The Mermaid is a Superstar! Book

novel - Romance

The Mermaid is a Superstar!


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She is seen as a rare treasure by many, and if anyone finds out about her true identity, then it is a game over. Using the excuse of ‘going on a mission’ to explore the green lands, she ventures out of the sea to an exciting adventure where she meets many different people. And on beautiful land, she meets an odd creature. He looks like a human, but is too handsome, too silent, too cold and most importantly, has an amazing voice that can be compared to hers! This must be what her father told her about special beings! Forget about searching for the stolen pearl! Forget about rescuing the mermaid guard! She has to follow him and observe his daily life! She thought it was going to be easy... But wait, what is this talk about becoming an idol? Does she really have to enter that TV program to keep seeing her target? Fine, she doesn't mind, as long as it will help her see him then she doesn't mind! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Note: This novel has a bit of a slow start, so please be patient. The actual plot starts in chapter 17. Also, my English isn't perfect, and so there will be mistakes here and there.