The Master of Multiverse (Tensura) Book

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The Master of Multiverse (Tensura)


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After 5 trillion years of peace in the reincarnation world Militia, the universe is about to come to a natural end. As the entire reality is destroyed, the only person who survived this ordeal is Anos Voldigoad, who decided that it was best if he created a new multiverse. However, due to creating this multiverse, which put a lot of strain on his body and depleted his mana dangerously low, he entered a deep sleep for about 20,000 years to recover. What would happen when he wakes up in this new world and goes on an adventure with a certain slime in a certain forest? There is only one way to know. Read and follow Anos on his new journey. I do not own any of the characters. It is just a fanfic that I thought would be so much fun, and I didn't find any stories similar to this one. Notice: This will be a slow-update story. I am also thinking of starting a YouTube channel. From April 2022, that is. ------------------------ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd9gI1GVR5O1orwDG7WNemg


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