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The Might Mage Of The Era


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Gu Jin thought she transmigrated in a novel about Mage, she became a supporting character who would die protecting the Female lead, and this is all due to her incompetency in magic. Gu Jin laughed 'incompetency?' she can die in every possible way but not due to incompetency. Before transmigration, she was the queen of the assassin, a stong willed iron lady. She took an oath to become a Heaven Rank Mage. After transmigration, she became a good-for-nothing? She was nothing but an average potential mage. According to everyone, she would just support the female lead, while having no talent for being a mage and was ugly. Every colleague of hers despised her, until one day they got to know about her potential. An average potential mage? The Association of Magic organization is begging her to be their chairman. Own a single elemental power? She has a multi-elemental star body. Has no status? She is the leader of Shadow Star, Divine Medical, Fighter Queen. Has no treasure? Huh! She has Mega-Cultivation Star, a Space-paradise as well her Magic Shop too. She is ugly? Her lovers can line up to the imperial palace. Does she have no supporters? The citizens of Fujio worship her like a god. Her popularity is more than that of the female lead. ------------------------- Gu Jin dragging a guy towards the bed," Be Mine, and I will protect you." A certain handsome and powerful mage, "Please no........" Gu Jin," Since this is your first time I will be gentle." The man, " No please...." When he saw that she was not able to remove his clothes, 'by accident ' of his magic, his clothes get burned. Gu Jin:"..." Note: This is not a book transmigration, and the lead will know this after 20 chapters. Follow the journey of Gu Jin to become a powerful mage. This is an original work. My English is not so good so please bear it with me.


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