2400 Assaulting the Gods

After unleashing a powerful shriek, Cynthia Larkinson's mutated energy projection dove forward and began to do battle against the Unending One!

To his surprise, his mother was doing far better than Nyxie! While Ves was still trying to recover from all of the shocks to his spirit, he could still see how she was putting the Unending One through his paces.

Strangely enough, Ves sensed that his mother was significantly weaker than the tentacled whale. What actually gave her ability to contend against the dark god was that her utilization of power was far more refined than he had ever seen from any powerful spiritual entity!

Her ragged robe stirred as she lifted her clawed and scaled hands. After contorting her fingers in various shapes, a dozen giant vines appeared from in front of her and shot towards her target.

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