6 Six

Sehun actually kinda hated school.

Well, not really. The school cafeteria sold some really nice tacos so it wouldn't be fair to say that. To be precise, he hated classes. And it didn't help that his math teacher was the most boring, monotonous human being and coupled with boring, monotonous trigonometry, all Sehun wanted to do was dig his own grave. He sighed as he doodled at the back of his math note book, completely ignoring the lecture. He'd just have to read the text book later and he'd understand everything in a couple of minutes anyway.

Sehun had this habit of doodling at the back of all his notebooks. Whether it was random shapes, letters, graffiti, faces, or just eyes. He really liked drawing people's eyes and he found himself doing it a lot without even realizing. "Are you part of the illuminati or something?" Amber had asked with a grimace when she'd handed him his physics note book after having borrowed it for copying notes. Which happened quite often because Amber skipped so many days of school, it's surprising she wasn't expelled. He chuckled to himself at the memory. The guy sitting next to him, Shownu, looked at him weirdly. Whatchu lookin' at, boy? Don't get all up in my business. Maybe you should worry more about getting those grades up instead of judging others.

Of course he couldn't actually say that, so he just continued drawing. A few minutes later, when he looked down at his drawing, he blinked. Usually, when he doodled, he didn't pay much attention to what he drew. It was like his hand had a mind of its own. And obviously it was thinking of Kai because he had drawn him. He blushed as he looked down at the sketch. It was rough, but it was definitely Kai. It was his eyes, his hair, his nose and his lips that were curled up into a smile. A smile Sehun had found himself thinking was absolutely gorgeous whenever Kai showed it to him.

He grinned to himself as he looked at the sketch.

"Shownu, could you please stop staring at Mr. Oh and pay attention, please?" The teacher drawled, catching Sehun's attention. He looked up to see an annoyed looking Shownu. A couple of students in the class giggled as they now had their attention on the two.

"Excuse me?! Mr. Oh here hasn't been paying attention for the past half an hour and you only notice me when I look at him because he's grinning to himself like a madman?"

The teacher blinked, looking between the two of them before shrugging, "I haven't seen anything." Perks of being smart, teachers hardly gave a shit when you aren't paying attention, Sehun thought smugly to himself.

"Really?!" Shownu groaned, "This is injustice. Injustice, I tell you!"

"You know what injustice is? Having your parents pay tuition fees only for you to end up with barely passing grades."

Oooh. Damn, teach.

The entire class burst out in a fit of laughter as a couple of students yelled, "Burnnnn," and "Get rekt," and some other weird internet terms that had Sehun ashamed to know he lived in the era where they existed.

Soon enough, with some chiding from the teacher, the classroom eventually calmed down and they went back to doing trig. Shownu kept giving Sehun weird looks every chance he got, which the other simply brushed off as he drew more Kai's on his page. Happy Kai, pouty Kai, sexy Kai, and even a Kai with makeup just because. He'd totally look good in makeup.

I'm being very creepy now, aren't I?


Kai was sitting at the lunch table with his friends as usual. Thankfully, Victoria didn't seem bothered at all about the previous night and it was like nothing ever happened. While he was glad the incident didn't put a dent in their relationship, a small part of him wanted to know what had her so panicked. He shook the thought off though. If Victoria wanted to tell him something, she would have and if she didn't, it was probably for good reason. He trusted her that much.

"Kai, what do you say we practice for another dance cover after school today?" Lay asked as they ate.

Kai frowned, "I was gonna go to the art club room after school though. How about tomorrow instead?"

Lay shrugged, "Fine with me. Though, I noticed you and Kris have been going there a lot these days."

"Well duh," Kris said, eating quickly as he wanted to go the art club room, "I'm a part of the club. Kai just goes there to hang out with that squirt."

"His name's Sehun," Kai said with a fake glare, making Kris shrug.

"Dude," Shownu spoke, looking at Kai seriously, "That guy is totally creepy, you should probably stop hanging around him."

"Why do you say that?"

"Yeah, and what was your deal back at math class?" Kris added.

"He was drawing you, Kai."

Victoria's eyebrows quirked up in interest just as Kai frowned, "What?"

"Yeah. I heard the guy giggling to himself so I looked at him. I found him smiling down at something he drew and I just kinda looked at it, and it was totally Kai's face. It was so creepy. I would have showed his notebook to the whole class but even I'm not that much of an asshole. The point is, he's weird and he's probably some serial killer or rapist who has his eyes set on you."

Kai just stared at him for a while. Sehun? He was drawing me in math class? And smiling?

Suddenly he burst out in a fit of laughter. Shownu just frowned at him in confusion.

"Dude, what's so funny?"

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"So what? He likes my face so he draws me. There's nothing creepy about that."

Shownu's jaw dropped, "So you're okay with this? You're not the least bit creeped out?!"

Creeped out? By Sehun? No, not a chance. He was the most adorable thing he'd ever seen. Even with his serial killer instincts and awkward social skills. Sehun was weird, in the best way. And the thought that he was drawing Kai actually made him sort of happy, to be honest. He wasn't sure why. He couldn't stop the smile that stretched across his lips.

"Nah, Sehun's harmless. Trust me."

He looked in Victoria's direction and found her staring at him with a weird look in her eyes. But it was gone the moment he noticed it and she smiled at him, shrugging.

"I trust Kai's judgment," she said and he smiled at her softly.

"Kay guys, nice conversation and all, but I gotta run," Kris stood up hurriedly. Despite the fact that Kyungsoo treated him like crap and threatened to kick him out of the club every chance he got, Kris still seemed to enjoy being in the club. Honestly, it was both dumb and admirable. It was obvious he had determination to chase his dreams and he wasn't going to give up no matter what. Good for him, Kai thought.

"And aren't you guys the least bit worried about Kris?" Shownu asked after he left, "He's been spending most of his time in that damn art club room and he's letting that little pikachu boss him around."

Lay rolled his eyes, "Let the guy be, man. He's happy this way."

"I'm starting to think he's a masochist," Shownu shuddered.

"Isn't it weird that Shownu, out of everyone, is actually kinda making sense here?" Victoria asked with a chuckle.

"Finally, someone agrees! Hey, what do you mean out of everyone?" He asked with a frown and she simply laughed, not bothering to answer. Shownu was always the dumb one out of them... well, right after Kris that was. He was your typical gym-oholic who cared way more about brawn than brains. He was the star basketball player and he had the looks. Girls were always lining up to date him. In all appearances, he was, put bluntly, a fuckboy. But in reality, he was actually a really sweet and caring guy who was sometimes overprotective and a little slow. Beefcake was the best way to describe him.

"It's so comical though. A little guy like Kyungsoo bossing that giant around," Lay said, laughing. He was the more laid back one, and he looked high most of the time. It wasn't like he actually was though, it was just something about his face. He was a reliable guy and he loved dancing. His parents fully supported his dream and he was getting into performing arts once he was done with school. Kai admired the guy but was also a little envious of him.

He wasn't even allowed to consider dance as a career because his future was already set out for him. It didn't even upset him because he simply accepted the fact that it was impossible, and that dance would always just be a hobby. Besides, he wasn't nearly as passionate about it as Lay was. He actually put in all the hours and the energy into honing his art, and never stopped working hard.

Lunch break ended soon after that and Kai went though the rest of his classes like a ghost, looking forward for school to end so he could hang out with Sehun. He was thinking of inviting him over to his place that day, too.

After school, Sehun was in the Art club room and unsurprisingly enough, Kai showed up. It seemed like it was becoming a bit of a routine, not that Sehun was complaining. He actually liked the company. But then again, maybe that was just because he liked Kai. Thankfully, Amber didn't show up at school that day so he didn't have to worry about their little cold war.

Sometimes Amber was just way too overprotective.

"Weren't the competition results coming out today?" Kai asked as they made their way out of the school building to his motorcycle after they'd spent an hour up in the art club room.

"Yeah, they'll be out online. At 6pm." Sehun answered, yawning.

"Cool... Why don't you come over?"

Sehun froze and looked at Kai blankly, "Over to your place?"

Kai shrugged, "Yeah. You invited me last time so it's only fair."

"Does that mean I have to meet your parents?"

"And my sister."

"Oh," Sehun nodded, "Actually, I think I had something to do at hom-"

Kai laughed, pulling Sehun over to his motorcycle, "I'm not taking no for an answer. Besides, all you have to do is say hi. We'll stay up in my room most of time."

For some reason that made Sehunn blush, but he quickly shook his head, "No, you don't get it. I don't talk to people. I can't even ask the dude at KFC for more ketchup, let alone impress your parents."

Kai burst out laughing, "Oh man, it's worse than I thought. Hey, don't worry. There's a chance dad won't even be home and mom will probably be holed up in her room summoning Satan or whatever she does up there."

Sehun's eyes widened, but Kai held up his hand before he asked anything.

"I was being sarcastic. Now come on, let your mom know you'll be hanging out with me today."

"If I die, I'm going to kill you."

"Yeah, yeah, you wouldn't be Sehun if you didn't throw death threats at me all the time."

Sehun grinned and the two got on the motorcycle, driving to Kai's house that Sehun was yet to see. They stopped at a Subway along the way to get two footlongs, Kai insisting on treating him and Sehun easily giving in because who doesn't love a treat?

Sehun's jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw Kai's house because holy shit, that is one nice ass villa. What the hell. It's not even fair.

"This is me," Kai sighed as they made their way to the front door.

"You never told me you were loaded," Sehun blurted, making Kai chuckle.

"Technically my parents are," he shrugged as they walked in. Sehun admired the interior of the house. It was simple yet modern. There were a couple of classical paintings hung up on the walls and it was like porn to Sehun's artistic eye.

"Dude, can I make love to your house?"

Kai burst out laughing again. He sure did that a lot when Sehun was around. He didn't even think the guy intentionally tried to be funny, but he was always so hysterical. Sehun stared at him in confusion, eyebrows furrowed. "Sehun, you say the weirdest things." Kai spoke in between laughs.

"Who's wheezing over there? Should I call an ambulance?" Lisa suddenly called as she turned the corner, freezing when she saw Kai and Sehun there. "Oh. Hello."

She scanned Sehun up and down, taking in his appearance and then looking at Kai questioningly. Sehun suddenly felt nervous at her presence and Kai noticed, quickly speaking up instead.

"Hey, sis. This is my friend, Sehun," he introduced.

"Your friend," she repeated thoughtfully and Kai could just see the cogwheels turning in her head. What the hell is Kai doing hanging out with the school nerd? "Sehun... Nice to meet you."

"Hi," he waved, biting his lip nervously. For some reason, he felt like he needed to impress Kai's sister.

A smile slowly spread across her lips as she made her way over, holding her hand out for a shake "I'm Lisa."

"And we're leaving," Kai smiled sweetly, grabbing Sehun's hand and pulling him over to the stairs. Lisa stared at their connected hands with an eyebrow cocked. She then shrugged and went over to the living room to watch some Spongebob.

Kai led the other boy up the stairs and towards his room. As he was about to open it, Sehun cleared his throat, making him look back at him with a frown.

"Um," he started, looking around shyly, "When are you planning to let go of my hand?"

Kai froze, looking down at their intertwined hands. What the... When did I even...? Huh? He quickly let go, turning to his door and blushing slightly. Okay, now why am I so flustered? I just held another dude's hand, it's not a big deal. Guys hold hands all the time, right?

No, not right.

"Uh, sorry," he muttered as he opened his door and led them inside. His room was nothing special, at least to Kai. It was just really spacious which was ideal for when he felt like dancing. There was a canopy bed in the middle with two nightstands, a walk-in closet, a huge full body mirror and a dresser.

"Wow," Sehun breathed, "You have a canopy bed. I'm so jealous."

Kai smiled as he watched the other walk forward and throw himself down on Kai's bed.

"This is the life," he sighed happily, a blissful look on his face, "I hope you don't mind that I'm gonna live here from now on."

Kai laughed, "Not at all. Come on, let's eat."

Sehun quickly sat up as Kai passed him one of the subs, sitting down at his desk chair.

"Tho," Sekai said, voice muffled as he was wearing, "Tell me about yourthelf."

Kai cocked a brow, "You know it's common manners not to talk with your mouth full."

Sehun didn't say anything, swallowing before sticking his tongue out at Kai. "Don't tell me what to do. And I said tell me about yourself."

Kai shrugged, "There's nothing to say. I'm the most boring person there is."

"You're not boring," Sehun quickly said, "Besides. I realized you hardly ever talk about yourself. I barely know anything about your family, your interests, hobbies, future plans and you don't even talk about yourself. If we're gonna do this whole friendship business I should at least know you."

Honestly, Kai hated talking about himself and he always purposefully avoided it. He just thought there was nothing interesting about his life. He preferred listening to other people talk.

"What do you want to know?" Kai asked before taking a bite out of his sub.

"Let's see... Your birthday?"

"January 12. Yours?"

"April 14. Height and weight?"

"What is this, a doctor's appointment?"

Sehun simply glared at Kai, making him sigh and answer, "Six feet. 68kg."

"Body mass index?"

Kai groaned, "Seriously?"

"Alright that's fine, I'll just calculate it later."

"You gonna add it to my dating profile?"

"Look I know you wanna date me and all but I'm really not interested in you like that."

Kai wasn't even surprised. He was just used to Sehun saying things like that. Sometimes he really couldn't figure out if the guy was insecure or just downright arrogant. Whatever it was, he found it amusing.

"Aw," Kai pouted, "Not even a little bit?"

"Nope. You're not my type."

"What is your type?"

Sehun looked deep in thought for a moment. "I prefer someone more down to earth. Kawaii in the streets, hentai in the sheets kinda guy, ya know?"

Kai almost spit out the food in his mouth because one, he knew anime terms? Two, 'hentai in the sheets?' And three, 'GUY?'

"Wait, you're gay?"

Sehun shrugged, "Uh... yeah? You got a problem with that?"

"No, not at all," he stammered, "I was just... surprised."

"Wait a minute, we were supposed to be talking about you! You manipulator!"

Kai laughed softly, taking another bite of his sub, "My apologies. Ask away."

"What's your hobby?"

"I like dancing, as you already know. Watching YouTube videos. Anime." Usually Kai wouldn't tell anyone that. Heck, even Victoria didn't know he was a lowkey anime fanboy. But he felt like Sehun wouldn't make fun of him. And indeed, he didn't, simply nodding and thinking over what to ask him next.

"Favourite Colour?"

"Really? Hot pink."

"Oh my God, mine too!" Sehun squealed, before quickly composing himself at the blank look Kai gave him. "You just did that sarcasm thing again didn't you?"

Kai couldn't help but cackle, unable to deal with Sehun's cuteness anymore. He glared at him, grabbing the nearest thing he could, which happened to be a teddy bear on his nightstand, and threw it at Kai.

"You are such a dick! And why do you have a teddy bear anyway?!"

Kai grinned, looking down at it after having caught it. "Victoria gave it to me when we were in primary school. I kept it ever since."

Sehun couldn't help but notice the soft smile on Kai's lips as he talked about his girlfriend. It was clear he really loved her. Which kind of irked Sehun, but he wasn't going to say that.

"You knew Victoria since primary school?"

"Yeah. She gave it to me on my birthday. It was her favorite teddy bear back then."

"She must have really liked you then."

"Oh she was crushing on me big time," Kai laughed, "I never thought we'd get together, but I'm glad we did. You know... I dated quite a few girls before her. It always started out great but every single time, I found myself falling out of love with them. The longest relationship I had before Victoria was like, four months. I was almost at a point where I didn't believe in love anymore. But with her it's just... different. My feelings for her grow every single day. She's just so understanding and down-to-earth. I know it's kinda sappy but... I keep thinking about how I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with her."

Sehun stared at Kai, feeling somewhat glad that he had someone he loved so much, and that he opened up to him about it. Despite the fact that Kai talked a lot and was social, he hardly ever talked about his private life, but it seemed like he was finally letting Sehun in and it honestly made him happy.

Yet at the same time, he couldn't help but feel a sting in his chest.

She's so lucky to have him. Sehun found himself thinking. Ugh, I'm so lonely.

"Uh... sorry," Kai blushed, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, "I got a little carried away there."

"No, it's okay. I'm... glad you told me that."

Sehun smiled at the other boy softly and Kai felt the warmth spread in his chest.

"And... I don't think you're boring at all. You should talk about yourself more often."

Kai blushed again, looking away from Sehun. Why was he feeling bashful all of a sudden? Yet, he felt relieved and warm all over. It felt great to be finally opening up to someone without feeling like he was forced to. When he was with Sehun, he felt like his lips moved on their accord. The words spoke by themselves without him even realizing it.

The room was quiet for a while as the two finished their subs. Sehun cleared his throat awkwardly and looked at his watch before gasping.

"It's 6:03! The results are out!" He scrambled out of the bed and made it to Kai's desk, quickly turning on his laptop.

Kai stood up and let Sehun sit down instead, looking down at the screen as the other typed in a website into the address bar. He bit his lip, browsing around before clicking on the contest's result page.

Kai was shocked when he suddenly grabbed onto his hand tightly, waiting for the page to load and closing his eyes. He stared down at their connected hands, feeling a certain warmth fill him. It felt nice to know that the Sehun who was so nervous to even look at him the first time they met now trusted him enough to grab onto his hand for support. If it was Kris or Shownu who did it, he would be totally disgusted but with Sehun it just felt... nice.

"Kai, I can't look. You read it." Sehun mumbled, eyes still closed. The other boy chuckled and at that moment he felt the odd urge to just kiss his forehead. He quickly shook off the thought, mentally smacking himself for it. He then looked at the page and scrolled down a little to find the contest winners' names.

His eyes widened.

"Sehun... I'm sorry..."

"What? What happened?!" He yelled, panicked.

Kai sighed in disappointment, lightly pressing Sehun's hand.

"They spelled your name wrong."

"What?" Sehun opened his eyes and stared at his name written in the rankings. He was in first place, but his name was spelled 'Oh Sehoon.'

"I won," he blinked.

"Well... It might be another dude named Oh Sehoon."

"No, this is my drawing alright. I-I really won!"

Kai grinned, "Of course you did."

Sehun stood up, a huge smile plastered on his face. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around Kai and hugged him tightly, digging his face into his shoulder. Kai was taken by surprise at the sudden warmth as Sehun jumped up and down excitedly, squealing.

"I fucking won! Hell yes! That'll be 20 bucks, Amber!"

Kai simply laughed and hugged Sehun back, feeling just as victorious and happy as Sehun since he was actually involved in the process.

"Thank you so much, Kai," he said as he leaned back to look at Kai. The latter felt his heart skip a beat at the way his eyes were shining up at him with so much sincerity. It was a side of Sehun he was yet to see and he felt like his breath had been taken away for a moment there.

"Geez what's with all the commotion you gu-" Lisa paused at the door, staring at the two. Their arms were still wrapped around each other and they were standing so close, faces only mere inches apart until they both looked back a Lisa.

Sehun quickly pulled away, blushing a bright crimson red. She simply stood there and stared at them blankly for a while before finally speaking up.

"Can I watch?"

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