1 The Beginning

The life of a miserable girl is starting right now. An abusive parents will be her enemy. Would she survive this crisis?

Lilian Claire, an 8th grade girl. Always late at school and always getting into troubles.

"Damn. Why I'm always getting in this scene."


Ouch. That hurts. But I don't let them see that I'm in pain.

"You little sh*t, come over here!"

Lilian was beaten until she turned into a pulp. Her whole body aches, thus the one who's beating her, is her own father. Her parents was a sadist or something, they're happy when their own daughter is beaten. She always wearing jacket no matter what weather it is, just to cover her wounds.

Thus, adding bullies in school, she's really troubled.

"*sigh* can i escape this hell? what should i do?"

She planned to leave and run away. She knew the routes so she won't lost. She leave the house in exact 3 am. She rob some plenty money and food, for her journey. She arrived in the bus station in 4 am, so there are people waiting there too.

"this would be a drag, i can't ride the bus 'cause it's so crowded!"

She was about to let of, but she managed to hold the seat. But there is one more problem, She's motion sick. As the bus move, she started to looked pale.

"Miss, are you alright? you looked pale."

"Y-yes I'm fine."

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The trip was about 2-4 hours, She is going to the outermost part of the region, Batangas..