3 Choco Chips (Edited)

I wake up the next morning around 5 A.M to do my routine. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth then I walked to my walk-in closet to take my sportswear. Ever since my dream to become a model I started to work out, I even went to the gym with Kayla quietly because at that time my family doesn't know my dream. Since now they know, maybe I try to convince my dad so I could go to the gym.

I took my jacket, AirPods, and phone with me and went downstairs. I walked out of my house and start running 2 km. When I run I caught someone that looks familiar to me, I couldn’t see him because his back was facing me.

I started to slow down and looked at the familiar back properly. He slowly looked back and when I caught a glimpse of him I hid in the nearby tree hoping that he wouldn't notice. I take a peek and saw him continuing his running and I just realize that person is non-other than Kyle Landon. Good thing there's the tree here, I'm in luck.

After 30 minutes of running, I went back home and headed to my backyard.. There I do my other workouts such as sit up, push up, plank, lunges, and squats. After doing those workouts for a good 30 minutes, I went back to my room and took a shower.

Wrapping my body with a bathrobe I went to my closet and get prepare for school. My outfit is considered an oversized hoodie and track pants. After I'm done I walked to the vanity table to brush my hair and can't help grimace looking at my face. When will my pimple disappear?.

Grabbing my bag and my phone I walked downstairs and saw the maid is preparing breakfast for us.

"Good morning everyone" I smile and greeted them and they greet me back.

My parents treated them as a family too, even my parents helped the workers here that needs money with sincerity. So till now, they like working with my parents.

"Good morning dear." she smiled warmly at me

"Good morning Gretta." I smiled back at her.

Gretta here is the head of the kitchen. Back then my mom saw her been kicked out of the restaurant she worked. My mom approached her and offered her to work for us because at that time we need someone who can cook.

She accepted immediately because at that time she needed money to pay for her son's hospital bills and from there Gretta felt like she owes our family. So she chose to work here rather than retired. Gretta is a kind woman and her in her late fifties but she still managed to do things perfectly in the kitchen.

"Here are your favorite pancakes with strawberry and Nutella." I look at the pancakes lovingly at quickly dig in.

I cut the pancakes and eat them. Gosh, the chocolate melted in my mouth instantly how I love Nutella. "Thank you, Gretta," I said with my mouth full. She only chuckled and nodded.

I check the time on my phone and it's still 07:00. I still have 30 minutes before going to school.

A Footsteps making their way downstairs and I found my dad, Lucas and Colton are rushing. They immediately sat in the dining room and eating breakfast hurriedly.

I frowned "Why are guys rushing?"

"Because we're late," Lucas answered and I saw Colton eat a fork full of pancakes. I hope he won't choke.

"Hey, hey, slow down would you guys." I saw my mom walking towards the table and sat in front of me.

My dad drinks his juice in one gulp and I blinked seeing him "we can't angel, because I have a meeting at 8:15, and now it's.." He checked his watch "7:25."

"You guys should wake a little early next time or set the alarm." my mom scolded them.

I chuckled "They probably stay awake last night because of soccer." my mom turned to me "Really?" I nodded. My brothers turned to me and glared. I shrugged and eating my pancakes. So they watched soccer last night. I was just kidding, turns out I was right.

"You guys and your soccer addict." she shakes her head and I giggle.

"Don't you remember what we did last night honey?" My dad asked my mom and I saw her blushing.

I rolled my eyes "Eww dad, we're eating here." I said with a 'duh tone'.

And he chuckled. my brothers only laugh at this. After breakfast, they decided to go to the office immediately while I wait for Kayla to pick me up. Not long, I got a text from her saying that she's arrived.

I quickly jumped out of the chair and walked out of the house. I got in and she drove out from my house.

"Okay, so did you do your workout this morning?" she glanced at me and looked back to the road.

"Of course I did, how about you?" I raised my eyebrow and she shakes her head.

I looked at her and frowned "why? You are always the ambitious one here."

She rolled her eyes "Because I was watching the Kardashian new season. And there's Kendall." she said the last one with a high-pitched sound.

"You love Kendall that much. do you?" She nodded enthusiastically.

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"I want to be a model because of her. She just inspired me that's all."

I scoffed "you even bought all poster that has her in it."

"What can I say I'm a true fan." she wiggled her eyebrow and we laugh.

After 15 minutes drive, we arrived at the school. As we make our way to the hallways people are looking at me as usual. I mean I'm OK with that, it's almost like my routine for the past year but come on aren't they tired. It's like a mission for them to look at me like that.

I bent my head down and accidentally bumped into someone. Correction purposely bumped into me. And that person is non-other than Jessica Stewart Why am I not surprised.

She glared at me "Watch it choco chips." Kayla about to say something but I shook my head and Jessica walked away. I looked at her back finding that she went to Kyle and cling to him like a koala and a tree.

"When will she has the decency to be polite just for one?" Kayla glared at her back.

I sighed and walked to my locker. Did I tell you that the students in this school called me 'choco chips'? Too Well they called me that because someone invented it and that someone is Kyle Landon.

He called me that because my face is full of pimples plus my skin tone is chocolate. And he said and I quote 'you remind me of my grandma cookies' and from there they all called me choco chips. Well, according to Kayla my skin tone is tan, not chocolate.

We walked to my locker and I put the combination then open it. Taking out my English book for the first period.

"I really can't stand that bitch. She's acting like she owns the school. I hate her guts when I see her again I'm gonna duct tape her mouth." she said angrily.

I sighed and shut my locker "What use she's going to bully me again." we walked to our homeroom, and as usual, we sit in the back of the class. Mr.David came in and he only gave us assignments he ignores us again.

While I'm doing my assignment Kayla tapped me "Rose," I looked at Kayla completely curious.

"I forgot to tell you something."

"What is it?" I frowned.

She looked around so people didn't overhear our conversation. "I got this brochure yesterday, and I hope you will go with me"

Ok, this is intriguing. I "What brochure?"

"I'll tell you later," she smirked.

I looked at her in disbelief "Then why did you call me." I hissed at her and she giggled.

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