The Mission X Book

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The Mission X


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The story is not just about solving mystery cases, it is also about friendship, professionalism, love, relationship and hard work. It is about combining people with different attitude, personality, beliefs and skills in one team. The asset of their department, the best team in the agency, "Mission X" Gaile, Earl, Matt, Ethan and Wacky are detectives who were assigned in major cases in their department. Only Matt wants to be a detective, the four of them have their personal reasons why they want to become a detective. Gaile is the only female detective in the department, she's the only flower among the thorns. She's good in analyzing the possible situations that happened in the past even it was happened long time ago. Matt is Gaile's boy best friend since childhood. He's the best detective when it comes to interrogation of suspects. Ethan is Gaile's childhood sweetheart. He's good in catching criminals in a different way. Earl is Gaile's lover who can't express his true feelings for her because of Ethan who's always make her happy. He's the genius detective who can easily identify the real culprit. Wacky is Gaile's long-lost brother and the strict team commanding officer who can easily identify criminal tracks and unexpected evidences.


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