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The Marvel tale of Imperium


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Ladies and jets English is not my first language. So the grammar may not be the best. I'm, not the best at writing a synopsis but here goes. The story I am writing is about a person from the year 2181. He happens to die to due conflicts with the council of his world. He gets reincarnated as peter parker aka spiderman fraternal twin brother. So this individual which I name Theos(mean god in the Greek language). He will climb his way to one of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe. This individual will learn sorcery and he will also use his expertise from his past life such as genetics to genetically modify himself to become a powerful being. This will slow pace fan-fic. the MC will lose people he cares about but they will not be Aunt May and peter. I will also change few things in the timeline of MCU also the ethnicities of some characters. Also will change minor things in the back story. The cover of my Fan-Fic is not mine. If the owner of the picture does not like me using his or her drawing. I shall take it down.


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