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The Mines of Thread



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In a world filled with bloodshed, magic, and dreams there are always people who try to grasp for a sliver of hope and protection. Frand, a magic gem miner with a low magic reserve was born in a human kingdom called Hiden which is rich in magic gems and metals. However the kingdom of Hiden is located in the southern tundra which limits its resources; Due to the climate Hiden’s magic gems and metals are its main export. The high demand of magic gems enticed the neighboring Steel Angel filled country named Kelpid to obtain all the resources for themselves. Kelpid quickly annexed Hiden within three years. During the process they flattened the cities, villages, and castles to make a quarry where humans are enslaved to mine in, and the Steel Angels kept humans with high magic reserve of a power known as thread for the frontline in the military.


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