember we're having dinner at Harry's place." 

"I don't wanna go mom, remember what happened last time." 

"Come on, stop being such a baby, I think it was hilarious." 

"It was horrifying!!" 

"Just go get dressed will you?"

Ding dong! "I'll be right there" Mrs Cai said 

"Stop that Jaden" Qiu and Samu could hear Harry scream from inside the house. 

"Mom I told you this is not a good idea." 

Jaden and Jada are Harry and Tabby's kid.  Tabby can't get pregnant so Harry decided to adopt kids and they got Jada and Jaden. 

Tabby opened the door for Samu and his mom. "Hey miss Tabby." They both said. 

"Hey What's up guys?" She replied. 

Jada came running towards Samu with her hand full of chocolate. "No! Jaden! No!" Samu screamed but Jada went ahead and hugged him. "Great, just great, now my favorite shirt is all ruined."

"Be nice! Sammy" his mom snapped at him. 

"And that's not Jaden" his dad added as he came out from the kitchen.

 "Hey dad."

"Hey Sammy boy." 

"Hey Qiu." 

"Hey Harry." Qiu said

 "Dad, when will dinner be served?, I'm hungry." 

"In a minute" Harry replied Jada who had this face like she was about to die. 

Samu was still standing at the same spot thinking about last time and how he mistook Jada for Jaden again, he gets stunned every time he sees them together because of the resemblance. "How can a boy and a girl be identical twins?" that's the question he asks himself every time. 

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy!" 

"what?, you scared me mom". 

"You've been standing there for over five minutes, won't you come sit down?" Tabby asked. 

"Oh, I'm sorry miss Tabby, I got carried away." 

Samu's relationship with Tabby is pretty cool but they're not that close. She has been trying to be more close to Samu ever since she got married to his dad, she even suggested calling him by a new nickname she had given him. 

"I'm kind of your second mom now, so is it okay if I call you S?" she said to Samu after the reception. 

"Yeah sure." he replied. 

She grew a habit of picking Samu up during the afternoon this Summer break either for lunch or a date at the art gallery and other places. 

"Being in the gallery and seeing all this work of art makes my heart flutter, it's so beautiful that I feel like time had stopped sometimes when I look at them" She had mentioned one time during one of their afternoon dates to the gallery. 

"Why didn't you become an art teacher then?" Samu had asked her. 

"Loving something does not make you good at it" She had replied softly with a smile. 

Samu could see the sadness on her face as she looked at the "Matchstick Men." He knew the painting meant something to her but he didn't bother to ask. 

"It's my favorite" Tabby said noticing Samu stare at her. 

"Oh..that's nice" he replied. 

She mostly took him to art exhibitions on their dates and he also never asked why. Their dates made Samu a little bit closer to Tabby, he could see a little bit why his dad loves her, She pays attention to every detail even the little unnoticeable ones.

At the dining room, Tabby said they should pray, so they all held hands together to pray. Tabby said the prayers since she's the only religious one among them. While praying, Jaden kept pinching Samu and Jada was stuffing the pudding into her mouth.

"I was sitting there hoping nothing else happens..." Samu said with an aggravated look on his face while narrating what happened during dinner at his dad's place to his best friend. 

"I wish I had a family like yours, I was stuck in the house throughout the break because my mom wanted me to learn beethoven, I mean, I don't want to be a musician!" Sunny Ki said. 

"I know, you said that to me before when we spoke on the phone." 

"Don't be mean!" Sunny exclaimed. 

Sunny Ki is the daughter of Samu's father's boss and also his best friend, they've been best friends since they met on the first day of middle school. 

It's the start of a new school year at Beehive High School and both Samu and Sunny are really not feeling excited like the other kids. They've been attending the same school since middle school and nothing new happened since they've been there, and they're pretty sure nothing new will happen this time around. 

"Woah!" Sunny screamed, "There's a new kid!" 

"Why do you sound so surprised?, there's always a new kid every year" Samu said in his most not-so-moved tone. 

"I know but this one is so handsome!!!, he's over there" Sunny said nudging him towards the new boy. 

Samu looked into the direction Sunny nudged him towards, and there he was sitting on a bench in the hallway reading a book and he was like "Well, he looks different from other kids."

 "There's this aura of nobility coming off of him, I can feel it." 

"Come on Sunny, don't start with your fantasy talk and I don't see anything noble about him." 

"Whatever Sam." They walked past him and headed for the front office to get their schedule for the year. 

"I hope I don't have miss Tabby this year."Samu said to Sunny as they waited in line for their turn to get their schedule. 

"You mean, Mrs Cai?" Sunny said jokingly with a smile. 

"It's not funny." 

"I thought you liked her, I mean, you spent most of your time with her during the break, so why not?" 

"That was different, this is school, she's my teacher and it's weird having your stepmom teach you." 

"I wouldn't want my mom to be my teacher too but miss Tabby is cool, taking you to galleries and stuff even my real mom won't do that."

"I know, it's just that I don't know how to act." 

"You worry too much about little suffs, you sh…". 

"Next" the receptionist shouted before Sunny could finish her sentence. 

About ten minutes later, they met at the cafeteria, there were a lot of students there comparing their schedules together and blurting out complaint. 

"Well, my wish did not come true, I've got Calculus for first period." 

"Me too!" Sunny exclaimed. 

"Oh, that's a relief, I have you to help me out." 

"You're still worried about that?"

"Of course I am!" 

"Don't be mad,I've got your back." 

"Thanks Sun." 

They compared their schedules together and found out that they have all classes together except for the third period. 

Rrrrrrrng, the bell rang for the first period. 

"How does ditching school sound on the first day of school?" Samu asked Sunny. 

"Absolutely not a good idea when your stepmom is your teacher and you can't ditch school forever neither can you change school, your mom won't agree." 

"And Samu Cai is hereby sentenced to unwilling class with teacher/stepmom for being a Cai" Samu said jokingly  knocking the table like a Judge giving a sentence.

 They both laughed as they stood up to go to class.

"I welcome you to a new...." 

While Tabby was introducing the new course to the student, Sunny wrote a note and threw it to Samu's table who was sitting beside her.

"Hey, he's here." Sunny wrote. 

"Who is?" Samu wrote back. 

"The new hot guy, he's right across the room" Sunny replied. 

Samu looked around and couldn't find him. 

"Where?" he mouthed. 

As Sunny was about to reply Tabby caught them. "Hey Miss Ki, who did I say discovered calculus?"She asked her. 

"Em...I...I..don'..I don't know." Sunny stammered. 

"What about you? Her partner." 

"You mean me?" Samu said pointing at himself. 


"I'm sorry I wasn't listening." 

"I think one of you will have to move since you've started getting my question wrong on the first day, which one of you would it be, the he or the she?" 

The students laughed when she said that. 

"It's not funny" Samu thought. 

"I'll move" Sunny volunteered. 

"Okay, switch seats with pretty boy over there". 

"Just when I wanted nothing odd to happen but it's not that odd, it's just your teacher taking the correct measures for situations like this" thought Samu. 

The new boy Sunny saw in the hallway was the one Sunny switched seats with. He had this scent of lemon and lavender coming off of him as he sat at the desk beside Samu. 

"Hey" he said. 

"Hi" Samu replied. 

"As I was saying, Gottfried Leibniz, a German Physicists was….." Tabby continued with her lecture.

"Well, that went well" Sunny said sighing as they walked down the hallway to their next class. 

"What part of stepmom a.k.a math teacher had your best friend moved cause…" 

"Okay, I get it but why are you so worried about something like this?" Sunny asked. "It's nothing." 

"You don't understand, you're not me and your math teacher does not have the same last name as you do, people will start to notice and they'll think she gave birth to me when she was a teenager and the thing is she just married an older man who turns out to be my father and she's…" 

"I'm getting a headache listening to you talk about something that's not an issue, let's talk about something else." 

"like..?" Samu asked trying not to sound mad.

"Like the new hot guy who is now my #newschoolyearcrush who sat beside you, I'd say what your stepmom did is a blessing to me in disguise, did you get his name?"

"I thought you had a thing for the swim team captain, what's his name again?" 

"Tommy Brown" Sunny replied.  "And why don't you ever remember his name anytime you talk about him" 

"I don't know, I guess having four nicknames tend to make you forget other people's name" 

"Tommy was last year and besides, he got himself a boyfriend over the break" 

"Wait what?, he's gay? he doesn't seem like the type." 

"I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover and I've gotten over him since the first day of summer break, also I said #newschoolyearcrush, so what's his name?" 

"I don't know, how do you expect me to know?" 

"But he was sitting right beside you." 

"A girl was also sitting right beside me and I didn't ask for her name." 

"How about you ask him yourself this period?" 


"He's right there in the class" 

"Hey, you sit beside him and introduce me to him."

 "Why can't you sit beside him?" Samu asked making emphasis on the you. 

"I don't know, I'm a girl and you're a boy, you can easily make friends with him." 

"What's my gain in this?" 

"I'll give you that my leather jacket you've always wanted.

"Really?!" Samu exclaimed

Samu has always wanted the limited leather Jacket handmade by Ichimo Tari, Samu's favorite tailor. His mom wouldn't let him buy it, she thinks it's too vulgar. Sunny's maternal aunt gave it to her when she visited Sunny and her parents.

"Yes, my mom won't let me wear it out anyways." she replied.

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