1 Chapter 1: Anos Voldigoad

~~~~~Anos' POV~~~~~

I am Anos Voldigoad. It has been 5 trillion years since I reincarnated back in my world. As I now look into the vast void around me remembering that in a matter of seconds my entire universe has died of old age and I was the lone survivor. I had been floating in this vast void of emptiness for a very long time, that is if the concept of time still exists in nothingness. The only thing that I was able to save is Aisha's source. During their last moment, Sasha and Misha fused so that they could have a better chance of surviving the collapse of our Universe the Silver Sea. I was just barely able to protect their source, but it will be pointless to reincarnate them since their source magic was not their strong suit, which means they won't have their memory. As I was holding Aisha's source and pondering over the question of what I should do, a very brilliant idea just popped into my head. 'Since My body is adept at destruction I cannot create a new multiverse, but if I fuse my source with Aisha's source things can change. My powers would just skyrocket and I would be able to use creation magic as easily as I use destruction magic, with which I will be able to create a multiverse!!' With that thought, I tried merging my source with Aisha's source, but there was a problem. The source in me was just too unstable to merge with any more sources. So, doing the next logical thing, I separated the source of Graham and threw it away. That was the main reason I was not able to combine my sources with others, after that ordeal, I merged my source with Aisha's source and the increase in power I got was unnatural. I myself was not able to sense to the upper limits of my power, but I just shrugged it off. If I had to guess, then I would say that I have far surpassed even the concepts of outerverse, and that is me lowballing my powers.

With this much power, I could just go back in time when my universe was still intact, and live a peaceful life there, but I knew that all of my subordinates were tired of living the same life for 5 trillion years including Sasha and Misha, they were just living so that I don't have to live alone. So, as a way of honoring their desires, I will let all of them rest in peace. Moreover, I had many interesting things to do. I concentrated my infinite mana to use the most powerful creation spell, that even the strongest God of Creations: Misha Necron of my Universe was only barely able to use for just mere seconds. The magic that no God of Creation was able to master.

This magic was called 'Iris De Omnia', which in simple terms meant 'The Creation of Everything'. But this magic had two complications.

1. Absurd usage of mana.

2. Creation based on intricate visualization.

But these two drawbacks hardly meant anything to me, and now that my source is very much adept at Creation, I can do it without a synch. Concentrating and visualizing how the Universe should look like, I am going for a two-layers of Universes one on top of the other like an onion. This would make my Multiverse. Visualizing everything from the laws to the concepts and the pattern of the galaxies in the two universes at the same time was what no God of Creation was able to achieve, but my brain capabilities far surpass any gods whatsoever. I even added a system that would govern all the laws of the Multiverse, since I did not want to create a God for every aspect of the world. It took me about ten seconds to finish all of this work and truth be told, I didn't feel tired at all. Anyway, in the first and inner universe, I created a galaxy called the milky way, in which there was a planet called Earth and this would be the only planet in the first Universe where I would create life. While on the second layer of the universe, I created 3 dimensions connected to the second universe itself. One dimension for the angels will be called the Heavenly Realm, the second dimension for the demons will be called the Demonic Realm or Hell and the final dimension for the spirits will be called the Spiritual Realm.

In the first universe, I was planning on keeping only humans, without the knowledge of demons, spirits, or any other race for that matter. I did this because I wanted to see how humans would evolve without anything out of the ordinary. So I created a male human and named him Adam and a female human and named her Eve and let them be on the newly built planet with forests, animals, and fruits.

For the second universe, I had different plans. Firstly I landed on the planet that would be called Arber which would be the only planet habitable by humans in the second Universe. I first made the laws governing this Multiverse in the following order:

1. The multiverse will be functioning on skills, resistances, and species abilities.

2. Magicule will be a highly diluted version of mana.

3. Demons and spirits will be living in the Demonic Realm and the Spiritual Realm respectively. Demons can be summoned by all races except for angels and spirits. If demons are given a material body they can stay on earth. Spirits will mainly be summoned by humans to protect themselves against demons.

4. Angels live in the Heavenly Realm. The only way to the realm of angels is by having the Ultimate Skill: Justice King Michael, this Ultimate skill also grants the user control over all angels.

5. Giving a name to an individual who either belongs to the demon, spirit, or monster species makes the individual evolve according to the amount of magicule held by the one naming said, individual.

After finalizing the functions of the multiverse, I activated the Voice of the World which will be overseeing everything in my newly created Multiverse. It is a completely emotionless and egoless entity that carries out its assigned tasks without fail like a computer program. I made its personality like this so that it wouldn't get attached to anything that might interest it, it is only loyal to me and me alone. Now I was only waiting for it to get completely conscious.

[What am I?] it asked only the most rational question, as it was programmed that way.

"Well hello there, you are the Voice of the World," I answered its questions calmly.

[What is the purpose of my existence?] the VotW asked the next most rational question it could find.

"Well you have several functions, let me explain from the start. Firstly you are an omnipresent being that will see over everything. You will be the voice of the Laws that are governing this Multiverse. The only time you will communicate with any individual is when an individual acquires a skill or undergoes an evolution." I went on to explain all the duties that the VotW should and should not do. After that was dealt with, I created an individual and named his species 'True Dragon' while also naming the individual himself 'Veldanava'. His personality was a bit on the jolly side and a little bit carefree, I was going to let Veldanava take the title 'The Creator' because I was not too fond of waiting for about twenty to thirty thousand years just so everything could be developed enough for me to enjoy it to the fullest. So, I am just going to dump all my responsibility to this guy and skip time for about thirty thousand years and then explore the many wonders of this Multiverse in its developed state.

Veldanava while in his humanoid form looked like an androgynous human of 5'10" with long purple hair, shining golden eyes, and rose beige skin, wearing a white loose inner and sleeveless black robes with golden border, white pants, and white shoes. A purple scarf hung around his neck which had golden embroidered edges and a brown belt.

While Veldanava was grasping his surroundings and sorting out the knowledge that I had stuffed in him, I was sitting on a large boulder in the middle of a forest on Arber. Soon, he was done sorting all the information and came to terms with everything that he currently knew, he looked at me and did a mini bow before finally, starting to talk.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Anos Voldigoad. I have a few questions, if you may be so kind as to answer them?" he said looking at me while I was just gazing off in the direction of the clouds.

"Ask away," I said while looking at him in acknowledgment.

"I cannot understand the reason why you would want someone else to act as the creator when you are the one that created this Multiverse," he asked while tilting his head in confusion.

"Well, it would be quite boring to roam on this planet for the first twenty to thirty thousand years, for me that is, you on the other hand would find it quite a sight to see as the world developed itself over the centuries. So, I am going to leave things in your care. I will be giving you two evolved versions of magicules. The first is 'turn null' with which you will be able to create new races, it is chaotic energy that can be used for both creation and destruction. The second is stardust, with this, you can boost your attacks and use it in your skills to make them stronger." as I was saying all this, Veldanava received all this power and he looked giddy at that aspect.

"Let me also give you some skills that will help you in your mission. Remember you have to create a lot of species that can live on this planet, also see to it that the planet does not get destroyed. The rest of the time what you do is none of my concern, you can do as you wish," I said and jumped off the boulder I was sitting on, at the same time, the VotW announced Veldanava's skills to him.

[Notice: Individual Veldanava has received skills from the Omni King

Intrinsic Skill: Magicule Breeder Reactor

Origin Skill: Information King Akashic Records

Ultimate Skill: Justice King Michael

Ultimate Skill: Covenant King Uriel ] the VotW said in a completely neutral voice.

After dealing with Veldanava and leaving him in the Magic continent, I teleported myself to the southern continent called El Dorado where I created a gate that would connect Hell to Arber. Entering the Demonic Realm, I created seven demons similar to how I created the Seven Elder Demon Emperors in my previous Universe. This time however I will not name them.

This time six out of the seven demons go by female appearance and only one demon has a male appearance. Though gender in spiritual beings like demons does not exist, so they can change their appearance to any gender that they desire. They all looked at each other and then looked at me questioningly.

"Who are you mister?" the white-haired girl asked.

"Yeah, and while you are answering tell us what we are?" asked the red-haired girl.

"Wait a minute will ya, I was thinking of a cool title for you guys," I said thinking if I should just give them the title 'Seven Elder Demon Emperors' again but decided against it. Just as I came up with a title for these seven demons, the red-headed girl dashed towards me to attack me, annoyed that I had just ignored her, but I just blocked it with a finger and pushed her back with a flick. Then I made a throne for myself since this explanation would take a long time.

"Hey don't ignore me, you bastard" the red-haired girl shouted as she was thrown back, but I just ignored her.

"Alright guys listen up, I am Anos Voldigoad and I am the one that created you guys with a drop of my blood each," I said as all 7 were now concentrated on my explanation, I went on to explain what demons are and that they must create demons with their magicules.

"So that is all the purpose of our lives?" asked the purple-haired girl.

"Not at all, this is just your side duty. The rest of the time you are free to do as you please," I answered her question.

"If I may sir?" the only male demon in the group asked respectfully. In response, I just nodded my head.

"Besides your name you didn't tell us anything about you." the black-haired demon said.

This began with an hour-long explanation of how I created this universe and then about the creation of Veldanava and all that stuff. Once I was done speaking, all 7 demons looked at me with awe-filled eyes.

"So anyway, you guys will be called the Seven Primordial Demons. Alright, now you guys need individual titles." I said and all of them looked at me expectantly.

"Alright, the title for the black primordial will be 'Noir', the title for the red primordial will be 'Rouge', the title for the blue primordial will be 'bleu', the title for the green primordial will be 'Vert', the title for the white primordial will be 'Blanc', the title for the purple primordial will be 'Violet', the title for the yellow primordial will be 'Jaune'," I said and got up ready to leave.

"Where are you going my liege?" the bleu asked.

"Oh, nowhere special, then I'll meet you guys in about twenty thousand years," I said and teleported to the heavenly realm where I created loads of angles without any ego that would just follow the person with Ultimate Skill: Justice King Michael, I also created 13 strong angles with ego and just left them there for Veldanava to deal with.

The last stop was the Spiritual Realm, where I created 8 egoless spirits namely, The Grand Spirit of Light, The Grand Spirit of Darkness, The Grand Spirit of Fire, The Grand Spirit of Water, The Grand Spirit of Wind, The Grand Spirit of Earth, The Grand Spirit of Space and The Grand Spirit of Time. I also created a Spirit Queen with an ego that had mastery over all the elemental magic and named her 'Ramiris', her species was a Pixie.

I also made her personality a bit unique, she is a pleasant person who will say whatever is on her mind. She is a ridiculously free-willed individual who acts all smug. As soon as she gained consciousness she started flying around the spiritual realm while also trying to talk with the Grand Spirits who were all just standing completely motionless. When she saw me she started asking questions like "Who are you?", "Who am I?", "What is this place?", "Who are those?" and stuff like that.

"Alright, if you be quiet then I can answer your questions." as soon as I said that she sat in front of me completely quiet while looking at me intently.

"Firstly, I am Anos Voldigoad the creator of this Multiverse, secondly your name is Ramiris and you are the Queen of Spirits that I have created, while those behind you are the Grand Spirits of different aspects of the Multiverse, and this place we are currently in is called the Spiritual Realm. I created you Ramiris so that you can guard these spirits, you also have the absolute authority over all spirits produced by The Grand Spirits. I will be sending you to planet Arber and you will live your life trying to help humanity grow stronger. Here, let me give you something that will help you in your journey." I said and gave her a unique skill that will be most suitable for her.

[Notice: The Individual named Ramiris has received Intrinsic Skill: Labyrinth Creation by the Omni King Anos Voldigoad] the emotionless voice rang in Ramiris' head.

After that, I teleported Ramiris to Arber and told the Grand spirits to create Greater and Lesser Spirits of their respective nature using their magicules, with all the work done I was left thinking about my next course of action. Since I do not want to wait for the Multiverse to develop, I will just use my space-time powers and jump around twenty-four thousand years in the future. With all the things sorted I used the time magic to jump around twenty-four thousand years in the future. I went to my separate dimension and started using one of the easiest magic in my arsenal.

"Rivide" and with that, I speeded time around me.


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