4 Sudden Letters

"Maya, stop it"

"But that apple looks so attractive, I must possess it."

Maya was a strange girl. I found her while I was sleeping in the shade of a beautiful tree. Well, more like she fell from the tree directly to my stomach. It was a painful encounter, but a fated one.

She became my friend almost instantly, and that was surprising. She didn't know anything about my notorious reputation among the school, as she was a transferred foreign student, and she was surely from a very prominent family. However, her humble personality didn't allow for shallow people to get near her, and, just like me, she was isolated. The two pairs of lonely hotties in the school. 

"Eve, I want to go somewhere after school."

"Great! Me too."


"Don't know. I've never been to this country before."

Me, too. "Let's look around the stores."

"Great. By the way, do you know anything about the Evans family?"

The Main Lead family? "No"

I tried to act naturally.

"Are you sure? I recalled they were pretty famous in this country."

"Maybe I know something. Why?"

"They are hosting a party soon. My father asked me to accompany him."

"I don't know much about them, just that they are very wealthy."

"Like your family."

"I think so."

"Mm, I think father wants me to… you know, seduce the young master."

"Ha, will you?"

"If he looks hot, why not?"

She grinned and winked at me. I could not help but laugh. That was Maya, the most carefree girl I've ever met and also a flirting machine.

Then a notification sound came from my phone, it took me four seconds to take it out from my pocket. I know it was so sudden, but one look at the familiar name always brought out a smile from my gracious face.

I turned around to read in solitude, but a strange presence and a breath over my neck startled me. "Is it again the secret admirer?"

Goodness, Maya's head was over my shoulder with shiny eyes. "Yes."

"Reply to him."

"Why? He must be some kind of weirdo. There are a lot around here, you know."

"Come on, Eve, you know how to track him. You should know if it is safe, right?"

Yes, of course, I know that this message came from a safe source. I tracked it since the first day I receive a message. But…

"He wants to see me."


"I can't"


I met this guy in a hacker forum when I was lurking around some jobs, and we found each other. We pretty hit off from the beginning and started talking about random stuff almost daily, I've never met him, nor his name, nor his face. Nothing, only his username, Thunder. By the way, I was Storm.

"You are a scardy cat."


I tickled her, and she rolled laughing in the grass. Her hair was disheveled, and our uniforms were filled with grass and leaves.

"I will go. But you have to help me disguise"

"Of course, my lady. Leave your beautiful curves to me, this fairy godmother will make you the Cinderella of every prince, the sexy snow-white of every lustful fantasy, the…

"Oh, shut up!"

Again, I had to punch her stomach to make her stop talking. This girl was driving me crazy. But my smile was genuine. I felt so thankful to gravity that allowed this weirdo fall into my poor stomach.


The meeting place was in a well-known cafeteria with lots of people around and cameras. I proposed the place. Well, I had to make sure that person was not some creep that was cheating me, right? Somehow it was hard to find some info about him, and that made me curious.

We agreed to meet at the second table by the window. He told me that he made one staff reserve the table just for us. I only had to show him the image he sent to my phone. It was a white rabbit. How original.

I asked for a frappé while I waited as I came early, almost twenty minutes, and I felt several whispers and looks directed at me. Damn Maya, she made me wear this dress. I told her to be discreet but she…

Sigh… he will think that I have some other intentions.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't feel it when a young handsome man sat in front of me. Shame on me.

"Are… are you Storm?"

I turned to look at the young boy. He wore a black cap and big glasses. Was he trying to cover his natural beauty? That would be a challenge, the stares from the boys were not as intense as the stares from the girls. 

He looked my age, almost seventeen, but the aura around him was impressive, even in simple clothes, a blue shirt, and casual black pants. Although he was young, he was tall and had some muscles. Maybe he is from a sports team, the total fit of a school prince.


"Yes. Nice to meet you."

He extended his hand, and I gave him mine. God, such a beautiful hand. I felt my nervous old maiden heart beating extremely fast. What is going on with me? It is not like me to be this anxious for a young teenager. 

"Cough... Nice to meet you."

"Then…" he blushed, cute. "Would you like to go somewhere else?"

I noticed the redness on his ears, almost reaching his neck. That cute expression made my mind go crazy. Maybe my eyes were already heart-shaped.

"I don't know many places."

"Then let me tour you around," he smiled and offered me his hand.


He took my hand and I let him. I was sure my heart was sending fireworks to my head. I couldn't see anything but stars and hearts, and his face in the middle of everything. What is going on, Eve? I am old enough to be fooling with this young lad. This must be the job of teenage hormones.

We walked around the park while talking, at some point I was only looking at him move his mouth, then smile and laugh. It was difficult to stay focused. 

Then some soft melody came to our ears completing the beautiful date, it was from an open show of music in the park. 

"Want to dance?"

"I don't know how."

"I don't know, either," he said with a grin, "Let's copy the others."

I lied. The original Eve's mother made her take classes, and they were very strict with her. She was so constantly reprimanded that she developed a fear of dance. However, I was not her.

Who cares if the man puts his hands on my waist and I put my hands on his shoulders? Who cares if even if it was a very innocent posture, it was sending electric shocks to my heart?

"You… you look very beautiful."

He blushed again when I moved forward to him with the rhythm of the music. However, he never let go of my eyes. It felt as if he was inspecting me. 

"Thank you... you *cough* you are also very handsome."

What is wrong with me?

Maya had put a lot of effort into dressing me for today. She made my makeup and made me put on a blonde wig of short hair, then some lenses and brown-colored contacts. She found a blue tight dress that reached above my knee to an almost dangerous length and a pair of boots. 

I guess the upper part of the dress was teasing his eyes, letting him see a bit of my neckline and my soft and youthful skin. This poor lad, that was too much for him. I noticed his eyes traveling my body several times, but that didn't bother me at all, as I was doing the same with him, those beautiful blue eyes and lips...

What is going on with me? I should stop this.

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