1 The path that was followed.

Mr Adieu had already decided to commit suicide when he broke up with his girlfriend Miss Sakta, but the act was not so easy as it would have looked like to him when he first thought of it. And after much of discussion in mind he arrives at a temporary solution and that was the begining of his ruin.

At the age of 14 he had acquired many skills and he was the best in his business. He had been selected for SGFI as a bowler and he was very ambitious to fullfill his dream to become an international player representing India ,his country. He was working hard for it and he acquired numerous skills by practicing hard and long and on the other hand he had to conpete with all the boys and girls of his school and every year he stood at rank 1 .

His speciality was that he adapted the situation quickly and acquired the desired traits quickly than anyone else.

At the age of 16 Mr Adieu emerges as the student of the year in his school AGHS after passing his 10th class with highest marks ever by any student at that level and hence setting a record.

It was not that there was no competition. Mr Yeti was a rival but always was outwitted by Adieu in every department whether it be the academics or the sports or other recreational activities , Mr Adieu was the favourite of all the teachers in every aspect .

Leaving the hogh school he enters the hogjer secondary with a mind set of competing with all the students and very soon he rose to the occasion when he , in front of everyone ,stood up and delivered a speech of about 10 minutes in fluent english language and in such a manner that even the poorest of the students got the message and thus he was well known now and among all the studemts no one had obtained as much marks as Adieu had acquired in the 10th class and this soon spread like a fire in the forest and soon he was famous as usual and as he had lived before.

In the meantime he also loved a girl very much namely Miss Sakta . He could have sacrificed his life for her if she had asked and that was the intensity of the love among them and it had now continued for 2 years of time from his 9th class upto middle of 11th class.

A problem arises in the love that Mr Adieu didn't belong to same category of social hierarchy and soon this problen was felf badly by both of the lovers and soon the girlfriend sends a message about the breakup.