1 Chapter 1. The Truth

"You volunteered to test the first time machine, for the test you are sent 24 hours into the future. when you emerge from the machine you discover the lab trashed and empty with "Sorry" written on the wall in blood."

An audio recording begins as you emerge from the capsule "Welcome to the end of the world" a husky voice played from the speakers of the lab, "You were not our first time traveller but you are indeed our last." the voice then added.

You observed the room to see a smeared message on the wall "Sorry" it said the thin layer of red slowly ran down the wall.

You adventure down the halls of the lab coming across audio recordings already placed in a machine, you press the button in the shape of a triangle, voices start playing… The sound of breaking glass is heard behind blood curdling screams, You think to yourself, "What an earth were they keeping here?"

Over the screams a faint voice is heard

"12 Hours ago every human existing on our planet devolved into monsters, whispering things which twisted them." The voice said in a professional but quiet manner, "It is our fault for keeping the first a secret from the government if only I found the cause… That would have saved us all." the unknown speaker scoffed.

"Oh sorry the time on the recording is almost up!" the person changes their tone again, "It is your job to find the cure, to save humanity as we know by the time you hear this recording I will no longer be in our world good luck."

As the machine clicks and the recording ceases.