4 Four

Kai was honestly surprised when he saw Sehun at the dojo. He was dressed in a black karategi and it was the first time Kai had seen him without his glasses. He seemed like a completely different person, looking surprisingly serious and strict with the students. It was obvious he took martial arts very seriously. And not to mention, those moves though. His kicks, his form, his flexibility, his speed... everything about him was just stunning. And Kai meant that in the least gay way possible. But he had do admit, Sehun did look attractive and in his element, a thin sheen of sweat covering his body. Had someone said a few days ago that this was the Sehun at school who basically never stood out and looked like the most stereotypical nerd in the history of high school, he would have laughed at their face.

He watched the class from the side for a good half hour, which seemed to go by fairly quickly before the lesson ended. Kai watched as Sehun talked to the Sensei for a minute, bowing politely before putting on his glasses. And just like that he seemed to transform back into the usual, dorky, weird Sehun that Kai knew. As he was walking out of the room, he noticed Kai and paused.

"You actually came." He mumbled.

"Yup, I said I would stop by," Kai grinned, "You were awesome out here."

Sehun blushed and looked down at his feet shyly, "Thanks."

"So, what do you wanna do today?"

"Well, I need to go home and shower first.." he said, deep in thought before his eyes suddenly lit up. "How about you join mom and I for lunch at my place? Then we can chill... and stuff... I don't know, isn't that what you kids do these days? Damn this sounded a lot cooler in my head..."

"You sound like a grandpa," Kai chuckled, making the other boy glare at him. "But sure... that's fine with me." Kai had to admit he was lying about that. He got really nervous when meeting parents. He felt like they were judging him for every single word and that if he slipped up and said or did something inappropriate, they'd hate him forever and make sure their kid never came within a ten mile radius from him.

Nonetheless, they left the dojo together and got on Kai's bike, which was becoming and all too familiar practice for Sehun. He wasn't complaining though, he didn't even like riding in cars anymore and he low-key got excited whenever he was about to get on Kai's bike. It just made him feel so... gangsta. And he liked smirking creepily at other people in their cars when they stopped at a traffic light, thinking psh, look at all these peasants in their low class vehicles. Cars are for the weak.

Kai parked his bike outside Sehun's apartment complex ten minutes later, the two of them getting off as Kai let out a nervous sigh, which didn't go unnoticed by Sehun.

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"You okay?"

"Y-Yeah... I just get a little nervous around parents."

"Oh," Sehun nodded slowly, he could relate. Until this day he always got the shivers whenever he had to talk to Amber's parents, even though they were really nice and he already met them so many times. Parents are just scary, man. "If it helps my mum is like really nice and really easy to impress. I mean, she already thinks you're hot."

Kai lifted a brow, "What?"

"You know, from the drawing I showed her."

"Oh... So your mom thinks I'm good-looking? That's comforting," he laughed, and Sehun couldn't help but smile as well. Kai had a very pleasant, contagious smile when he wasn't faking it. That's a face I'd like to draw. He found himself thinking.

"Prepare your body," Sehun said sternly as they got into the elevator, "Mom can get a little touchy... but I promise she's harmless. And also for a nice-ass meal because my mum's second to none in the kitchen."

"Can't wait," Kai breathed, "What about you? Can you cook?"

"I can make tea, does that count?"

Kai laughed, relaxing a little. I mean, how bad could the woman who brought up this adorable cinnamon roll be?

Sehun unlocked the door to his apartment and the two boys walked in, Kai examining the hallway they were in. It was nothing special, a couple of antiques here and there but there were lots of paintings hung up on the walls.

"Shoes off," Sehun ordered, making Kai jump slightly. He nodded and unlaced his sneakers.

"Are these yours?" He asked, gesturing to the paintings.

"Some of them," Sehun answered, "Most of them are mom's."

Kai nodded, taking in the new information. Like mother like son, huh? The art ranged from abstract art to realism. Kai noticed from the paintings in the art club room that Sehun usually prefered drawing people and realistic landscape, so he could only guess the mom drew the more abstract stuff.

"Mom! I'm back! And I brought a friend!" Sehun yelled loudly, his voice resonating across the entire apartment.

"Welcome home!" A female voice called back and a lady walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron. She was a beautiful lady, Kai noted, who didn't look a day over twenty-five. She had the same chocolate brown hair as her son and warm brown eyes, her lips curled up into a welcoming smile. She seemed surprised to see Kai.

"Oh... You have a friend that's not Amber." She noted with a small chuckle, walking up to Kai and smiling at him kindly, "Hey. I'm Sehun's mum, but you can just call me Hazel."

"Hi," Kai replied nervously, "I'm Kai."

"You know, you look awfully familiar..." she narrowed her eyes in concentration, before they lit up a few seconds later, "You're the guy who modeled for Sehun! I knew I saw that handsome face somewhere!" She beamed before wrapping Kai up in a warm hug, leaving him mildly surprised.

"Um... Thank you."

Sehun rolled his eyes, "Kay, mum, stop creeping the guy out."

She pulled back flicked her son across the forehead, making the boy let out a childish "Ow." Kai chuckled as he watched them, feeling a little warm. They seemed to have a really good relationship, something he didn't really have with his own parents. His mum was kind but his dad was really uptight, even with his own kids.

"Go get a shower already, you're all sweaty and gross."

Sehun stuck his tongue out at his mother, "I was going to anyway. Come on, Kai."

Kai chuckled, following Sehun down the hallway to his room. Before they could enter, Hazel added, "And don't molest your new friend."

Sehun blushed a deep red as Kai found himself laughing. "Mom!"

"Sorry, sorry," she giggled, going back into the kitchen.

"Don't listen to her, she's a crazy woman," Sehun told the other boy as the two walked into the room.

"Aw don't say that, your mum's nice."

Sehun rolled his eyes, "For a witch."

Kai simply smiled as his eyes scanned Sehun's room. Surprisingly enough, the room was quite messy. Not that Kai minded, but he always thought Sehun would be the tidy type. There were a couple of paintings and pictures on the walls, a single bed, a desk and a sliding door cupboard. It was a pretty regular looking room, but very personalized and quite cozy.

"Welcome to my humble abode," Sehun muttered as he painstakingly pulled some clothes out of his closet, which was a huge mess of clothes strewn over each other. He just couldn't manage to keep the damn thing tidy no matter how many times his mother told him to fold his clothes neatly.

"It's pretty nice," Kai said, flopping down on his bed, legs spread out front of him and his arms folded behind his head. This is one soft bed. Yum, these pillows smell nice. Kai thought to himself.

Sehun walked towards his bathroom, looking back at Kai, "I'm going to take a shower."

"'Kay. I'll just hang around here."

Sehun nodded, moving to enter the bathroom but stopping once more, looking back at Kai, "And you better not touch the second drawer in my desk or I'm gonna have to cut out your organs and sell them to the mafia."

Kai cocked a brow, "Well that's morbid."

Sehun continued to give the other a wide-eyed stare, which kind of reminded him of that one Indian teacher they had that always gave the students that death glare whenever they messed up. The resemblance was as uncanny as it was amusing.

"I'm serious."

Kai rolled his eyes, "Fine, fine. Second drawer's off limits."

Sehun nodded in approval and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Kai was left to look at Sehun's room more thoroughly. Rows upon rows of medals and certificates for his academic achievements were on display on his wall. There were also a couple of medals and trophies from martial arts competitions and art competitions as well. Wow... talk about an over-achiever, Kai thought back to the few flimsy medals he had from basketball competitions but that was all he had.

Sehun also had a lot of childhood pictures as well as pictures with his mother hanging from threads stretching across the wall. Geez, even his wall looks like art. Sehun's room might have been small and a little crowded, but it said a lot about him, which made Kai think back to his plain old room at home. I should really decorate more.

His eyes eventually landed on a little sketchbook on Sehun desk and he made his way to it, taking a look through the pages. A lot of them were filled with random doodles and graffiti-esque drawings that he thought were really impressive. Others were rough pencil sketches of people or places. He even recognized some people and scenery from school, Amber being one of them. Kai found himself awe-struck, because though it didn't seem like Sehun put a lot of effort into these drawings, they were still so gorgeous. Heck some were even incomplete but they looked great. He kept turning the pages before stopping on one. It looked like Sehun had made three different attempts at drawing someone on that one page, and he couldn't help but stare at the very familiar face.

Is that... me?

Kai thought the sketches did look a lot like him, but not quite. The eyes were definitely his. So Sehun had tried drawing me before? Maybe he should have been creeped out but he wasn't... he was flattered if anything. He looked at the date at the corner, as it seemed Sehun had a habit of putting a date on whatever he drew, and it was a good two weeks ago. Far before he modeled for him.

The sound of the bathroom door suddenly opening made him jump slightly but Sehun didn't step out.

"Could you hand me a towel?" He asked, his hand stretching out of the bathroom door.

Kai chuckled, "Sure, from where?"

"In my dresser, third drawer."

Kai nodded and pulled out a towel from said drawer before making his way to the bathroom where Sehun was hiding behind the door.

"Here ya go."


Kai happened to catch a small glimpse of white, fair skin just before Sehun shut the door. So he's shy? That's cute.

Sehun walked out a few minutes later in an oversized sleeveless sweatshirt and black track pants, his brown hair damp and sticking to his forehead. Kai had to admit... he looked attractive fresh out of the shower. His ams were fair and surprisingly muscular and well toned. Kai always pictured him to have a typical lanky body and his oversized clothes only complimented that fact. It made sense though, the boy did martial arts so he had to have a good amount of muscle.

"What're you staring at?" Sehun asked, blinking. Kai simply shrugged, not willing to admit that he was kinda, sorta checking him out. But not in like a gay way. It's just that sometimes, when you see something nice, you just gotta take a moment to appreciate it.


Sehun simply stared at him blankly before his eyes shifted behind Kai and they widened. He quickly shuffled to the open sketchbook on his desk and turned to Kai.

"Did you look at this?"

"Uh-huh," Kai responded nonchalantly, "You're like, really good at art, ya know? You got my nose wrong there though."

He blushed, quickly closing the book, "Who said it was you..."

Kai lifted a brow, "I've known you long enough to know you're a lot of things. But a liar is not one of them."

Sehun's blush deepened and he looked down at his feet, sighing in defeat. I've been caught creeping. Might as well be honest. "W-Well... I'm usually good at drawing people from just seeing them. But it didn't work with you so... That's why these sketches kinda suck. Ugh, this is embarrassing." He covered his face, "I'm gonna lose all my street cred."

Kai looked at Sehun blankly. Wait so... Is he more embarrassed about the fact that the sketches weren't perfect than the fact that I found out he was trying to draw me for a while? Oh Sehun... you are one piece of work.

"Ugh, you saw all my crappy sketches. I could kill you but... Where would I hide the body?" He mumbled to himself.

"Whoa whoa whoa, your serial killer instincts are showing," Kai held his arms out in front of him defensively. "Before you karate chop me to death, how about we have some lunch first?"

His eyes immediately lit up at the mention of lunch as if he completely forgot their conversation and he nodded vigorously.

"Oh yeah, I'm starving! And you gotta know, mom's lasagna does not fuck around."

Kai lifted a brow. That was the first time Sehun swore in front of him and he couldn't help but be a little taken back. Thinking back to the first day he met Sehun, he seemed so timid, downright skittish. He really had opened up a lot since then.

As the two walked out into the living room, the doorbell rang. Sehun frowned as he made his way to the front door and unlocked it.

"Amber? Why are you here?" he asked.

"I'm hungry, duh."

"Oh hey, Amber!" Hazel greeted as she walked out of the kitchen, "Came to join us for lunch today?"

"Sup, Hazel. And yep, you know I always come back for your cooking," Amber grinned as she walked past Sehun, but froze as she saw Kai standing there.

"Kim Kai? What're you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too," Kai chuckled, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed as Amber glared at him.

Sehun cleared his throat behind her, grabbing her attention. "I... um, I invited him."

Amber stared at him incredulously, "You invited him." She repeated sarcastically, "Do you mean he invited himself?"

"Nope I mean I invited him. Speaking of which, no one invited you," Sehun said, glaring at her and sticking his tongue out.

"Burn," Hazel muttered, making Kai chuckle.

"Don't you get sassy on me, art boy. Forgot who killed that lizard in your room while you were too busy screeching and jumping up and down on your bed?"

"Alright, alright, ladies. Lunch is ready. Why don't you all go ahead and sit at the table?" Hazel interrupted, amused at the whole scene. It wasn't often that Sehun invited anyone other than Amber over and she was obviously not taking too kindly about the situation.

Sehun rolled his eyes at Amber and made his way into the living room, leaving her to glare at Kai.

"Hey, don't even think about stealing my best friend away from me. I'll cut you."

"What is it with you two and throwing death threats around?" Kai laughed. Amber wasn't very amused though and simply ignored him, walking past him into the living room after Sehun.

"I warned you."

Kai smiled to himself. Maybe he was supposed to feel threatened or annoyed or something, but he really was just amused. What a weird duo. As far as he could see, the two had hardly anything in common... apart from the sass, that was. Yet, they were really close. Their friendship was almost enviable.

Kai soon joined them on the dinner table and it wasn't long before they started having lunch, which was absolutely delicious. Amber and Sehun kept bickering at the table about something or another, while Sehun's mother simply chuckled, obviously used to them doing that. Kai was mostly quiet, unless he was asked a question, but he oddly felt comfortable and right at home with these people. It was actually a lot of fun just sitting there and listening to them talk and bicker.

After lunch, Kai got a call from Victoria. He excused himself and made his way to the hallway before answering her.

"Hey," he greeted.

"Don't hey me, where the hell are you?"

Kai frowned, "I'm at Sehun's place. Why? You sound mad."

"Not shit. I've been waiting for you here for the past twenty minutes, and you haven't been answering any of my messages. Did you forget we were supposed to meet today?"

Kai's eyes widened as he remembered. They had planned a date at the cafe at two that day but he had completely forgotten about it.

"Oh shit, babe, I'm so sorry. It completely slipped my mind. I'll be there in ten."

She sighed, "It's fine. I can just call Krystal if you're busy."

Kai felt a pang of guilt when she said that. Victoria was always so kind and patient, and she hardly ever got mad at him. But at the same time that made him feel even more guilty when he did something to upset her.

"No, I'm not. I was just hanging out with Sehun and Amber and we just had lunch. And don't you move your butt an inch because I'll be right there in five minutes."

"If you insist," she chuckled, "Take your time though. I don't want you getting into an accident or something. Besides, I can just stare at this hot guy sitting a couple of booths over while I wait."

Kai widened his eyes, "Oh no you don't, I'll be right there. And you better stop checking him out this instant!"

She laughed out loud, "No can do. See you soon, baby," she said and hung up, making Kai groan. Yeah, he was very easily jealous and she was taking full advantage of that.

With a sigh, he made his way into the living room where Amber and Sehun were sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"Ew, look at that, they just woke up and they're already sucking each other's faces. Like seriously, morning breath, anyone? I don't even like talking to anyone in the morning unless after I brush my teeth, let alone make out with someone," Sehun ranted at the couple on the screen, making Amber chuckle and nod.

"I know, right. It's fucking gross."

"Language!" Hazel reprimanded.

At that moment, Kai really wished he could just stay and hang out with Sehun and Amber some more. But he quickly brushed the thought away when he remembered that Victoria was waiting for him. And was possibly staring at some other guy. No, no, no. I need to get there right now.

Kai cleared his throat, catching their attention. "Hey guys. I'm sorry but I'll have to leave."

Amber scoffed, "Good riddance."

Sehun smacked her on the shoulder before turning to Kai. For a second, Kai thought he saw disappointment in his eyes, as if he wanted him to stay.

"Leaving already?"

"Yeah," Kai scratched the back of his head, "I kinda forgot I had a date with Victoria today."

Amber's face visibly darkened at that for some reason and she turned back to the TV, her back to Kai. Huh... What's up with that? She had been hostile to Kai the whole day but she suddenly seemed really upset. He wasn't going to ask though.

"Oh," Sehun nodded slowly, "Okay. Bye then."

"Let's hang out again soon."

"How about no." Amber said without sparing Kai a glance, making him roll his eyes.

"See you guys around."

After saying goodbye to Sehun's mother, he finally left the building and took off on his bike, trying his best to get to the cafe as quickly as possible. He ended up making it there in record time and quickly took off his helmet,spotting Victoria through the windows of the cafe. She looked gorgeous as usual, her black locks let down, her eyes focused on a book in her hands. She was dressed in a simple white chiffon button up shirt and blue skinny jeans. He found himself smiling as soon as he saw his girl.

But for some reason, that disappointed look on Sehun's face when he had been leaving flashed in his mind and he found himself a little uneasy. He quickly shook the thought away though as Victoria looked up to meet his eyes and glared at him playfully, a small smile playing on her lips.

Yeah, I shouldn't be thinking of Sehun right now.

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