2362 Industrious Hexers

Time went by as the Larkinsons busied themselves with their preparations. Machinists and technicians broke down a lot of valuable scrap and began to clad them onto their ships or mechs, sometimes without any regard for balance or mass distribution.

This was a viable means of upgrading the durability of a mech in the short term. The enemies the Larkinsons expected to face would definitely bring a lot of firepower to the table. Adding extra layers of armor would give many mechs some additional chances of survival.

As for the negative impact on their mobility, Ves and the other leaders did not think much of it. Ves personally designed a special attachment scheme that was semi-modular. The way the Larkinsons slapped the additional armor plating onto the mechs was done in a way to make them detachable when they were rendered unusable.

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