The Man Who Loved Snakes Book

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The Man Who Loved Snakes


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BRONZE TIER WINNER OF WPC# 176 Harem + System Jimmy Stark’s blessing with powers and a magical system was also a curse for him from birth. It granted him certain abilities most would have to train to get, but it also affected his brain to some degree. Following a botched attempt of seduction by a succubus named Belva, he finds himself in the middle of an ongoing war from the Underworld involving many succubi against their former Queen, Malvagia, and this fight's heading to Earth. Getting dragged into it, Jimmy would also later meet Belva's gorgeous, dangerous and most likely silly fellow succubi along the way. Not exactly a hero, but far from a villain, Jimmy’s got the looks, the system the powers, and his own share of wickedness to help the succubi go head to head with Malvagia. This is the tale of the man who loved snakes. Original image source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/862298659908540240/ Note: Cover is temporary, with several edits such as the magical circles. Will change the cover in the future once I get a commission.


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