The meeting of a lifetime

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What is The meeting of a lifetime

Read ‘The meeting of a lifetime’ Online for Free, written by the author Belvedere_Icognito, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: This is something I made for a friend of mine. She helped me keep the book logical, and removed the groovy parts


This is something I made for a friend of mine. She helped me keep the book logical, and removed the groovy parts

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After living in hellish prison for 16 years, you're finally rescued. But what do you do when you soon realize that there is now a thread, a connection to the warden you've escaped from? BLURB: He could clearly see the way the water droplets ran down her back. The brown curls, almost black due to being wet, stuck to it, gave such an alluring contrast to her skin that seemed to glow in the moonlight. She turned, causing her ample breast to come into view. A single droplet hung precariously from a pebbled nipple. Was his eyesight always this sharp? It appeared like a pearl, begging to be licked away. He groaned as he could almost taste the cool freshness on his tongue before it was replaced with the heat of her flushed skin. Unzipping his jeans caused his member spring forth, drenched in the constant precum that flowed. Just the thought of sucking on her breast made him groan in frustrated desperation. He buried his face between the fleshly orbs. Biting and licking, he was pleased to see his marks on her skin. A fierce desire to possess came over him and even his wolf growled at the feeling. How is it that she smells even better that the soap she just used? Other Omegas used the same kind, yet their smell would cause his stomach to feel upset. Inhaling again, he pinning her against a tree. The same tree he was hiding behind before. Lifting her up, he devoured her lips while wrapping her long legs around his waist. Slightly bending his knees, he entered her in one deep thrust. She was hot and tight. So tight that if it wasn't for her juices, he wouldn't be able to move. Gripping himself tighter, his imagination became wild. Just thinking about her breathy moans or her screams of pleasure caused a shudder to pass through him as he came into the tissue he had thoughtfully grabbed. Why, why not just take what he so obviously wants? What's stopping him? If it were anyone else, he would have slacked his lust, had some fun, and moved on. The fact that this question ran through his mind without an answer was the reason for his pain.

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The real life history for a loser man

Hi my name is Muhammad Shoaib I am from Pakistan I said some thing like this don't trust any one I was trust my friends my relatives but everyone hurt me by money by trust if u want to become successful in life then trust only one man own because if you trust other person they will hurt you and it's very painful in your life u willnt stand again if someone hurt you it's my life experience I didn't success in my life because I trust my friends my relatives but now I teach a lesson I lost so many money now I am zero but I m happy because I will earn money again but my friends lost my friendship and my life main role is my mother and my wife they was encouraged me when I was lost everything in my life that's why I share with you my own life if you want to become successful in life then do hard work leave everything friends mobiles bad activity and chose one road which one you believe and work and work work then u will success in your life otherwise after 10 years u also think like me why u didn't understanding thats why this is time to do something after spent the time u willnt again in your life this diamond time thanks everyone who teach me this lesson I was visit maleysia Dubai Sri Lanka India but every where same people every one fraud with u they didn't miss the chance to earn money it's fear or not they don't think but I m Muslims and alhumdullillah I want earn money fear because after death I will give answer my ALLAH where I earn money and where you spent if I will fraud and bad earn money then I will failed and I will have punishment that's y I say every one wakeup wake up wake up when u will realize Same like me I m loser in my life but now I will think how I will become successful in my life so of you have any idea then tell me

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“So, lovely lady what are your plans for the rest of this fine evening?” Sean inquired, turning his attention back to Rachel. “Oh, I don’t know, I’ll probably go home, water my plants, give myself a facial before going to bed with a new book I haven’t yet had the chance to crack open. What about you, Sean, what are your plans for the rest of the evening?” Rachel replied. Sean leaned forward taking Rachel’s hand across the table, pulling her slightly closer he proceeded to tell her his plans for the evening. “I’ll probably head home, work out with my free weights, do a few reps of pushups and sit ups to work off some of that food I just made a pig of myself eating. “Then,” he leaned closer and in a voice Rachel didn’t think could get any deeper or sexier, he continued, “I’ll hit the shower and think of you as the warm water and soap flows all over my body wishing you were with me, just like I did last night.” “Damn,” Rachel thought she’d said that silently as she felt a warm rush of liquid flood her thong. She licked suddenly dry lips wondering if she’d sat there with her mouth open the entire time Sean was speaking. Thinking, ‘this man is truly after the purple thong I’m wearing and I’m just about to give it to him.’ However, if he thought he’d get away with arousing her like this, well, two could definitely play this game. “Oh really,” Rachel said, tracing the veins so prominently displayed on the backs of his strong hands still holding hers, “did you imagine my hands washing your body, Sean?” “Did you work the lather from your neck and shoulders as I would have,” Rachel continued in her seductively sexiest voice. Using her tongue to wet her lips she continued looking at Sean through her incredibly thick long lashes. Will you remember how my hands felt on your magnificent chest earlier in the hot tub?” Sean groaned, his eyes darkening to a deep stormy gray as he intently listened to every word Rachel spoke, he was transported back to his shower but pictured Rachel as she had been in the hot tub. Rachel continued, “did my hand roam down your delicious abs to curve around and grab that tight ass of yours, pulling you close as I rubbed my aching breast against your upper body as I did before? Or did I take over completely kneeling down to wash and lather your endlessly long, hard, thighs, and legs, Sean? Saving the best part for last.” Rachel said, as she took the same two middle fingers, he’d used to bring her so much pleasure into her partially closed fist and proceeded to demonstrate how she would have stroked him off in the shower. Sean squeezed his legs together and clenched his teeth to control the rise of the orgasm he could feel about to explode from the hard on he was currently experiencing. Grabbing Rachel’s hand, Sean pulled Rachel in closer to lean in for a hungry kiss that had nothing to do with his stomach and everything to do with the woman speaking his fantasies so seductively to him. He was close enough now that he felt her breath on his lips and just as they were about to lock lips their waiter returned with Rachel’s carry out box and the check. “Damn,” Sean said in frustration, taking out his wallet to pull out some cash not caring that he over tipped the waiter by $50. He grabbed his jacket, Rachel’s hand, and quickly exited the restaurant barely allowing her time to grab her own personal items and the carryout container. Rachel’s flirtatious, laughter teased Sean’s ears as he hastily ushered them out to the valet ticket station.

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Royal Series: Demonic Prince

"Am I really going to die?" He still couldn't believe it. So what if he's someone even the Gods are afraid of, even immortals are helpless against the Demonic Resentment! While he await his death, he suddenly felt weird. "Is this? Why am I suddenly weak?" Xie Tian's eyes widened again. He felt his yang essence drained! This was his first time! He's a virgin! "Why do I feel like the Demonic Resentment molested me?" The man had his eyes furrowed. This was the first time he felt very exhausted that he can't even move any of his limbs. "That's my… yang essence? Wait…even my some of my memories were copied!"Xie Tian suddenly stood up in shock! Where did he even borrow his energy? Along with the Demonic Resentment, there was a vibrant blue wisp. Just a glance and he could tell that it's his 'stolen' yang essence! Watching it join the ball of Demonic Resentment, he was filled with doubt and confusion. "Is it creating an existence with me as a basis?" "Don't tell me…" Bang! A loud noice engulfed Xie Tian before he clutched his ears in pain! The Demonic Resentment that formed into a ball exploded releasing a powerful blast! Xie Tian looked towards the area where the ball was formerly located and was surprised. There was a young man standing while naked. His hair is silky white while his eyes are pitch black. This person's skin is extremely pale, even paler than white. Xie Tian couldn't help but adore it's devilishness. Even he doesn't stand a chance against his handsomeness! The young man looked like a pretty boy who knew nothing but to be handsome. He's the perfect unification of holiness and seductiveness, ethereal yet devilish. The playful smirk on his thin lips made him appear devilish. But what's important is that they resemble each other! "Daddy…"

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