The Marriage Project

Author: wowzafine
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Marriage Project

Read ‘The Marriage Project’ Online for Free, written by the author wowzafine, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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SekaiTech: A story about fantasy and advanced technology. Notice: This Story isn't finished yet, once it's finished the chapter will be rewrite to create much better chapter. Notice: This Novel is still under development, as you saw this, you're now part of the BetaReader. Must: Help me with my story by commenting your suggestions, opinions, and reactions. Read as you'll notice the difference, plots from the vol. 1 will be 'overused' as the whole novel is still underdeveloment. . . . . . . . . thank you for understanding. Synopsis: Siah was an ordinary college student who loved technology and gadgets. One day, he was suddenly transported to a fantasy world where magic and monsters existed. He soon discovered that he had a unique system that allowed him to summon advanced technology from his original world, such as smartphones, drones, robots, and more. He also learned that his system had a shop feature that could let him buy anything he wanted, as long as he had enough points. He could buy skills, items, weapons, and even people with his system. With his system, Siah decided to explore the new world and have fun. He met many friends and foes along the way, and he used his technology to help or hinder them. He also encountered many mysteries and secrets about the world and his system, and he tried to uncover them. He realized that he was not the only one who had a system, and that there were others who had different systems and goals. He had to face many challenges and dangers, but he also enjoyed many adventures and pleasures. However, his life changed when a God appeared before him and told him a shocking truth. The world he was in was divided into 28 continents, each guarded by a God. But one of the Gods, who ruled over the largest continent, had turned into an Evil God and was planning to destroy the other continents and Gods. The 27 Gods had no choice but to pick a soul from another world to stop the Evil God, and they chose Siah. Now, Siah had to use his system and technology to fight against the Evil God and his minions, who also had systems and powers of their own. He had to ally with the other Gods and their chosen ones, and travel to the different continents to find a way to defeat the Evil God. He also had to deal with the consequences of his actions, and the fate of the world and his system. IsekaiTech is a novel that combines science fiction and fantasy, and follows the journey of Siah, a young man who has the power to acquire anything he desires. It is a story of adventure, comedy, romance, and action, set in a world where technology and magic coexist, and where a battle between Gods and Evil is about to begin. updates starts at 0:00, I'll try to make it everyday. Also, I'll rewrite the story if it's done to make it more detailed and undertable. be part of the BetaReaders now!

KLUX · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
30 Chs
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