2340 Drooping Tree

Subjecting his own clansmen to his experiments was a step too far to Ves.

He struggled with his desire to extend his current study to his own clansmen. Even if he weakened the spiritual foundation of his test mech to a large degree, he still couldn't rule out the possibility that something detrimental might take place.

The last thing he wanted to do was to cripple a valuable Larkinson mech pilot!

Every single member of the clan was family to him. He was unwilling to expose any of his Larkinsons to this kind of danger so soon after leading hundreds of them to their deaths. The Battle of Ulimo Citadel had already killed enough brave mech pilots.

As Ves stared at the empowered Desolate Soldier, he began to develop some misgivings about the machine.

A sense of bloodiness emanated from the machine. The mech had killed its own mech pilots not just once, but thrice!

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