3646 'Special Technologies'

So far, the Vulcan Symposium did not match anyone's expectations.

The guests who attended the hastily-organized event were surprised by what they saw.

Fortunately for the Larkinsons, the visitors generally responded with delight rather than disappointment.

For an organization which originally came from the galactic rim, the clan exhibited plenty of curiosities that could interest people from every part of human space.

While it was hard for the clansmen to explain the greater benefits of living mechs, it was incredibly easy for anyone to experience their characteristic glows.

A lot of professionals saw great uses in the properties of certain mechs. The duty-oriented glow of the Solemn Guardian, the disorientation-oriented glow of the Ferocious Piranha IB1 and the death-oriented glow of the Valkyrie Redeemer were especially intriguing to third parties.

"Is this marauder mech for sale?" A female mech commander asked.

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