2421 Glow Crusher

The Glow Crusher was very effective at its job!

As a lancer mech, the mech was already good in regular combat. It didn't require a lot of time to build up speed, allowing it to exert its strength in many different situations. It could even function in cramped environments!

Though the mech was too cheap and barebones to incorporate other functions, it didn't need to incorporate any additional bells and whistles.

This was a mech with a very narrow scope. Against enemies that lacked glows, the Glow Crusher didn't function any differently from comparable lancer mechs.

It was only when the Glow Crusher was employed against an LMC mech that it showcased its true value.

When Gloriana showed him other footage of the Glow Crusher at work, Ves began to understand the most important aspect of its operation.

"The Glow Crusher isn't attacking the Blessed Squire. It's attacking the glow."

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