7 Personality change

DangerousShadow: Master, are you ready?

Storm: Yes.

We connected to the contest server in the middle of the night. I was so excited. The prize would be an easy one this time, the other competitors just don't know a Storm will swallow them up tonight…

Over one hundred participants were inside waiting in the chatting groups, while the host gave the instructions. It was a game, a very complicated game of stealing some encrypted data from a very intricate and protected database. The first participant to break through the firewalls will get the money free of charge, and of course, the winner will get tremendous fame among the hackers and the IT community.

After all, the participants were no amateurs as they passed the first phase of the process. The signing up was just the first stage and Vin could do it just fine by himself, the hardest part was the game.

Before the starting bell rang, I looked around the list of usernames of the other participants. It was easy to recognize several of them as I worked with them in some profitable jobs. 

However, the one I was looking for unconsciously appeared. That one special name, one that I was very familiar with. It was the complement of my Storm, I should consider changing it.

Thunder was inside the server; he was connected too and was also a contestant. I was expecting it, after all, he was a very talented boy.

And I bet he knew I was going to try this out. A notification bell came right at that moment.

Thunder: Hey! Storm.

I blocked his number long ago. No more calls, no more messages, nothing. I decided to block his existence from the time I saw him in the restaurant. I just wished he stopped trying to contact me.

Not only that, but I blacklisted his user again. Now my focus was on winning this game as I so wanted my plan to succeed.

DangerousShadow: Master the countdown is about to start… Wish me luck.

Storm: you will do fine, disciple.

The game was not only for the money but for the ranking too. The ones participating were the best hackers from around the world, some of them were genius and were considered top rankers by AI-THRONE. The ranking list was very useful to create fame to find very profitable jobs and good connections to other hackers.

I came to this world not long ago, so I had no ranking, as I had never taken part in any contest. I was considered a newbie and unknown, even my disciple was more accomplished than I, his master. However, that would change this night.

[Host: We will begin in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…]

The game started… wish me luck!


*Knock… Knock…*

Several hits on my door interrupted my beauty sleep. The worst thing you can do to a person with a chronic case of insomnia is waking them up. It is pure torture.

Right now, I had the intent of killing whoever was behind that door.

*Knock, knock*

'I am going to kill him!'

Yesterday, the game finished pretty late, and I was so deprived of sleep that I fell into dreamland almost instantly. That's why I made sure to tell little Hannah that I will sleep until late as it was a long weekend and to not come to my room to wake me up. However, now, someone was so focused on kicking my door down.

I got up with a furious face. Whoever was doing that was about to experience my anger, and I would surely kick his butt.

"Open the door now!"

The voice of my younger brother James came through the door. What a ruckus! Even his kicks were making a loud sound. Does he not have any manners?

I narrowed my eyes and walked slowly towards the door. I arranged my pajamas and my hair to look presentable when I beat him up. He won't make me lose style.

When I opened the door, he was about to hit it again but stopped.

"What the hell do you want?"

I stopped acting like the original Eve long ago, my family appeared to not mind it at all, they were all busy with their lives. However, this little brat was constantly finding ways to irritate me more and more.

He would use any excuse to make my father or mother reprimand me, and he never lost a moment to humiliate me or bully me at school.

"Get down for breakfast."

"I won't."

"Get down!"

He was about to grab my hand when I kicked his leg. I already stopped going down for breakfast with the family a long time ago. They would make me lose my appetite very fast, and that father of mine will just give me harsh remarks whenever this brat made the slight insinuation.

"I said I won't, didn't you hear me?"


He was looking at me with those angry eyes again. What's with him? Why can't he leave me alone? The others are doing a great job ignoring me, why can't he do the same? Does he want to be punched again? I mean, I don't mind giving him a lesson or two, but it is getting annoying.

I closed the door with a loud sound, leaving behind the crazy youngster.

Later, that day, I woke up from the almost crazy ringing from my phone. Gosh, I wanted to sleep!

I looked at it and found several calls from Maya and some messages from Vin. They were wishing me a happy birthday and I think Maya was calling to take me out.

"Damn, I forgot it was my birthday."

Well, not mine, but the original Eve. Now, I am seventeen years old.

Sighs… I feel so old.

I dressed up rather cute for my outing with Maya, she invited me to her house to have a girl's day. My little blue dress and my makeup were making me look like a goddess. After finishing admiring my narcissistic self for not too long, I went to find my cute friend.

I bet she is now ordering food, almost all the food she can imagine, with the excuse of my bday. I hope she calls for a chocolate truffle cake.

Then I went downstairs to find my two brothers chatting with some of their snobbish friends in the reception room. They were all the young masters of respectable families I've never met, and I won't. I did a quick move to avoid them, however, some of those idiots noticed me.

My bad luck... my bad luck...

"Whoa Ian, I didn't know you hid such a beauty in your house. How come I've never seen her? You should introduce her to us asap."

I rolled my eyes and turned away to walk towards the door.

"Come back!"

Elder brother's voice was cold and commanding. He had never cared for me so, why should I even listen to his words?

I ignored him, and that was so evident that his so-called friends started mocking him.

Take that you proud master. I bet it hurt his big ego.

My hand was already in the handle when fast footsteps reached my arm.

"I told you to come right now! Didn't you hear me?"

"I heard you the first time, older brother. I am not deaf, but you are surely not very brilliant, as I was obviously ignoring you."

The sudden force I used to pull my arm left him speechless, then I opened the door and didn't bother to look at his red face and the mocking laughs of the idiots behind him.

This day I will live it happily, not minding these boring people.

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