1 1. Energìa is awakened.

Packing her pink-tinted hair in a messy ponytail with a few strands hanged loosely on her face, Arielle stared at the packhouse front door and exhaled before pushing it. "Morning beta Joe," she greeted a man who was passing by.

"Hmmm," He grunted and continued walking without sparing her a glance.

Arielle sighed and continued walking towards a hallway, greeting everyone that she came across.

Stopping at a door with some unnecessary warning signs written in capital letter, 'DO NOT ENTER! ESPECIALLY YOU ARIELLE' she squinted and chuckled.

Using her right hand, she twisted the doorknob and entered the room. Luckily for the one, she came for, he wasn't lying on his bed. She cursed under her breath and shut her head to the bathroom door when she heard it creaked.

"Hey witch, you are 20 minutes late today, I got out of bed before you came," said a tall handsome blonde-haired boy who was wiping his wet face with a towel.

"Lucky bastard, tomorrow is another day Jed, "Arielle said with a wink.

Rolling his eyes, Jedidiah simpered and walked to her, he wrapped his arms and bent his head to the cock of her neck. "happy birthday Ari, " he whispered.

"Oh please Jed it's not a big deal, "Arielle muttered as she tried to free herself from his tight embrace.

Loosening his arms, Jedidiah gave enough space for Arielle to view his face without letting her go then said, "not a big deal for you but it is for me, I have a surprise for you so when will you be free?"

Arielle exasperated sigh as she finally got free from Jedidiah's hold. "Omega duties are piled up today, after cleaning Treize's room and the stairs, I have pup sitting and you know that is an all-day work. I have no time for games just tell me what the surprise is, " she said.

Walking to the wardrobe that was opposite his bed, Jedidiah pulled out a pair of jeans and said, "you will close by 8:00 pm I'll come to fetch you then personally ."

Stripping out of the towel wrapped around his waist, Jedidiah stood naked and bent down to wear his boxers. Arielle rolled her eyes at the naked boy. Nudity was part of the werewolf culture so she wasn't shaken by what she had seen a thousand times.

The door opened and a shirtless boy in boxers, bearing similar hair color as Jedidiah entered."Ari happy birthday, I have been looking for you everywhere how do you even hide your scent?"Jeremiah asked with a raised brow in a low husky tone.

He was Jedidiah's twin brother although they weren't identical. While he kept a military low hair Jedidiah groomed his in a tapper fade. Both boys were almost the same height only that Jedidiah was taller.

Arielle turned her eye bulb and hugged Jeremiah, "Thanks, Jeremy, and I don't know how to hide my scent it just happens, "she said.

After their ten seconds hug, Jeremiah walked past his brother and tapped his right shoulder once before taking a pair of black jeans out of his twin's wardrobe.

Jedidiah's mouth slacked as he watched his brother wear his jeans, "it's the audacity for me, going into my wardrobe and picking out my favorite jeans, a jeans that you will rip off when you shift, like what the hell man, can't you just take them off before you do your thing? I use the money to buy those, "Jedidiah said with his hands in the air.

Jeremiah shrugged in response and strolled to Arielle, bending his head he pecked her on the cheeks."see you tonight, " he uttered then opened the door. Looking at his brother before he closed the door, he added. "don't forget we have delta practice by noon."

Jedidiah nodded. "yeah, yeah I wouldn't forget or dad will kick my ass again."

Arielle chuckled and asked, "so what will you be doing for the rest of the morning?"

Zipping up his pants, Jedidiah replied, "I will be joining the scout wolves to patrol the territory, the amount of rouge wolves attack is becoming too frequent."

Arielle tilted her head to the side and rested hand on her waist."and whose fault is that?" she asked sarcastically.

Jedidiah walked to her and pinched her nose ,his hand got slapped away as he did. "it's your Alpha's fault, "he voiced.

Alpha Trieze went about conquering packs and sold the territories to humans. The packs are left without alphas to protect them since Trieze murdered them and left them as rouges. Some of them got lucky and were accepted into other packs but the ones that didn't spend the rest of their time trying to invade Blue moon pack, losing their lives in the process.

Lifting her oversize t-shirt, Arielle dug her fingers in the pocket of her ripped jeans to pull out her phone. Powering up the screen she said, "look at that, I already spent 15 minutes here it's time to get to work."

Putting the phone back in her pocket she added in a teasing tone, "see ya later Jed, your Alpha awaits my arrival."

Jedidiah chuckled and followed behind Arielle who was exiting his room.


Arielle kept on taking deep breaths as she climbed up the stairs leading to Treize's room. An omega like her who was walking up the stairs with a mopping bucket in her hand smiled sadly and said, "good luck Ari, I pray the Alpha is in a good mood today. "

Forcing a smile, Arielle responded, "Thanks Yolanda I hope he is ."

Reaching the top, both parties went separate ways, Yolanda went to the left side of the gallery while Arielle went right. As she got closer she could hear the muffled sound of a female moaning.

Looking up to the ceiling and joining her hands together, Arielle prayed ." dear goddess please spear my ears of this horror. "

As if on command, the moaning stop, Arielle counted her step until she was standing in front of Treize's door. The door suddenly swung open and the person that opened it jerked back with a fear-ridden face. A male-croaked voice echoed from the room, asking, "What is it, Betty?"

Relaxing her shoulders Betty answered while snarling at Arielle. "it is just that pathetic Omega Arielle, I wonder How the weakling manages to hide her scent."

Eying her from top to bottom Betty pushed Arielle, saying, "out of my way garbage, " but she found herself falling to the ground instead of the intended.

A muscularly built man jumped out of his bed and ran to her, side. Bending and lifting her he asked with a confused frown."who pushed you?"

Feeling ashamed, Betty found it hard to look in her mate's eyes as she said with a hushed voice, "Arielle didn't move when I pushed her so I fe-fell."

Treize's frown deepened."you pushed an OMEGA and FELL?" he muttered between his teeth.

Betty's eyes began to water she was supposed to be a she Alpha , a Luna but here she was falling after bumping an omega, pointing at Arielle she tried to exonerate her ego , "but - but she is to blame, why are you shouting at me?"

Treize sighed, using his thumb he wiped away her tears. "you look ugly when you cry, a Luna should never let an omega see her cry, "he said in a low tone.

"But you made me cry," Betty asserted with a pout.

Trieze pinched his forehead as he asked, "weren't you on your way out?"

Betty huffed and walked out of the room but this time Arielle gave way for her to pass.

She was more terrified by what occurred between her and Betty, usually, when she gets push she falls but today for some reason her body did not feel the impact of Betty's push. An unknown fear began to well up in her chest.

Looking up to the naked man before her, Arielle muttered, "good morning."

Punching his fist into the wall, Treize spoke in a low threatening manner, "why did you push my mate?! "

"I didn't push her, she pushed me and fell!"Arielle fired back , looking into Treize's eyes as she spoke.

Treize narrowed his eyes, ' does this omega want to challenge me? ' he mused.

Arielle's eyes widened as she realized what she did, throwing her gaze to the floor she said, "sorry Alpha..."

To test his theory Trieze crossed arms. "knee before your Alpha, "he commanded.

Arielle sighed, ' I guess I deserve this' she prepared herself mentally not to throw up as her face would be fronted by Treize's manhood.

As she bent, a voice in her head whispered, "DON'T!" her eyes darted left and right , she began to wonder if she was hallucinating. She looked up to Trieze and asked, "did you say something?"

"I said kneel before your Alpha!!!"Trieze barked, the vein on his neck began to pump.

Arielle gulped and continued bending but the voice screamed, "I SAID DON'T!" instantly Arielle felt her knees straighten up and her head began to lift up. Treize raised a brow and tilted his head."Is this you challenging me, omega?"

Arielle kept on battling with the force trying to make her look up to Trieze, not kneeling before your Alpha means you want to challenge him to a manshidano. A fight that only one can survive.

The voice again came and yelled, "SAY YES, CHALLENGE HIM! KILL HIM!"

Sweat beads began to roll down her forehead as she lost to the force and was now looking straight into Treize's eyes. She prayed silently in her heart, "goddess please save me..."

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