2450 Ves the Great Scientist

Ves felt quite accomplished after he completed his work on the Valkyrie Redeemer design.

The auto-enhancement function he developed was a more purposeful way of enhancing the spiritual foundations of his mechs.

Even without this function, his mechs would have gained a boost regardless, but the process wouldn't be as efficient.

Now, any mech that was lucky enough to be the carrier of a breakthrough would definitely be rewarded for its contribution. It was only fair for the lucky mech pilot to share some of the benefits.

Just to be sure, Ves implemented a hard ceiling of 25 percent saturation of base foundation.

At 50 percent saturation, the mech in question became capable of killing its own pilot. While the odds of this happening were very minor, the fact that the victims all consisted of mech pilots with spiritual potential would have massive repercussions.

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