1 ch 1 welcome to the realm of chaotic war

(you all will find out who I am and what all I did for your kind. as for if it makes me a hero or a villain, you decide. )

(this is my story, and revealing it will cause many to chase after me, hoping to kill me. after all, my associates fear what would happen should people find a source of power like the one that exists now. but the people need to know, to prepare and actually fight this war that is upon your kind. we have protected you too much if I am, to be honest. )

(the beginning of my story doesn't matter that much. I have lived a very ordinary life since I was a kid.)

( I will tell my story from the moment that my life stopped being ordinary.)

(by the way, I am the me of future and I will only interrupt at a few parts, where I of the past is unclear. right now the me at the moment where my life becomes unordinary is talking. )

I don't know where I was but it was hard and dark. wherever I was it was a tad bit uncomfortable. 

wait a second, it was getting brighter and clearer. 

( after some while )

I can finally see my surroundings clearly enough. it is a plain room with nothing in it. the only thing other than me in the room was a painting. all I can see from where I am is a red blur. as for me, I was lying in the middle. in the middle of what I thought to be dried red paint.

I just realised that I had not moved a muscle since I had woken up. so I got up and realised that I am wearing a red robe with nothing inside it.

my face became red as soon as I thought about it. who had changed my clothes but I stopped myself at that point. because once one begins to ask questions, it would then become a barrage of questions, and then it would lead to panic and it was kind of stupid to think that somebody had changed my clothes inside a dream.

it was probably a dream of mine. my entire family from my father's side had a problem. it wasn't anything like cancer or anything life-threatening like that. we had a disease that made us have almost life-like dreams. every detail of every dream would be remembered perfectly by us and even if we wanted to we could not forget it. my father called us dream walkers and had told me that my family had some of the world's best artists, writers. though we were really not that lucky. 

leave it be, it's not something that can be explained in a few words. just continue reading, it should get clearer. 

anyways this was most likely a dream I was having though, to be honest, such lifelike dreams were very rare for me. the number was definitely less than ten. 

anyways let's go check out the painting.

the painting also was interesting. it was painting made completely from red, no other color is used except black. the painting was so lifelike that it seemed to be like a black and white photo where red was used instead of white.  

anyways the scene seemed to be from a battleground. the exact painting Itself was unclear . all that Could be seen was stickman like figures with stick-like sword. maybe I should go a bit closer.  

with a snapping sound, the world around me became completely black just like before. now, where was I going. that why I hated these lifelike dreams. 

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no need to complain. my life was still better than some people. at least I could live a long and peaceful life, unlike those who had to live in a warzone or those who actually had a life-threatening disease. but man these dreams of mine, they could be a bit too lifelike sometimes. 

I waited for the surroundings to brighten up and I hoped this time it would be a bit interesting. Some of my dreams could be very boring.

my desire was satisfied. I wasn't exactly sure where I was . the world around me was still dark but it was a different kind of darkness, like being covered by a thick rug. 

I moved whatever was surrounding me and discovered that what was surrounding me was corpses.

before you get surprised by my overly calm reaction, corpses were very common in my dreams. I had seen corpses in my dream from a young age of five, as for how my imagination had stuff like corpses at that age, I have no ideas. 

that's why corpses didn't scare me, though in this case I was surrounded by too many corpses, enough to make me nauseous. the corpses also were brutalised too. many of them were torn to separate parts like a crazy beast was released on them. the corpses surrounding me had all their limbs missing. 

another thing that was different in this case was my clothes, this time I was wearing a blood-red armor, of what it was made I don't know, but it was cracked like so cracked that the cracks actually seemed to be part of the design of the armour. the cracks were everywhere except the gloves. the armour was very comfortable for some weird reason. it was like I had worn it all my life. 

well, I didn't want to walk through the entire dense layer of corpses. I could handle corpses, but that didn't mean could walk on them, feeling them squish under my feet and to see bits and pieces lying about, it looked like this dream was gonna be a bit traumatic especially if I keep trying to explain it .it hard to describe how gruesome the scene to those who had not experienced it. 

 therefore I decided to wait out this dream at the spot I was in. I don't know why but the dream this time is weird by my standards, gruesome too and I don't know, something just felt different this time.

so I just sat there moving the corpses to the side and sat on the clearing I had created. 

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I knew I would not sleep but it worked to calm me down. the scenery outside was not exactly appreciable. 

( after a while )

it looked like something was going to attack me. when I was a kid, a wild dog had attacked me. it was shot dead by my father, an inch away from me. as for how my father got an illegal weapon I don't know. but then he was ex-military .before it had attacked I had felt shivers throughout my body like somebody had put a block of ice on my back.

I was getting the chills up my back right now. I had to tell you while all of this was just a dream it felt scary real .especially the pain. I had armour on me so maybe I could fight it, whatever it was. I was still sleeping trying to bait the beast that was about to attack. 

I had a feeling that once the beast was killed something would happen, maybe the next part of the dream or maybe I would finally wake up. 

it is on dreams like this that I curse the fact that I had to play so many video games. even my dreams were now copying those games. 

whatever leave it be, I am fine. finally, the beast couldn't handle it and jumped on me. the armour was sturdier than I expected and the beasts attacks failed, though the armour had begun to fall apart. the beast itself looked like a wolf made of the darkness, like some kind of really dark stone.

man, I must say my imagination is really very random. 

the Wolf had retreated and was looking at me preparing to strike me. suddenly the Wolf jumped at me. the speed of the wolf was so fast that all I saw was a black blur. the armour saved me again, taking most of the damage, otherwise, I would have died right at that instant. 

the wolf was still moving at a very fast speed dragging me behind it, with my leg in its mouth and my face being dragged on the ground. the armour was falling apart the entire time. if the armour was not there I would have literally been dragged to death. though the armour was only delaying the inevitable. I could already feel a burning pain on my arms ( where the armour had completely fallen apart . )

I was starting to doubt whether I was secretly a masochist because only a masochist could have such a painful dream. 

( this is me from the future, the past me will become completely confusing, so I am taking the liberty to take his place. by the way for those of you that have not figured it out, the text bracket is what I ( from the future ) have added to help you understand ).

( the black wolf, which had been dragging me for a very long time, in that period of time the armour completely fell apart, but the corpses acted as a kind of cushion for me otherwise, I would literally be dragged to my death . ) 

( even then my situation was not that safe, the corpses had a lot of weapons, I kept colliding with them. halfway through the journey, I lost my consciousness and I didn't what happen after that .)

( when I regained consciousness, it was in a dream-like state, where I couldn't differentiate. between reality and dream . while it is kind of ironic talking of this when I. was inside a dream, I would soon come to realise that this dream of mine was not a dream at all .)

(anyways, I discovered that I was being dragged over a Sandy plain. I knew it was a Sandy plain later. by then my sense of pain was already in overload, the pain had disappeared, but there was honestly I could do nothing about it, I didn't even have the strength to move arms. )

(to be honest, the feeling that this all was unreal was fading very quickly .)

( before leaving, this one last thing had to be told. it won't be told by me because I acquired this memory from a very old friend of mine .)



I hated being on patrol, seeing the destruction outside always made me feel like screaming like a crazy person.

but nothing could be done now, the demon beasts were too many and too powerful. if I were to leave the safety of the city, the danger was enough to make my skin crawl with fear. 

voice from behind - miss mist, don't stay on the wall for that long, any demon beast could attack. 

miss mist - I know dragon Slayer, I am coming down in a second .....wait a second do you see that, ring the bells.NOW!!!!

I was sure that a very powerful demon beast had come to invade. no ordinary beast could move with such a velocity. within the few moments in which I talked to it had already covered most of the distance to the walls .luckily, dragon Slayer reacted quickly and the bell rang releasing the protective seals on the door. 

the monster had reached the gate just a moment after the seal was released. it collided against it. cracks appeared all over the doors meant to hold against sieges from entire clans of demon beasts. 

the demon was very powerful, but seemed to have been injured. the elders could deal with it maybe. regardless it was not my place to worry . all I could do was hope that I could see the dawn. the beast had stopped after hitting the gate a few times, it seemed to understand the futility of hitting the gate. 

I wished the elders would come as quickly as possible, this monster was scary. 

I could tell it appears now that it was not running. it was void wolf famous for their speed. though I have never seen one so fast . it seemed to have dragged a corpse from the corpse field with it. the corpse which already was pitiful, looked less like a corpse and more like meat that was rationed to us, bloody. I really need to keep my Imagination in control. now I won't be able to eat the rationed meat for a long time. 

and flash, I was suddenly in the air, being dragged by the beast and the only thing going on my head was the scene of an old man, with his hands behind his back looking at me, as I fumbled with holding a blade. 

and then everything went black

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