1 monster

once there was a scientist who was making a potion where you can have as much hair as you want but than something went wrong the alarm went off the potion fell on him and the potion wasn't finished so he turned into a werewolf the scientist were trying to warn him but they saw him and took him where monster's go.

2 weeks later

(yawns) (scientist) where am i? why am i in a metal bed (man) ah finally your awake. (gasp) (scientist) how long have i been asleep? (man) 2 weeks. (scientist) why am i here? (man) you were caught in one of the scientist's lab, His name is John. (Scientist) but I'm a scientist and my name is John,

ahhh why do i have hair all over my body did my potion work it wasn't even done.

(man) no your a werewolf stop lying to get out of this place.

(scientist) but i i.. (monster) hi my name is Bo... (scientist) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (monster)...b so your new I'm a scientist too. (scientist) your.. your... your a squid (bob) yes yes im a squid, i was trying to make a potion where i can make double of anything you want so a alarm went off and it spilled on me before i could finish it.

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