The Miss Long Leg's Moonlight. Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Miss Long Leg's Moonlight.


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failed her interview for the 99th time Li Yanyan lost her motivation to go interview and get a job. It's because the face she get is so beautiful that people don't have courage to hire her. Scared if she was lazy like ass and only know how to use her face and don't know to do her work. Because they couldn't believe her is because the work she want to interview needed the worker to do some heavy work like at the building site. Who beauty want to work at there in this era?!. And sometimes the one who want to interview her is a big pervert and want to molested her when the interview happened so she as the air headed woman kickboxing the pervert until the family's pervert want to sue her. Fortunately she have her reason to kick the pervert and they know their family behavior so stop their intentions to sue her at the last step. And now is the 100th time she will do interviews but late to attend the interview because how she lost her motivation so don't have spirit. And when she on the way to go at the interview place she meet a very beautiful man that catching her eyes and she fell in love in, at the first sight. ONLY AT HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE!. And start her flirting at the beautiful man, she have the courage because who said the man to standing in front the road mini stalls and act as the seller?! Who know after she finished her shameless flirting level skill that she never thought she had, she get a wind that her friend lie her about the interview thing that actually audition! and she found out the man she flirts shameless before is the special judge and special guest in the audition?!!! But the more shocking news than that, the man is the Cold and Overbearing CEO of The Phoenix's Corporation and one of the largest entertainment in this Asian.... Mom....〒_〒 Your daughter Moonlight broke it wing before can fly high!! ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ The cold and overbearing CEO Lee Heifeng look coldly at the shameless woman who call him like... "Come on sugar~ sugar~, what is your name?. This angel want to know ah~" After a few day, Li Yanyan who have a fobia towards rich people closed back her heart and says to the man. "I don't like you anymore " she said arrogantly. "........." CEO Lee, after distrub this handsome with your gross flirting skill, you think you can go away just like that?. "Oh Really? " He smile cunningly at the beautiful lady.


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