2364 Ves the Planter

Working back-to-back on the custom mechs of both Dise and Orfan presented an interesting contrast to Ves.

Both expert candidates were melee mech specialists, but they possessed different philosophies in their approach towards combat.

Commander Dise dedicated herself completely to swordsmanship. Her will was obsessed with it and she believed that almost every threat could be dealt with as long as she held a blade.

Of course, most people would say that mech pilots such as her fared really badly against opponents that were too distant and used overwhelming ranged firepower to destroy their targets from a distance.

In these cases, mechs with no ability to attack hostiles from a distance usually had to run for cover.

That didn't necessarily mean that mech pilots like the Swordmaidens were useless. When they were still a large outfit, they fielded at least some ranged mechs and other mechs to balance out their mech roster.

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