3 Chapter 3: In The Great Forest of Jura

~~~~~ Anos' POV~~~~~

"Well, I will be in the second Universe, I will see you in three years from now. Take care Rimuru", I said and teleported to my Dimension. I think Rimuru will have a hard time trying to gain control of the entire Earth. Due to his kind heart, I doubt that he will ever attack any country. This will be the perfect test for him to overcome, meanwhile, I came to the Omni Realm (a realm situated outside the concept of Space, Time, and Dimensions.) because even when only using an infinitesimal amount of my power, the Multiverse itself starts cracking and I had to continuously repair it. I think making a homunculus is the best option to safely travel in 'this' Multiverse without destroying it.

So, creating a homunculus that can only handle an infinitesimal amount of my power. I left my real body in a comfortable bed and transferred my consciousness to the homunculus and started appraising it, this body can still beat an individual with a power greater than about 69 centillion times the power of Veldanava with relative ease. In the next step, I am using 49.99999% of my mana available in this body to destroy the remaining 49.99999% mana in this body. This leaves me with about 0.00002% of mana and I am still about an octillion times stronger than Veldanava. From the remaining 0.00002%, I do the same thing that I did before, I use 49.99999% of the remaining mana and destroy 49.99999% of the remaining 0.00002%, after repeating that about a million times I feel like this level of mana should not destroy the world. But I can still only use about 2% of my remaining mana without destroying the Multiverse that I created.

With all that settled, I teleported above the atmosphere of Arber while completely destroying my presence so that no one can sense me. Now the only thing to think about is where I should start my new adventure? The perfect one to answer this question is of course the Voice of the World (VotW).

"Yo VotW, you've got a moment?" I asked nonchalantly to no one in particular.

[I was made to serve you, My Lord. It would be my honor to be of service to you.] It answered in its usual tone, but this Voice of the World seriously reminds me of Shin Regalia, the both of them give me too much respect.

"Well, I was wondering where would be the best spot to start my adventure on Arber," I said while floating in space.

[I would recommend starting in The great Forst of Jura, it is situated on the Magical Continent and currently, no one is ruling over that land. The ruler of that land is blocked by a seal and cannot escape.] It informed me of all the necessary information in one go.

"Well then let me start there," and just like that, I teleported to the highest magical presence in the Great Forest of Jura. As the scenery changed before my eyes, I was now standing in a cave, and in front of me is a dragon that is mumbling something about 'boredom' and 'the Great Storm Dragon', ignoring his mumbling I let out an intentional cough to get his attention.

When he looked at me, his eyes grew wide and he straightened his back before coughing two times to check his voice perhaps? Never mind that the weird Dragon then started shouting loudly as the entire cave started to shake.

"HOU!! A VISITOR, IT IS NICE TO MEET YOU, I AM THE MIGHTY STORM DRAGON VELDORA ONE OF THE ONLY THREE TRUE DRAGONS ALIVE, KUHAHAHAHA," he shouted after which he started laughing loudly like a mad man. Yare Yare, another airhead. But I just went on with his act.

"Nice to meet you Veldora, My name is Anos Voldigoad. I was wondering if you would let me take control of the Great Forest of Jura," I asked in a perfectly calm manner, but the dragon seems too shocked to even answer my question. After taking some time and composing himself, he looked at me like I was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Before I answer your questions, let me first ask a few questions from you human," he said while smirking. So, he is going to judge me if I am worthy of inheriting his land? He didn't outright deny it. It will be much easier this way than to beat him into submission.

"Say human why are you not dead in such a highly concentrated magicule environment?" Veldora asked while rubbing his chin. Well, that makes sense. I destroyed my presence so he thinks I am a human.

"Well first off, I am a demon and not a human and I am just suppressing my presence," I said while sitting on a raised rock nearby.

"Why do you want The Great Forest of Jura?" Veldora asked his next question. He isn't as much of an airhead as I thought he would be.

"Well, I want to make my own nation and for that, I would require land. This is the only land that does not have any nation in it," I answered while waving my hand.

"Say, I will let you rule over Jura if you promise to come and talk to me from time to time. You see, I have been sealed in this cave for the past 300 years and in that time no one has come to visit me. As you might already know, the concentration of magicule here makes it difficult for most of the beings to even come near me. So, for the past 300 years, I have been very very lonely." Veldora told me his story while showing me the dragon version of puppy dog eyes.

"Well, I have a much better proposition. How about I free you from this seal on two conditions?" I asked while raising my two fingers in front of him.

"Hou!! Let's hear the conditions then. But can you really do it?" Veldora said excitedly, but his face changed to a sad expression after that thinking that I won't be able to break the unlimited imprisonment.

"Of course, I can do it. So, the condition is the following. Firstly, you will not rampage or attack anyone without my permission. Secondly, you will have to suppress your leaking magicules" I stated the two conditions upfront.

"HOU!! Bold of you to think that I will follow such conditions," he said while raising his haki.

"I can squash you like a bug if I want to," I said while looking at him with my magic eyes of chaotic destruction. Looking at him directly, the storm dragon froze and started cowering in fear, I only destroyed his haki and will. Deactivating my eyes and restoring the surrounding space that had started to crack apart, I spoke to Veldora in a very calm manner.

"So, will you agree to those conditions?" I asked while completely ignoring Veldora's trembling.

"Say, I have two questions," Veldora asked after calming himself down. I just nodded my head in acknowledgment.

"Firstly, if I suppress my magicules for too long then I will be like a ticking bomb ready to explode. What will you do about that?" he asked while rubbing his chin.

"Well, I will let you release your magicule in my pocket dimension from time to time," I said while simultaneously creating a pocket dimension in this Universe.

"How will I get rid of my boredom if I do not go on any rampage?" Veldora asked the second question once he was satisfied with the first one. This will be tricky to deal with. But since he likes speaking punchlines and acting like an airhead, I guess he will enjoy mangas. Thinking that I created the first volume of the dragon ball manga and gave it to Veldora for a test drive. But he was just confused once he took it.

"What is this?" he asked while looking at the book weirdly.

"A cure to your boredom, read it you will certainly find it interesting," I said with a smile. After that, I just sat there in silence for the next fifteen minutes by which point Veldora was completely engrossed in the manga. I just destroyed the manga to catch his attention.

"Instead of destroying things, I will let you read those. So, what do you say?" I asked while getting up from the rock since I knew that he would not refuse my offer.

"Yes, I will gladly accept that offer. Kuhahaha," Veldodra said proudly after which he started laughing. I just walked up to the unlimited imprisonment and flicked my finger at it completely shattering it in one go which caused Veldora's eye to almost pop out.

"Alright now that you are free, let me make a humanoid vessel for you," I said while making a human-shaped vessel strong enough to inhibit Veldora who casually possessed the vessel and its feature started to change. Veldora's human form has blond hair and is about two meters tall. Veldora's alterations to the body turned the face masculine, his ribbed body was exposed while he wore a cape and black baggy pants, and he also wore white and black gloves and boots.

After all, this was done, for the next month, Veldora practiced controlling his aura. We also talked about a lot of trivial things during our free time, I got to know that Veldanava had died after he lost most of his powers by having a child with a human named Lucia. I also told Veldora that I was the Demon King which is the highest-ranking you can go in demon nobility and Veldora believed me without a doubt. I had also put a barrier on this cave so no one will be able to sense the rapid fluctuation in Veldora's magicule. For the rest of the world, they would feel that the storm dragon has disappeared or is dead.

Finally, after about a month, Veldora was able to greatly suppress his magicule from leaking. Currently, he will be perceived as a relatively weak monster. With all the preparation done, I teleported both of us outside of the cave. We were just walking aimlessly while I was thinking of a base that I should have if I want to build a nation from scratch. But our aimless walk came to an end when we came face to face with a bunch of trembling goblins.

Currently, both me and Veldora are intentionally leaking some of our aura just to ward off some unwanted monsters attacking us. But the goblins seem to have made the courage to confront us for some unknown reason.

"Strong ones, Do you have any business ahead of here?" the leader of this group of goblins asked while holding his rusted blade in a defensive stance while shivering. Veldora only spared them a glance and then went back to reading his manga.

"Not particularly, I was just having a stroll in the forest," I answered nonchalantly. By the way for all those readers wondering, I am currently wearing a black shirt and white pants. Author-Kun has an impressive power of seeing through different realities, but I can clearly sense him. 'Author-Kun, you haven't shown my appearance to the readers yet have you?' I asked directly in Author-Kun's mind.

(Oh, I thought you would have noticed by now that I am watching you and writing my story. By the way, I haven't shown your appearance, I forgot. Wait a minute, I'll upload an image in the comments of this paragraph.) Author-Kun replied nonchalantly.

"It's like this, our village is right ahead and we felt two strong monster auras and immediately came here to investigate," the voice of the goblin brought me out of my talk with Author-Kun. After knowing that we wanted to do no harm they invited Veldora and me to visit their village since their elder would like to talk with us. Though it was a stretch to even call it a village, anyways when we met this old-looking heder he told us about the poor conditions of his village.

According to him, about a month ago their guardian deity had disappeared without a trace and since then many strong monsters have been trying to expand their land. This goblin village is being invaded by direwolves, who are about 100 in number while the goblins only have 60 people capable of fighting including women. In short, they wanted protection and this just gave me a good idea, since I wanted a base to start building a nation, wouldn't goblins be just fine? Alright, it's decided. But Veldora still had no care in the world and was just reading his manga, he seem too engrossed in it so I didn't disturb him.

"Alright, I have heard what I wanted to hear. If you guys become my subordinate then I am ready to help you, though keep in mind that I do not act kindly to my subordinates betraying me," I said all I had to say in one go. After a few moments of thinking the elder accepted my condition. Just then a howl was heard from a distance and the goblins in the village started panicking about their lives.

"What are you guys afraid of? As long as you are my loyal subordinate, I will protect you with my life." I said while getting out of the hut to calm the terrified goblins. With that, I told the old elder to take me to the wounded and left Veldora in the hut with his manga.

Arriving at the hut where the wounded were kept, all of them were in severe condition and some were even about to die. So, I just cast <Ei Sheal> on all the wounded simultaneously and all of them were healed in a split second. Seeing this miracle happening in front of their eyes, all the goblins again bowed in front of me.

"What magic!? Truly Anos Sama is the greatest!" the elder said while bowing. I just healed them though, never mind. For the rest of the day, I told the goblins to create a fence and basic defenses so that they can protect themselves. Though they would not need it, I do not want my subordinates to be useless and rely on me for everything. Just like that, I spent the rest of the day guiding the goblins in several tasks and helping them out where they cannot do it themselves, by now the sun has already settled and howling sounds can be heard in the distance.

Veldora has also come since there was no light for him to read manga anymore. I was the only one standing ahead of the fence, the rest were standing behind the fence and observing. Just then, multiple direwolves came rushing in front of me and stopped when I called out.

"Stop right there," I said. My words carry compulsion magic and so all the direwolves stopped even if they didn't want to.

"Listen up direwolves, If you leave right now then I'll spare your lives," I said casually.

"You're just a human, don't think that just some human fence can defend you from us, we are the mighty direwolves, this kind of wood is nothing when faced with our claws and teeth," the leader of the direwolves came in the front and analyzed what he saw. Well, I did give them a warning, and just because I am hiding my aura doesn't mean I'm a human.

The leader ran straight for me at full speed and jumped, he almost reached me, however.

"Die," my words were pointed at the direwolf leader, and like responding to my call the body of the direwolf leader fell to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. I just laced my words with compulsion magic and due to it his heart stopped beating and the nerve to his brain was severed.

"Now then, you can all submit or have the same fate as your leader," I said while looking at the remaining direwolves. There was silence for a second before all the direwolves bowed their heads in acknowledgment.

"We'll all submit to you!" all the direwolves shouted in unison.

Just like that, I had made some more new subordinates. With all that done, I told all the citizens to rest for the night since tomorrow I will be doing some announcements. With that, all the citizens went to sleep except me and Veldora. Currently, we were gazing at the night sky full of stars when suddenly Veldora asked a question.

"He Anos, were you acquainted with my big brother?" Veldora asked an interesting question.

"You could say that," I said looking at a constellation.

"So who was stronger between the both of you?" He asked an all too obvious question.

"Well, Veldanava was strong, but he was no match for me," I answer genuinely.

"You know, he once told all of us true dragons a strange story. That he was not the actual creator of this world and that he was just a person created by the actual creator. He also told us that creator's name." Veldora said with nostalgia.

"He had the same as you. At first, I always thought that he was just telling us some fairy tales since we were all small at that point. But now that I look back at it and have seen your strength firsthand. I feel like you are that person, am I wrong?" he asked with a serious look on his face. His Unique Skill: Investigator is really interesting, he has already connected the dots with the help of that skill.

"Well, I am the actual creator, but what you have seen up till now is far from my real power. By the way, keep this to yourself since I don't want people to start praying to me. I have come to this world to enjoy my time and build an empire. By the way, Veldora, behave as you always do around me okay?" I asked while looking at him.

"Kuhahaha, of course even if you are the creator. It doesn't change the fact that you are my sworn friend." Veldora said while laughing. Just like this, we spent the rest of the night chatting about petty things and before you know it, it was daytime so Veldora got busy reading his manga while all the other members of the village started organizing in a place where I have made a lavish trone for myself using <Iris>. Just like that, the meeting was about to start.


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