1 Omniversal Merchant System

"Where the heck am I?"

Nixon was confused, that was the best possible word to explain his feelings right now. He could currently be seen standing and looking around in confusion at the rather futuristic humble abode, the room he was in appearing to be most likely the living room if the couches and the large TV screen were anything to go by.

He was a young man who appeared to be possibly fifteen or sixteen years of age, having a lean yet athletic build with fair skin. He had slightly messy spiky blonde hair with a pair of sea blue eyes, along with a pair of black headphones over his ears.

His attire appeared to be quite casual as well, having worn a simple tight white t-shirt along with sleek black pants with black and white running shoes. He also had a black and gold watch on his left wrist, along with the other wrist simply having a black wristband.

"First I have this random voice telling me I've been chosen to have some kind of merchant system and now I find myself in this place? Am I on drugs or something?" Nixon couldn't help but mutter with a serious look on his face. "I know I died... unless those drugs I most likely didn't have are making me go crazy."

"I can assure you, you did not have any drugs and are now going crazy." A rather deep voice sounded as Nixon blinked upon hearing it. He turned his head to the left to see who had spoken, and he was surprised by who he saw standing at the doorframe leading to the next room. "Unless you were on drugs, though that isn't the reason for these circumstances."

"Wait, hold on... aren't you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself, my new and fellow merchant. My name is Xur, a pleasure to meet you."

"Goddamn, you really are him..." Nixon muttered with a look of disbelief on his face, causing Xur to chuckle in response as his glowing eyes displayed amusement. The dude in front of him was the most mysterious and infamous guy in the game known as Destiny, that merchant who sells you a bunch of exotic tings. "I'm Nixon... Nixon Colress."

"I see, welcome aboard, Nixon."

If you played Destiny and you have seen this guy once before, it would be hard to forget about him. Considering the fact he had those glowing eyes, that edgy hooded look, and that hunch-back. He was certainly quite the sight to behold if Nixon said so himself.

He had heard a bunch of stuff about the guy, and if memory serves, he had heard about how he was apparently someone in servitude to rulers called The Nine or something. Was that all horse crap or no? He didn't know at this point anymore.

"What in the world are you doing here though?" Nixon couldn't help but wonder as he had not expected to meet someone who he had thought was only fiction after he had died. He knew whoever brought him back spoke about merchants and how he would get a system, but he didn't expect this!

"Well, I am simply greeting my new roommate. We are both merchants, so I was interested in meeting you after having been informed of you getting this privilege." Xur chuckled as Nixon just rose an eyebrow in response. "I believe you have been told about the Omniversal Merchant System. This place is our personal headquarters if you will, not for all merchants though, only for us two."

"Hold on, does that mean you also have the Omniversal Merchant System?" Nixon was surprised to see that Xur nodded his head in response. He knew that Xur had many mysteries surrounding him, but he didn't expect it to be like this. "...There are others?"

"Indeed. However, as I stated before, these headquarters of ours only belong to the two of us. Other merchants are situated in their own headquarters similar, otherwise it'd be too cramped really. We all return back to these headquarters after we finish up business in each world we visit, just think of it as a place to relax."

Nixon was honestly just trying to wrap his head around all this, he had already somewhat managed to process the fact that he had died and was reborn with this system. Now you're telling him that he had become roommates with Destiny's most infamous character? That was actually kinda cool...

"Aside from that, I welcome you to the humble abode, new merchant. I wish you a successful business." Xur gave a laugh as he opened his arms outwards. Nixon just chuckled slightly at the enthusiasm. "Back to business. Have you explored any of the features of the system as of yet?"

"No, I was still just trying to cope with everything..."

"Ah~, that's very much understandable. Then I suggest you familiarize yourself with the system first before anything. I was once in your position, hehehe~." Xur chuckled as he then turned back to walk through the door. "I'll prepare us something to eat, you look through the system."

"Okay..." Nixon watched as Xur walked through to the next room, leaving him alone in the living room as he just shook his head in exasperation. "Xur cooking food for me, now that is something I never thought I would ever say..."

Nixon just walked on over to the couches and sat down as he gave a small sigh, this whole situation was very hard to believe, but it was now his reality. There was nothing he could do about that now, so there was no point in complaining or anything about it now.

"Might as well check it out." Nixon formed a small smile as he swiped down in front of the space in front of him, this resulted in a cyan holographic screen to appear in front of him. This screen, despite its appearance, was very much tangible as it felt similar to touching glass. The screen currently displayed the options of [Status] [Quests] [Inventory] [Abilities] [World Travel]


『New Quest Acquired』

Task: Explore the menu options of the Omniversal Merchant System

● Explore the [Status] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [Quests] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [Inventory] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [Abilities] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [World Travel] menu [⚫]


● 10,000 System Coins

● Merchant Item Pack [Amount: 1]

● Random Ability Token [Amount: 3]


Nixon blinked a bit in surprise at the sudden notification, but he shrugged it off a bit as the system literally rewarded the individual for being smart and seeing what everything does before going into the fray. Doesn't everybody make sure to know what they're dealing with before starting?

Anyway, he decided to start off with perhaps the most important option within the system, that being the [Status] option. He could already determine that this would tell him his own personal information, so he quickly clicked onto it, resulting in another hologram to appear.


Name: ? - [The name of the system user]

Age: ? - [The age of the system user]

Title: ? - [A special position or job that may grant benefits to the person holding it depending on what kind of title it is]

Race: ? - [The species in which the individual is]

System Coins: ? - [The currency of the system that can be converted into any other form of currency to be used, this also works the other way around as foreign currency can also be converted into System Coins]

Player Level: ? [EXP: ?/?] - [The player level of the system user. Increases every time the experience value hits the mark which then resets and increases by an interval of ten each level, the user gains 2 Status Points per level]

Merchant Level: ? [EXP: ?/?] - [The merchant level of the system user. This level determines the overall ranking of the merchant, and higher the level, the greater the chance for rarer items the user can get from item packs. This level can be increased through making sales, and the higher the rarity of the item you sell, the more experience you gain]

Status Points: ? - [Points that can be allocated into the different user parameters, such as Strength, Agility, etc. The user gains 2 Status Points per level up]

Health Points: ?/? - [The health points of the user. When this value hits zero, it results in the death of the system user. This value can be increased by increasing one's Endurance, along with the effects of other items and/or accessories and armors. The user also regenerates 10 Health Points every twenty seconds, this can be increased in numerous ways]

Mana Points: ?/? - [The mana points of the user. These points are used mainly when the user activates particular skills that require mana, therefore it can drain rather quickly depending on the skills being used. This can be increased through the increase of one's Intellect, along with the effects of other items and/or accessories and armors]

● Strength: ? <+0> - [The overall physical capabilities of the system user. This value represents how much force and power one can produce through their own muscles. This value increases by 2 every time the system user levels up]

● Agility: ? <+0> - [The overall speed of the system user. This value represents how fast the system user is capable of moving, along with how fast their reaction speed is. This value increases by 2 every time the system user levels up]

● Endurance: ? <+0> - [The overall physical endurance of the user. This value represents how much damage the user is capable of taking. This value increases by 2 every time the system user levels up]

● Intellect: ? <+0> - [The overall intelligence of the user. This value represents one's own intelligence, and is also very important when trying to learn skills and such from items such as Skill Books as they require a certain level of intelligence to be used. Can only be increased through activities such as reading, and the amount it increases by doing so depends on the material being read]

● Luck: ? <+0> - [The overall luck of the user. This value cannot be increased through normal means as this parameter is a predetermined value. This can only be decreased or increased through the use of extremely rare items, etc]



Name: Nixon Colress

Age: 16

Title: None

Race: Human

System Coins: 0

Player Level: 1 [EXP: 0/50]

Merchant Level: 1 [EXP: 0/100]

Status Points: 0

Health Points: 180/180

Mana Points: 800/800

● Strength: 20 <+0>

● Agility: 22 <+0>

● Endurance: 18 <+0>

● Intellect: 40 <+0>

● Luck: 15 <+0>


Nixon looked through all the information as he held his chin in thought, thinking over more specifically at the different personal parameters. He was glad that it gave him a description of each part, that made things a whole lot easier if he were to make assumptions.

One thing he was going to need to test, or perhaps ask Xur about, was whether or not he could actually increase his physical parameters such as Strength and such through basic training and stuff. Or if he was limited to increasing it through levelling up and more.

He wasn't entirely sure either whether or not his stats were good for someone who had just gotten the system, he had no proper benchmark to see. He couldn't really compare to Xur as the dude was obviously more experienced than he was, though he would definitely check Xur's stats out of curiosity later on.

Anyway, moving on, he went onto selecting the [Quests] menu option.


『Current Quests』



Task: Explore the menu options of the Omniversal Merchant System

● Explore the [Status] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [Quests] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [Inventory] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [Abilities] menu [⚫]

● Explore the [World Travel] menu [⚫]


● 10,000 System Coins

● Merchant Item Pack [Amount: 1]

● Random Ability Token [Amount: 3]


He wasn't at all surprised to see that the only quest that appeared was the one he was given a few minutes ago, it was his only quest as of right now after all. He also saw that the prompts for exploring the [Status] and [Quests] menus had lit up, so it was good that he had a tracker to know how much of the quest he had done.

He didn't want to have to go through the feeling of wondering things like 'Wait, did I do that part yet?'. That would suck pretty royally.

Anyway, there really wasn't much else to see on this screen. It's use was basically to keep track of the current quests that he had under his disposal, which in itself was quite damn useful. He didn't have limitless memory space, so having a tracker like this was definitely useful. Moving on, he went to the [Inventory] menu option.

No point in really saying much, there wasn't anything to take note of. He didn't have anything in there, so it was really just a blank screen with the top label saying 『Inventory』, that was honestly all there really was to it right now. Nothing too special really. Though, while it didn't say it, he knew that the inventory was something he could store all kinds of things into a pocket dimension of sorts.

Very useful as a merchant.

The next menu for him to explore was the [Abilities] menu, which displayed a new screen after he clicked onto it. When he did, there were actually a few skills that were listed, which he curiously gazed over as he read over their descriptions as to what they did.



● Gamer's Mind [Rank: 1/1] - [This ability allows the user to be immune to any foreign interferences that may try to affect the user on a mental level, such as mind control and more. The user is also capable of remaining in control of one's emotions in any given situation]

● Gamer's Body [Rank: 1/1] - [This ability allows the user to be immune to the sensations of both pain as well as fatigue. The user is also capable of restoring both health and mana through sleeping, and the more you sleep, the more you recover. However, sleeping cannot heal debuffs and fatal wounds, those must be treated through other means. To conclude, the user will also no longer age]

● Observe [Rank: 1/1] - [This ability allows the user to see the stats of other living beings, such as their personal parameters and more. However, you cannot view the information regarding individuals who are more than fifty levels above yourself]

● Appraise [Rank: 1/1] - [This ability allows the user to see the information regarding inanimate objects, allowing the user to get the general idea of its worth and approximate price to be placed onto it. This skill is useful when placing prices on specific items for sale]


This was very interesting to Nixon, these skills all had their useful purposes. Starting with the Gamer's Mind, it was both a good and bad thing in his opinion. Starting with the positives, it allowed him to remain calm and think things through with a clear mind. However, it probably prevented emotions like fear, and he personally liked that emotion as it is what helped humanity survive.

Moving onto Gamer's Body, the fact that he could heal through simple sleeping was already incredibly as it is. However, he was on the border with how it prevented him from feeling the sensation of pain. Pain is something that lets him know how damaged he is, so having that gone, he would have to pay extra attention to his Health Points.

Adding to that specific skill, it also mentioned that he would no longer age. That would technically mean he was immortal in a sense. He couldn't die to the natural cause of aging, but he could still be killed through other means like bleeding out and such. He wasn't sure what to think about that skill, did he even want to grow into an adult? Maybe?

The Observe skill was also very useful as it allowed him to have the general idea of who he should be especially careful around by letting him know their power in comparison to himself, so that was very useful when he needed to have some information regarding other people.

The Appraise skill was very much like the Observe skill, except it was specifically for calculating the value and importance of inanimate objects. As someone who is going to be a merchant, such a skill was very important to know what prices and such to place onto objects.

Each of these skills that he had already all had their pros and cons, but they were still useful to him in many different ways. He just needed to be a bit careful when using them, especially paying more attention due to the Gamer's Body.

"Alright, finally, World Travel..." Nixon was probably most curious about this option as he wasn't quite certain as to how he was going to be travelling across worlds. He had been informed that he would be, not how he would be. So, upon clicking onto it, he blinked when a bunch of information was presented to him.


『World Travel Information』

● Upon using the World Travel option, the user can either revisit a world that they have already been to by selecting it from the menu, or they can select to be transported to a random world. The cool down for this system function is one week

● The user is capable of bringing others across worlds with you. However, the user cannot do with without permission first. Before you attempt to do so, you must simply ask the administrators for permission to bring other individuals across worlds


"Okay, so that means each world I visit, I have to stay there for a minimum of a week..." Nixon nodded his head in understanding as he read the information. He didn't mind too much about the cooldown as that just gave him time to go around and sell his wares, he was a merchant after all. He wasn't going to use it just yet obviously.

Anyway, he wasn't too surprise when another popup soon appeared after having closed down the [World Travel] menu. The prompt that had just appeared to him was none other than the notification to tell him that the quest he was on had just been completed.


『Quest Completed』

Task: Explore the menu options of the Omniversal Merchant System

● Explore the [Status] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [Quests] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [Inventory] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [Abilities] menu [🟢]

● Explore the [World Travel] menu [🟢]


● 10,000 System Coins

● Merchant Item Pack [Amount: 1]

● Random Ability Token [Amount: 3]


Nixon just calmly gave a small nod of satisfaction upon seeing the completion of the quest, no matter how easy a quest is, it is always satisfying to see it complete. He then made his way back towards the [Inventory] menu to get a look at the items that he had gotten as rewards. There was no reason to check the coins, they were self-explanatory.



● Merchant Item Pack [Amount: 1] - [A simple item package that, when opened, will grant the user with a number of different items from ranging rarities. The number of items granted depends on the user's luck. It can range from only one to even fifty or more items]

● Random Ability Token [Amount: 3] - [A special token that can be exchanged for a random ability. These abilities can range from being quite useless to incredibly powerful, such as having things like telekinesis, ice manipulation and more]


Nixon already knew that he probably won't be getting too many good items as of yet from the Merchant Item Pack considering he was only at Merchant Level 1, though he was definitely curious to find out what kind of abilities he may gain from those three tokens.

Considering the fact that he was going to be travelling across many different worlds, he would at least need some kind of way of defending himself. He wasn't sure what he was going to end up encountering out there, so he hoped that he'd end up getting something useful.

"Alright, guess I should see what I'll be having for stock." Nixon muttered to himself as he clicked onto the Merchant Item Pack. When he did, the hologram of a large metal black and white box appeared in front of him, he curiously tapped on it as it then released a bright glow, causing him to cover his eyes with one arm.

As the box swung open, he got a bunch of notifications appearing in front of him as the box slowly disappeared into nothingness. He had to admit, the sound of each notification was kind of jarring due to the many dings and such. He'd get used to it at some point though.


『Items Received』

● Small Healing Potion [Amount: 20] - [A special potion that has incredible healing properties. Consuming one allows for the complete restoration of basic wounds such as cuts, bruises and more. However, this cannot regenerate limbs. Each potion restores 50 Health Points] [Cost: 60 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Common]

● Healing Potion [Amount: 12] - [A special potion that has incredible healing properties. Consuming one allows for the complete restoration of basic wounds such as cuts, bruises and more. However, this cannot regenerate limbs. Each potion restores 160 Health Points] [Cost: 200 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Rare]

● Mana Potion [Amount: 10] - [A special potion that allows the drinker to replenish their magical reserves. Each potion restores a maximum of 300 Mana Points] [Cost: 260 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Rare]

● Lollipop Pack [Amount: 8] - [A packet of lollipops that contain five lollipops within each packet. A famous form of candy loved by people of all ages, a very delicious sweet treat of many flavors] [Cost: 8 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Common]

● Oreo Packet [Amount: 8] - [A packet of the sandwich cookies known as Oreos, a delicious treat loved by many people of all ages. Each packet contains 30 Oreos] [Cost: 15 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Common]

● Fruit Basket [Amount: 5] - [A basket of different fruits ranging from oranges, apples, pears and more. The fruits within the baskets always remain fresh and delicious] [Cost: 25 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Common]

● Frozen Pizza [Amount: 5] - [The highest quality of frozen pizza you can ever get your hands on, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni] [Cost: 30 System Coins/per] [Rarity: Common]

● Enchantment Book: Sharpness I [Amount: 2] - [A special enchanted tome that can be used to enchant any kind of tool to increase its ability to slice through anything. Each tome can only be utilised once] [Cost: 300 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Rare]

● Enchantment Book: Unbreaking I [Amount: 3] - [A special enchanted tome that can be used to enchant any kind of tool or wearable equipment. Doing so improves the durability of the object affected, making it far more difficult to break or tear] [Cost: 280 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Rare]

● Quinque Steel Bar [Amount: 6] - [A bar of powerful quinque steel, a special material that is resistant to all kinds of temperatures and have a powerful composition that makes them much stronger than any other form of iron or steel, or even titanium. Each bar is worth 100 grams] [Cost: 1500 System Coins/Per] [Rarity: Epic]


Nixon had to shake his head as that was an absolute overload of notification, so his ears were honestly ringing a bit due to it. Reading over all of the information he was just presented, he was quite pleasantly surprised as it was a good selection of items.

He wasn't too surprised with the common items that he had received due to his Merchant Level only being at level one, though the small healing potion was a bit of a surprise. The potions were certainly interesting, he might use a few of those for himself if he needs to instead of selling them.

However, it was the last three items that really caught his attention. Starting with the books, he easily recognized those as being from Minecraft, a game that pretty much every kid with a computer has at some point played in their lives.

While the enchantments aren't at all the best that they could be, they were still considered as Rare items here. After all, a simple book that can be used to improve the overall quality of equipment would be quite a miraculous thing. This wasn't the Minecraft game, so the items being real were quite a sight.

The final item was something he was honestly astonished about, it wasn't a Rare item, it was an Epic item. From what he understood, the higher the Merchant Level he had, the better the chance he had for greater rarity items. Did he get extremely lucky? It would seem so.

Quinque Steel was something from Tokyo Ghoul, it was a special material that was mainly used by the likes of the CCG to create weapons to help them combat ghouls as normal weapons like guns and stuff had little to no effect on ghouls. He might consider keeping a few bars just in case he finds a way to make himself a weapon...

The production of weapons made from Quinque Steel was anything but easy, so he would be impressed if the people he sells them to manage to actually put the bars to use. While he didn't know the process of creating such weapons, he couldn't imagine that it was as simple as forging an iron sword.

Moving on, Nixon went back into his inventory to take a look at the tokens that he had gotten from the quest. He was quite curious about these three tokens as they said that they would grant him special abilities. Basically, a kind of superpower of sorts.

It was pretty much everyone's dream to have superpowers, something like the ability to fly, breathe fire, and more. There are countless kinds of different powers out there in the world, some cool and some just trash. He was quite intrigued to find out just what he would get.

So, when he clicked onto the three tokens, three circular coins that were colored silver with golden accents dropped onto his hand. He looked at them curiously with one eyebrow cocked up in confusion, what was he supposed to do with these?

"Flip it... I guess?" Nixon just assumed as he took one of the coins and flipped it up into the air. He was actually surprised to see that it worked as the coin glowed brightly before bursting into particles. "Wow, didn't think that'd work..."


『Ability Received』

● Contract of the Spirit King of Lightning [Rank: 1/3] - [A powerful contract between both the user and the Spirit King of Lightning. Granting the user the ability to manipulate electricity, along with being highly resistant to it at the same time. If the user is proficient enough, they can potentially call forth thunder storms and the true power of the Spirit King of Lightning himself in the form of the contract]


"Wait, isn't that from Kaze No Stigma?" Nixon couldn't help but wonder as he read the information. He knew that the main character of the series formed a contract with the Spirit King of the Wind, but this contract was for the Spirit King of Lightning instead. "So, does that mean I'm a contractor now?"

If that was certainly the case, then that meant he could perhaps even regenerate his mana points by absorbing lightning spirits. That would be a major advantage, although not as fast as Kazuma would be able to due to the abundance of wind spirits, it was still very useful.

He also recalled that Kazuma was capable of calling forth the power of the contract, meaning he had access to the domain of power that the Spirit King of the Wind had, increasing his abilities greatly. It, of course, had a big toll on him to hold such power, but the increase was immense.

If that was the case in this situation, then Nixon could do so as well. However, from reading the information, it seemed that he obviously needed a particular proficiency in using this contract. It didn't take a genius to assume that the Rank was a stage of proficiency with the skill, and he had no doubt that he would probably have to increase it to be able to use the full power of the contract.

Overall, he was not at all disappointed with the power he had just been given. Even though lightning spirits were probably much rarer in comparison to a number of other spirits, the ability to manipulate lightning was still a very cool thing to have under his disposal.

Moving on, he quickly flipped the next token.


『Ability Received』

● Glory Killer [Rank: 1/1] - [Brutalise your enemies. This ability grants you the power to perform Glory Kills, which can be activated when the user sees a pale blue aura appear around the enemy. Doing so will cause your body to automatically charge in for a quick and brutal finish, a certain kill. While this happens, you become invincible for the small duration and will regain a fifth of your maximum health back for every glory kill]


"Doom now, huh? Not complaining..." Nixon chuckled as he read over the information. He loved playing the Doom series games, and Glory Kills were certainly something he was very familiar with. While he wasn't sure about how brutal his body would kill the enemies and how, considering the descriptions says automatically, at least Gamer's Mind would prevent him from freaking out.

He wondered if this skill would also work in tandem with his contractor ability, which could mean that his body may end up using electricity to perform a glory kill. He would be lying if he said that he wasn't curious to find out just how that would go about happening.

This skill also helped him save up those healing potions for his business as well, with how he can heal himself by killing people brutally. That may sound incredibly morbid, but that didn't take away the fact that such a perk was going to be very useful for the future events.

He had gotten incredibly good rolls so far from these tokens, and he was curious if his luck streak would continue on to the next and final token. Even if he didn't get something crazy, he was honestly more than happy with what he had gotten so far. Though, we'll see soon enough.

Taking the last token, he flipped it into the air.


『Ability Received』

● Magic Eyes of Destruction [Rank: 1/1] - [A pair of immensely powerful eyes that go into flux either by the user's choice, or through a stir of emotions. When activated, they cause the surrounding area to begin disintegrating. The user can destroy both a person's mind as well as their magic itself with the activation of these eyes, along with even being able to put others to sleep for a maximum of one day. These eyes are also passive, so whenever a foreign magic that affects the user's body and mind in negative ways, the eyes will activated automatically to repel that magic. However, to destroy a person's a mind and to put them to sleep, these eyes will only work against those fifteen or more levels below the user. Along with that, these eyes have a major toll on the user if the spell and/or magic it is destroying is immensely powerful]


Nixon sat there silently for a second as he read over the information, his eyes widened in surprise as he continued reading. If he wasn't mistaken, these eyes were from the series called The Misfit of Demon King Academy. They were eyes possessed by both the main character and also a female going by the name of Sasha Necron.

To put these eyes into simple terms, he could basically negate, or destroy, a person's spell or magic that they send at him or activate. He doubted that he could completely destroy a person's magic core, or their ability to use magic, but he could certainly negate their spells using these eyes.

From what he remembers, these eyes were a far weaker version of the more improved and powerful eyes. They were called Magic Eyes of Chaotic Destruction, if he wasn't mistaken. While not nearly as powerful, these eyes he had just gotten were still incredible in their own right.

From the last few bits of the description, he wasn't sure what it particularly means when he is destroying a person's mind, but it most likely isn't pleasant. There was a limitation to it though, that being that the person he uses them on has to be fifteen levels or more weaker than himself.

Finally, the last bit with the toll it apparently would have on him, that was a bit of a concern. If his assumptions are to be correct, then he would assume that the stronger the spell and/or magic he is trying to destroy with the eyes in comparison to himself, the more damage it would probably cause to him. Kind of like equivalent exchange, the more powerful the thing he is trying to negate, the more pain he would have to endure for it to work.

As he was thinking about the possibilities of his new abilities, he did feel a bit of a strange sensation in his eyes. Which he could only assume must be due to the magical eyes that he had just received, it felt pretty damn weird. Anyway, as he was thinking over things, Xur had soon come back into the room.

"Everything's ready, have you finished looking at all the system's features?"

"Y-Yeah, kinda overwhelmed by it all really..."

"Hehehe~, that's to be expected. It'll take a bit of time to adjust, though I'm sure you'll be just fine. Come along now." Xur motioned for Nixon to follow, which the young male did as he stood up from the couch and followed behind Xur. Nixon could smell something good in the next room. Would would have thought, Xur is a good cook if the smell was anything to go by. "When are you thinking of beginning your travels?"

"Eh? Oh, umm... Well, probably as soon as I can." Nixon responded to the rather unexpected and sudden question from the experienced merchant. "I'm interested in seeing just what kind of world I'll be sent to first, along with selling some items and testing these new abilities I've gotten."

"Ah~, you do remind me of myself. I did the same thing and had that same mindset when I first started out, everything was such a joy to experience." Xur laughed as he heard Nixon's response. The young male just smiled sheepishly as he heard this. "Let us hurry, don't want the food to get cold now."

"Right..." Nixon continued following after Xur a few steps behind, his gaze full of curiosity as he followed the hooded male. There were still so many things that he wanted to know about Xur since the games didn't delve into it too much, but he didn't want to sound nosey to the guy. 'I wonder...'

His curiosity was really piquing as he decided to do the one thing that most people in his situation would most likely end up doing, and that was to use his Observe skill to check just what Xur had going for him. He noticed that a few things were missing, probably meant that he isn't given the privilege of seeing them. What he did see was both expected yet surprising at the same time...



Name: Xur

Age: ???

Title: ???

Race: ???

Player Level: ???

Merchant Level: ???

Health Points: ???/???

Mana Points: ???/???

● Strength: ???

● Agility: ???

● Endurance: ???

● Intellect: ???

● Luck: ???

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