2672 Correcting A Mistake

"This is impossible… the Bloody Herons shouldn't have died so easily…"

Lady Aisling Curver simply couldn't believe what her console was telling her. The Bloody Heron mechs had become completely unresponsive. She patched into the cockpit feeds and looked at the bodies of the pilots.

Not a single one of them moved. Aside from performing unconscious body functions such as breathing, the pilots seemed to have gone completely still.

According to the brain monitoring systems, the mech pilots were no longer alive according to the Friday Coalition's interpretation of what constituted a living being.

It was as if the bodies had turned into clones. Aside from containing a self-maintaining system of blood, flesh and bone, the collection of organic tissue was no longer alive in the truest sense of the word!

This was impossible. No attack should have been able to bypass every defensive barrier and strike straight at the minds of the Bloody Heron mech pilots.

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