The Man Who Manipulated Reality Book

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The Man Who Manipulated Reality


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It was a day like any other until a sudden change happened on Earth. Unknown energy called mana surged forth from the earth's core, transforming the environment and all living beings on the planet. Lush forests sprouted out, beasts and insects slowly mutated and became more aggressive, attacking humans on sight. Humans, on the other hand, saw a bright light-blue screen in front of them. [Earth's evolution stage one has finished. Mana has started to surge forth from the planet's core.] [The Ascendant's System has been unlocked.] [Welcome to the path of transcendence.] [To check the user's status, simply say or think "Status".] With these words, a new era dawned on humanity. The era of the Awakened. Cassius Hale was only five years old when mana appeared on Earth, and his life changed drastically.


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