26 Annual Party

"Why should I go?"

I was surrounded. Grandpa Lark arrived at my office with uncle Leo a couple of minutes after Liam, but his presence only angered Vin even more. Maya was oddly attached to the old man. She jumped to his arms the moment he entered here, leaving the poor Vin alone in his corner. Seriously, I have to talk with this girl.

"Child, I want you to be there. Can't you make this small concession for this old man?"


"Eve, c'mon darling. I also want to go."

I saw a malicious smile and a dangerous glint on Maya's face. She is scheming something, I could tell.

"Eve, we must go." Liam's eyes were trying to convince me, but I was afraid. They would never understand. "We cannot postpone this any further, love." He came to my side and kneeled while kissing my hand. This is unfair.

"But… "


This powerless feeling against the already written fate on the plot was so disgusting, but I can't disappoint these people.

"Okay, but the press should be suppressed. I don't want any leak on Mila's existence or my face."

They looked a bit shocked, but this was my last security measure. A little one against the unexpected twists of the damn plot.

"Sweetheart, the whole company's most important employees will be there, and all members of the Lark family too. It will be impossible to contain the press."

My dear calm uncle finally spoke. Somehow, whenever he intervened in any discussions with that cunning old man, I end up losing.

"I know, but I don't want to expose Mila's face too early. Nor mine."

Grandpa announced his retirement from Lark Company a few weeks ago. He will transfer most of his shares to my uncle and some to the other members of the family, and he will stay as an honorary board member. However, he let me know not long ago that he will give me 5% of his shares. What a crazy old man! How can he do that rash decision? I wanted to decline, and I certainly did, but he didn't bulge. He even dared to threaten me again.

The announcement would be made at the annual party of the Lark Company. It will be a great event, many important public figures in the world will attend. My whole family will join for sure, and I wasn't afraid of them. They meant nothing to me from the moment I stepped out of their house many years ago. However, I was afraid to return to the line track of the plot.

"We won't announce the existence of Mila yet, but you have to make public your marriage to Liam."


"Darling, please."

I knew he wanted to make it public long ago. He even dragged Maya into making me think of a grand wedding ceremony. An exuberant one, with a huge chocolate wedding cake and a white dress full of diamonds. He was tempting me to accept, but something distracted me, more like scared me.

The dress design was well described in the book. It was specially ordered from a very famous fashion house. The diamonds used to make the dress were unique, making the design the most expensive dress of the year and the object of jealousy of the high-class women of the world. That dress was the exact same dress he showed me and I immediately canceled the big wedding, I knew he was so disappointed, but I was afraid.

"Okay, but not even a word about Mila."

He smiled and kissed my hands.

"Okay love."


A few hours before the party, several evening white dresses were lined in the Mansion ready for me to chose from. I was speechless at his cunningness. I would not wear yet a wedding dress, but those dresses looked like one.

Maya came just in time to see the white show.

"Darling, this is… you should consider giving him a big wedding. Your man is eager to let the world know that you are his wife." She looked amused at the show.

We looked around the dresses for the perfect one for me, but all of them were beautiful.

"I don't know."

"What, darling? Eve?"


"Darling? I don't know what is making you doubt, but he has proved that he loves with you, and Mila, isn't it enough?"

My dear Maya took my hands and looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. I wanted to tell her, but it would sound so crazy.

"I know."

I sighed and went to look at the carefully chosen dresses. I knew he put his heart and mind into selecting all of them, as they were just perfect for me. The style, the length, even the adornments were chosen to consider all my preferences. I had no excuse for rejecting his little advancements in our relationship.

I took my phone and text him. 'Hubby, I like them all… love you.'

This was the first time I told him my sincere feeling. He knew, and not many seconds passed when he called back.

"Say it."


"Say it, please."

"Liam, I love you." I could hear his gasp and some seconds passed when his gentle voice came to my ears.

"Eve, I love you."

I knew he was smiling, and then he hung up.

A message came to my phone a few seconds after. 'I will go find you, my wife.'

I felt a tear going down my eye. I was so happy.

Not many minutes after, he came to the Mansion, but I wasn't completely prepared. When the stylist finished with the last adornment on my hair, she paused for a minute before looking at me with a shocked face.

Maya was beside me, but even she looked speechless, that was something new. She was never someone who stops speaking her mind.

"Darl… darling, you are… I am in love."

I had to laugh at her antics.

"Seriously, Maya."

"It's just perfect. Darling, that husband of yours will fall for you again."

I smiled. I wanted so much to show him this gorgeous wife of his.

"Then let's go."


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