The moment you left Book

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The moment you left


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Bella Hayden is heartbroken after her sudden break up which she never expected to happen. She felt stranded and helpless. Unable to express herself to anyone and make out the reason they seperated she realizes that now she only had those sweet moments they shared and decided to put them into words on her diary. While expressing herself in the diary she cherishes the experiences and regrets the things she should have never done. *** At present, Bella Hayden is a college student who had currently running every day to almost every single company for a suitable job she can do.This was quite tough as compared to studying . However she started to do a part time job along side home tuitions for the neighborhood kids. Chris Lewis was a college student when he met Bella accidentally in a cafe, thinking she was someone else. After realizing that she was not the person he was supposed to meet they parted ways only to meet again in an weird encounter. *** I took my steps back.My heart almost felt sinking. What was that? "Why?" I asked. " I'm done"he states. "I'm sorry!" He added, not meeting my eyes. Is this really the end of their story?Read on to know her love story. Join me on my discord server!! https: //discord.gg/ePD9ERAZ


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