1 Episode 01 - introduction!


It's late, 6pm and you're walking on the right sidewalk. You see questionable men standing in a group circle, laughing and mumbling.

You stopped, not wanting to intrude on the group's questionable behaviour, decided to wait until more people appeared

sothat you could atleast join them and pass the group of men.

But no one came. The only people that were there, was the possible Jakuza members and a tired and overworked you, you then decided to try and walk past them. As you walked around them one yelled out

_ _ ______________ _____________ _ _

Stranger #1: Hey YO! Suit guy! Whatcha walking on the road for?

Another one then joined him

Stranger #2: Ahh hahahaha, tell us your name sir. We can accompany you to your house. It's dangerous here at night

Suddenly they began to walk closer another one began talking.

Stranger #3: Hmmmm, you look like you're doing well for yourself.

As they approached, you notice your heart pounding and your mind going blank from fear.

One stranger pulled out a knife and walked faster towards you.

Then one said

Stranger #2: Wake up Y/N, it's a beautiful sunny day!

You sat up and saw a startled Senko preparing breakfast.

Senko: Oh my, Y/N you seem quite energetic today.

Y/N: O-Oh... uh..hehe... sorry Senko just had a nightmare is all.

You started taking off your sheets up until she said.

Senko: A-Ah wait, I have something for you.

She gave you a tray of food and as she placed it on your lap, she went back to the kettle sothat she could pour you, your tea.

Y/N: Thanks allot Senko, this looks amazing!

She blushed and gave you a kiss on the cheek, to which you immediately started blushing.

Senko: Its no problem Y/N, I noticed you weren't having a very pleasant dream, so I decided to make your morning a pleasurable one.

She smiled and waited for you to eat your food which she had made, so naturally she wanted to see your reaction as you ate her precious masterpiece.

You took a bite and the taste was amazing, you remembered why you enjoyed life so much, it was because of Senko.

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