2347 Pessimistic Sentiment

"Half of the Wodin Warriors sent to the Cinach System are being dispatched to the Nyxian Gap." Gloriana's physical projection told him. Her shape pressed against his own and her perfume intoxicated his nose. "We care about you, so we have sent the most we are able to afford. It's just that they won't be able to get to you fast enough."

"I'm aware. Regardless, your dynasty's gesture is helpful nonetheless. If some major change takes place that alters our strategic situation, our fleet might be able to evade the Allidus Alliance. Don't forget that while those warships are powerful, they're also slow."

"I know, but my sister Kellendra told me that your options are limited. She's not very optimistic about being able to catch up. She also can't go too deep into the Nyxian Gap. It would be a tragedy to lose her along with thousands of loyal, rigorously-trained Hexer mech pilots."

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