The Monster Inside: The First Vampire
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The Monster Inside: The First Vampire


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What is The Monster Inside: The First Vampire

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire is a popular web novel written by the author Jelim, covering VAMPIRE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.55/5 and 137 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 344 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Despite appearances, there was once a time where monsters did not exist. Where peace and prosperity reigned over all life. But those sinful and demonic forces that had hidden themselves in the shadows just couldn't help themselves could they? They wanted a peice of that prosperity too. They wanted to taint it, corrupt it, revel in its dark side. This is the story of a boy who was tainted. Of a boy who unintentionally bore a seed of sin and who in his naivety let it out. This is the story of how that boy was shamed and disgraced. Of how he was outcast for simply being. This is the story of how that boy learned to embrace the darkness that made him different. A darkness that would later make him known as the Lord of Night. *This story involves an MC who has to go through a lot of hardship before he changes his moral standing to become better and stronger. As such, please expect to dislike him at times before he makes it through this period* *Credit goes to @Dionaea for the cover. Thanks for your hard work!* If you would like to offer support to my work, please consider joining my *P*a*t*r*e*o*n* https://www.patreon.com/jelimsnotebook You can stay updated on important developments through my twitter page: @Jelim38692962 This story is also posted on RoyalRoad.com


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It is a story that combines a lot of fantasy elements and the best thing, it’s something new! The world, the characters, the story, the developments they are all very unique and I am really excited to read more of it! A negative aspect for me was the pace in the second volume. The first was breathtaking and violent, you really felt the emotions of the characters. The second was all in all very good, but in comparison it just lacked something. Well I did give 5stars because this novel deserves it and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes fantasy.


First of all, the writing quality is superb! The setting is interesting and the world building is done quite well. I love the characters although the protagonist becomes overpowered (which is to be expected) I really enjoy reading this story and have binged through all the chapters which have come out so far. The story progresses slowly at some points but it’s still an enjoyable read. I really recommend it!


This work is AMAZING. Considering the fact that vampire webnovels are a pretty niched category this author has done a phenomenal job. I’d say they’ve even set a bar for the genre. Most vampire webnovels are either romances, executed incorrectly, or dropped. This one is perfect. I love that there are more than 300+ chapters, rich lore and worldbuilding, and spectacular character development. Plus the author depicts vampires as they should be done, as actual monsters. Teeth, blood, claws and all. This work is really an unsung classic.


This is a great novel. Continue with the good work. It's a enjoyable read and quite enterteining, i like vampire stories and this one is being nicely done. Congratulations author for this incredible work and I hope you keep writing this story until you finish it. After all, it would be a pity to see a story filled with potencial be dropped.


Deleted my old review after finishing book 1. this is the update one. Writing quality: 4 stars The author has a good style, clear and capable of conveying well the feelings of the characters and the world around them. There are some grammatical mistakes each chapter, but the author is fixing them, also they are far from bothersome. The real problem is that both the chars and too many dialogs seem forced, litterally stuffed down the reader's throat. Stability of updates 5stars: author promises, author delivers. Story development 3 stars: The plot development is slow, also some things are a bit too forced for my taste. The story takes some twists that contradict what happened earlier, and tbh i do not like it. Also several plotholes are present. Char development 1 stars: The MC is monstrously cliched (smart, handsome, sensible, honest bla, bla bla) not to mention that at just 9 years is a paragon of wisdom despite being quite silent and introverted. (that plus the fact that always at 9 yo he already has girls fighting for him...). The rest of the cast is well depicted and fleshed out, tho, i really like how the author describes their attitudes and feelings. why 2 stars then? Because the MC is unbearable and unbelievable. He gets injustly imprisoned, tortured, starved for years, and is still goody goody. then he gets r*aped (yes, r*aped) goes to the dark side, and then the author goes back to him being good thanks to a deus ex. Either he is a saint or has no brain. His BFF aegin is made of cardboard, becomes friend with the MC because his great-great-etc grandfather was a vampire sernvat too. cool explanation for a bromance at first sight, uh? All the char, and i mean all of them are either idiotic, or forced cuz author hand or just made of cardboard. World background 4 stars: The world is interesting and so is the whole set up. No idiotic useless info dumps, the author only gives what you need when you need it. No 5 stars because plotholes even in WB. 3.4 is the final score. I dropped this after book 1.


This is a stellar novel with not just a a great plot, but also superbly written. The grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. is perfect, written by an actual freaking English speaker. The way the author writes is intriguing and enchanting. I just can't understand why this novel isn't getting millions of views and a high power ranking. In my top 5 favorite novels I've read so far. 10/10


If I could have given 0 for characters and plot, I would have. The author is a good writer, atleast as far as this site goes. But her characters are far from likeable. Naive, retarded and utopia loving characters that destroyed any kind of immersion I had for this. Actions and thought that did not go with how the character was portrayed in the story. Its like they just turned 180 degrees and bashed their head on a rock and then turned into some pseudo japanese beta stuff. I am not sure if this is the author's inner voice screaming out about how she loves unrealistic and falsely portrayed characters, but I just cannot bear to read this. Literal cringe. Otherwise her world building and story writing skills are top notch for this site.


Amazing novel with a lot of detail, the inner dialogue of the MC is compelling, and the focus on his transformation from man to monster is well done! Highly recommend reading, the novel is gonna get popular


This story is not really dark it just have super ignorant and naive Mc that you just hope that he dies and this story comes to end.. . I can't imagine how stupid he is, afraid of his powers, and he was even willing to be captured and used as fuckin.g test subject, just because of his super stupid reasoning... He has almost godly fuckin.g teacher in his head, so he could learn from him and not fuckin.g always be pus.sy about reality.. Anyway, it's was terrible, and I really tried reading it but after those 40+ chapters I thought that I will turn stupid and mega naive puss.y, so I stopped. So read at your own risk.


Very dark. For those into that kinda thing, this is a diamond in the rough. But for me, a depressing read that I wish I could take back as it was emotionaly painful for me to read. Multiple things seemed forced in order to make things more depressing and tragic for Mc. Is a giant shame as author is brilliant with great writing and world building skills. Pretty good characters, but theyre still a little bland lacking any Quirks. Mc is dumb and easily pushed around, but maybe because young


I am dropping this. I have read some many things and this is one of the most boring. It was just chapter after chapter that made me want to cry.


By far the best vampire novel I've read in this site. The MC doesn't just change overnight. One thing happened to him and you suddenly became a cold-blooded killer that doesn't care. I love that part about being cold-blooded killer but it has to be a struggle over a period Of time fighting for control and that's what this novel as I like it. ** the MC is too soft to ***** change that


This is honestly the best story on this site I have read, and i would say anyone who is used to the quality that is normally shown on this site will love it.


For your information I'm 20 years old and its not that easy to woo me with any old book. With that being said this is the best I've read...you know overlord? Well it got me just as invested in the main character and world development as that. The first book is out(91 chapters) the chapters are long but go by fast because everything thats happening has you so absorbed. Also, my guess is that the only reason the authors book isn't more well known and advertised on the site is to do with the fact that though quidan made some kind of offer to the author, I believe the author had turned them down after reading through the contract. ~(the author in the later chapters only politely mentioned that she had some small disagreements on the offer being put forth~everything else is my speculation)~ But trust me its one of the best books I've read, if I believe otherwise then let me be cursed!  As for why I've rated it so perfectely? Well perhaps there are flaws but for a book to fully absorb me and have me loving it so much that I dont even notice them..what more could you ask for? There are no flaws that I've noticed, I enjoyed myself the whole way! Thanks Author!


Dropping this review right here to show my love and support for this novel.One of the best vampire origin story i have ever read.Come and dont hesitate to read this.,...............................................................................................................


Hello , the novel sounds very promising with a so far good MC , but little bit to early to judge it overall quality , may change this later when more chapters are up , Enjoying it so far , keep up the good job Author san


This story is an absolute masterpiece! I dont get how it isnt as popular as it should be! The grammar and Flow of every sentence is amazing and the storyline and character development is absolutely pleasing to read!!


my frustration level for this book mc is over the chart,,, gotta drop it before i broke my computer.... how i am out here praying the dear lord to kill off this mc...


I rarely ever rate a novel 5/5 stars if you look at my past comments it's useually harsh as frick but this novel ... It's perfect to be sold at a bookstore or online as a actual book one that sells out Plot line- thick with detail and drama World building- holy heck there's alot Character depth- so much it feels like I'm reading about real people This novel is worth your stones your votes and your love read it


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Story is insanely good I would recommend to anyone looking for something a bit dark and out of the norm as it stands now at 34 chapters it’s just picking up and is a perfect time to get in.


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