1 Chapter 1


"ughhhhh my body hurts." Elizabeth said. She turned off the alarm from her cellphone and guess what she did.Well she slept again.

After a few minutes her cellphone alarmed again and she turned it off and slept again.

"ELI!! ELI!!! WAKE UPPP!!!" Elizabeth's mother shouted. Well I might forgot to tell you but Eli is her nickname.


Yes... Her mother spanked Elizabeth, I know what your thinking.... Weird I know.


Yes she is still spanking her but apparently it doesn't affect Elizabeth, know why? Well that's because she is used to it know. Well you see her mother, Mary, is doing that since she was still a baby.

"OKAY fine I am waking up!!!" Elizabeth shouted.

"Don't talk to me like that young lady!" And you know who said that, her mother.

So Mary, Elizabeth's mother is one of her problems. You want to know why? Well that's because there are times that Mary would yell and treat Elizabeth like shit but at other times, she would say "I love you's" and would hug her. But now Mary would mostly yell at her and Elizabeth decides that she would not love her for now and until Mary wouldn't, you know, act like she has 2 different bodies at different times.

So Elizabeth SLOWLY went to the shower and washed her hair, then body. After that she would got to her bedroom, apply lotion the her beauty products like powder and I forgot to tell she 100% hates make-up but she doesn't protest if she needs to wear make-up on projects she just really tries to avoid it.She would wear ger clothes then her service would exactly be there. Yes she will probably not eat her breakfast andgo to school hungry. When she got to school.

"Hi Elizabeth"


"Hi Elizabeth"


"Hey, do you have any homework?"

"Umm I don't know, well do you? If you do can I copy?"

"Well got no homework"

So if you guys wouldn't know Elizabeth is a filipino...

If you didn't notice, her classmate asked if she have

homework let's just say that's how some filipino's greet

each other.I know, weird, but that's how we do it.


So when they heard the bell rang, they line up and went

to their classrooms with the help of their adviser.

"Ughhhhh... why do I have a crush on him...

I can't, I can't Khyz has a crush on Princess and

not onky that they just broke up...." Eli thinked

Yes Eli here has a crush on Khyzler, but some people call him Khyz, her classmate. Eli had a crush on him because of their project which is the LOVE SERENADE and lets just say they were partners so when Eli saw him smile she liked him. Like I said she is a one messed up girl.

"Eli! ELI!! ELI!!!" Her adviser shouted. "Yes, Sir Fern" Eli answered. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah I think so." She replied. "Well Ms. Thelma wanted you to go to the LT." Sir. Fern said.

Well if you wouldn't know LT means Little Theater.

So Eli went to the LT and practice her dance with Khyzler for their conpetition.Yes you heard me right... Well read I meant.She is good in almost everything, well not master or perfect bit she knows how to do everything. And yes Khyzler, you see at tgis competition would happen one in every twenty years and this would only happen in their city, they would have a competition which includes dance, singing, and talents. And the winner would mostly have scholarship and has a possibility both will be popular or well known and they can be singers or actors and lets just say in Bloomfield Academy, they both pick Eli and Khyz because the school think that they have a chance that they would win the competition. And this would probably make Eli fall harder for Khyzler.

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Hello Everyone!!

This is the first chapter of my first book. Yes first book, so I am sorry for the mispelled words and sentences, and thank you for giving this book a chance.

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