1 Escaping

Panting Panting arh this is getting annoying always running. I be quiet before the monster saw me and heard me. Oh my god this monster is so damm annoying can it just leave me alone. This is getting so annoying when can this thing see when to give up? Does it ever get tired like can't it see I'm pissed off at it. I'm so pissed off if I had a gun I would kill it right now. I swear if it finds me I'm going to kill it. Oh crap it found me crap idea I know run. I was screaming like their was no end to my vocal cords. I apparently looked like a homeless person running around to find 100 dollars. When I made it back to the city it looked much more different than where I was from. I looked back and it started to run away like a person that doesn't want to be beat up. I spat insults at him like their was no tomorrow. I made it to the main city and then people were looking at me like they had seen a ghost and I screamed "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!"

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