1 What is happening?

I find myself standing in the middle of a dimly lit black room. "Where am I?" is the first thing that popped in my head.

<Where the fuck am I?>

<O, great mighty hero! We welcome thy to our kingdom! We wish to offer you a better greeting, but I am afraid that is not possible. Great misfortune is coming our wa->

Just as the old man was about to finish what he was about to say, I grabbed him by the collar of his frost white coat. In shock, the man yelped and took a step back, but stumbled and fell on his back instead.

<Where the fuck am I?!>

<Calm down, hero. We need you to fight the->

<That's not what I fucking asked. Let me say it again. Where. The fuck. Am I.>

The man was obiously shook. I bet he didn't expect this from the hero or what he was saying.


Shit. I have a pretty bad feeling about this.

A loud thud could be heard coming from behind me, followed by the footspes of what I assume to be 5 people. The clanking of their armor was echoing throughout the room.


I did not even have time to react. The second I turned around I was tackeled to the ground by the first man, while the other 4 restrained me.

<Let go of me!>

<I can't believe this man is supposed to be the hero of the kingdom. May the godess help us all.>

The what now? A godess? Seems like there is a different religion from what I am used to, though I think I am going to be a lot more surprised later on.

<What is happening here?!>

An old man entered the room. He had a pretty big beard and balding gray hair. He seemed to be very untrimmed and looked as if he had no attention to details, but was dressed in a blue robe with golden features. Seemed like he was in a pretty high position.

<The hero attacked me! I did not even get a chance to explain what is happening!>

<That's not true! Well, basically it is but->

<Guards! Lock him up in a cell until he calms down!>

<Hold up, what did I do?>

<You assaulted the head of the church of Celestia!>

<Let me explain, I->

Without leaving me a second to explain myself, the guards started to drag me away from the two men.

<Stay there!>

The guard shouted. I wanted to yell back at him, but I did not want to dig my hole any deeper. He looked like a puppet anyway, no reason to shout at him.

What the fuck did I just do. I just assaulted a man, and a pretty important one at that. Let's just assess the situation real quick. He said something about me being a hero. Must mean I am pretty important myself l. Second, where on earth could I be. He also said something about a kingdom. This whole situation is just so confusing. Are there any other people like me? I hope I am not the only one.

What are they going to do to me? I can't just simply be forgive, right? I did just assault a man, but how was I able to just make him fall like that. Last time I checked, I was pretty weak. Does it have something to do with these weird markings? I've noticed them a while ago, but I can't possibly understand what they do. They do not look like ordinary tattoos. I do not want to be in this place any longer. Just what is going to happen to me?

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