1 A Real Dick

I donned my favorite pair of jeans, the blue one that cupped my ass in a way which was sure to drive the girls crazy, at least that was what my ex, Susan, used to say. She sure had good taste; after all, she chose me.

The white shirt would look good with it, the semi-transparent one. I had to look my best today. I had to especially as I was breaking up with Esmie. She was a real hottie, slightly different from the girls I was used to, with her tight waist and pert butt. I usually liked more voluptuous creatures and she was slightly on the thinner side, but she had a good sense of humor and always kept me guessing.

What I liked about her was her lively mind, which was a blessed distraction from the other bimbos I used to date. Maybe I would have stayed with her longer, but a comment Mike made me change my mind.

'You have started looking like an old couple,' he had said, perhaps not meaning any wrong, but his words hit me the wrong way. A stable relationship was not for me. I was still young and I wanted to taste all the beautiful things that life had to offer, especially the delectable ladies and their plump breasts.

'Esmie, I like you, but you have to go.'

I immediately felt a pang of regret as I genuinely liked her, but I immediately put it aside. I had an important task to do and I had to get ready.

I sprayed on the musky scent that I favored. Now you would ask why I was getting so well dressed for a break up. Well, I loved leaving those ladies with regret, leave them something to remember during their lonely nights.

After a final glance at the floor-length mirror, I was ready and set out to the Gaetan Squares where I had planned to meet Esmie. There was a secluded garden over there that seemed to be made for young lovers. Tall trees, large bushes and well-placed benches. Who knew, Esmie might be so angry that she might opt for some break up sex, I thought already salivating.

Who knew that some girls could be masochistic that they could even enjoy sex with those who break their heart! Indeed, some of my most glorious encounters with the opposite sex had been with girls I had just broken up with.

While driving to the meeting place, I couldn't help but think of Esmie, her luscious pink lips that could drive me crazy when she licked my balls and took me deep in her mouth. Her delicate laughter when I told her one of my bad jokes, the way she moaned when I was impaled deep in her, how she rubbed her lithe body all over me when she was nearing her orgasm. I felt my shaft twitch in response to these images and warmth filled my body.

I shook my head, trying to get rid of all those memories. I had decided to end the relationship so there was no place for regrets.

Esmie was already waiting for me when I reached. She had chosen one of the most secluded benches and my groin tightened at the thought of what we could do there.

Quick and short break ups were usually the best. I didn't like messy tears and snot coming out. I once had a girlfriend who cried so much that she got hiccups and that led her to vomit her lunch all over my new Italian loafers.

There was a pool of yellow light at the foot of the nearby streetlamp and some of this light was making Esmie's auburn hair shine like strands of gold. Her cheeks were glowing with a pink hue and I felt a pinch to my heard as she smiled sweetly at me. I was going to miss this one for sure.

A swift breakup it would be. As soon as I sat down, she turned to me and covered my lips with her soft and warm ones. She reached out her arm to cup my neck tenderly and rubbed her chest against mine in a slow tortuous move. She really knew what I liked, this girl. I could feel my blood warming up and I started getting hard. She used her other free hand to cup my manhood through the fabric of my jeans and I wanted to take her right there, on the bench. But that would have to wait until the breakup.

After a while, our lips parted and I breathed in her floral scent.

'Esmie, we have to stop.'

'We've already stopped kissing, Dick,' she pointed out, smiling.

'No, I'm sorry, we can't go on with this relationship,' I said, numbing the little voice that was telling me I was wrong to do this.'

Immediately, I saw Esmie's eyes cloud and her lips thin into a straight line.

'What do you mean?' she asked, her tone hardening.

'We have to break up.'

'Why?' she asked, the single word throwing me into a turmoil I had never felt before.

I looked at her eyes which were bright with unshed tears and felt momentary remorse, which I then brushed aside. I hated the part where it had to hurt, but I was too attached to my freedom to do otherwise.

'But we can still meet for some mind-blowing sex, if you want,' I added. Sometimes it worked. Not everyone wanted to be attached for life. A regular romp in bed might satisfy them until they found someone else to take care of their needs.

I had just taken a leave of one month from my job and I had planned to travel around to meet new girls. It would have pleased me to know that Esmie would be waiting for me for some boom-boom in bed when I came back, but looking at her reaction, I could see that it was not meant to happen.

I stood up and looking at her with genuine regret in my eyes, I took one step back.

'Others had warned me that you were just a playboy, that the only thing you were good at was pleasing women in bed. I was the one who thought I could change you. And for some time, I thought that you were beginning to care too. But I was so wrong,' Esmie said, standing up as well.

Here, the usual tantrum was going to come, I thought. The tears and all the shouts. But I was mistaken as instead a small smile hovered above Esmie's lips as she took one step towards me. Automatically, I started backing away as I realized that things were not going as planned.

'You like pleasing women, right? This is what you like, sex. Well, you'll be served then,' she shouted, raising her index finger towards me.

I looked around us and noticed that there was no one around, which was good. I didn't want anyone around to witness her meltdown, but after a few seconds, I started feeling weird as well, as I could no longer hear the noise of the vehicles which were usually quite noisy at this time. There was pin-drop silence.

I turned my gaze to Esmie again to see that she had come even nearer and I could see sparks coming out from the tip of her finger now. Was that a new trick of manicurists? Then suddenly a bolt just seemed to fly out of her fingertip, hitting me. I just remember a blaze of white light, before darkness claimed me and I crumbled to the ground.

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