1 Chapter one The Unknown.

Faintly, his footsteps echoed throughout the dungeon. Calmly, he walked by cells both locked and unlocked. His steps slowly came to a stop as he paused for a moment and remained still. Been shrouded in darkness made him feel invisible to the eyes searching for the man. Of a sudden he began to move, his stride having changed; his gait, swift and silent.

His steps faded away and everywhere was silent again.

The silence of the building was shattered by the hum of a generator been brought to life. Heavy footsteps dragged across the steps, from the direction the last steps were heard of.

He grunted and cursed in inaudible tones while walking. Only to spit on the floor at some disgust which he can't see but smell that caught his attention. He seemed to know what he wanted to do but not where he was going. You could call him the "confused on a mission".

Walking in darkness with no source of light was like trying to get out of a labyrinth with no map. A trial and fail game. It didn't take him long but it wasted his time. As his hand held the switch lever and pulled it down, he muttered to himself ; and the Lord said let there be light and there was light!

The air felt like it had been in darkness for so long until a man came and introduced light to it. It was all a strange feeling, not to the man but to the people who were present. And light didn't stand for hope at the tunnel end but the final moments to give life another one last glimpse before darkness comes once again.

He spat into his hands, rubbed them together and did the same on his stained jump suit. It seemed to be orange or red. The original already faded to the effect of stains and age. Standing at 6'5, heavily built with a dirty white shirt, jumpsuit and a black boot. His hands were unusually big for a man his size, with hairy arms and a bald head with no facial hair sitting on shoulders which seemed to lack a neck. He picked up a black hat which seemed to have appeared with the light and placed it on his head

Slowly he rubbed his eyes while picking his steps. Left hand outstretched, dragging his fingertips across the wall making a scrapping sound as he moved tardily.

A howl came from the end of the tunnel.

the darkest part of the cylindrical shaped structure. The place where darkness awaits trespassers. It lasted for a second, then came wails like that of a suckling.

It broke the silence and continued consistently, increasing in tempo at different intervals like a dirge with no words.

The scrapping got louder and the cries turned into whimpers as the sound was somewhat a signal warning to be quiet. Few steps before the huge figure would be engulfed by the darkness, he slowly turned to his left, facing the wall. There seemed to be a box attached to the word. He clicked the latch open and let it go. The sound of metal banging against the wall reverberated across the tunnel. The whimpers once again began, only this time it was louder than before.

Seeming unaffected by the voices of sorrows, he grabbed two wooden handles out, the reflection of metal getting caught in the light. He turned slowly towards the light, staring deep into the other end of the lighted tunnel. He had a wide grin which screamed pure evil. His lips sneaked out as his gaze was still fixed at whatever or whoever was at the other end. Licking his lips with his unusually long tongue, he smirked and turned around swiftly. The howls became louder than ever as he stepped forward and the darkness absorbed him.

There was shouting, screaming, crying as the sounds of metal tearing through flesh and smashing through bones echoed across the area.

A long bony scrawny bloodied hand stretched out of the darkness trying to cling unto the light, as it held unto the floor and attempted to drag it's self out of despair and death. A big black boot drop down hard on the hand, crushing it fingers. He squatted slowly on the limb and chuckled. Raising the axe high in the air, he chopped the stucked limb fleetly. Blood spurting into the air, some landing on his tongue and mouth as he savoured the moment with pleasure coursing through his veins. The blood stopped spurting but kept on flowing, he seemed surprised and stared at the headless head at his feet. He had no idea when he moved from the limb to the neck and the torso. His victim was well sliced and diced.

Grunting at no more fun to be had, he kicked the body which was now in pieces back into the darkness which gulped it down greedily, and finally the head. It bounced until it strucked a wall and gave out a crack sound. A broken skull ? not like it mattered, he thought. He shrugged his shoulders and pulled out a white clean napkin and slowly cleaned his tools of blood and stucked flesh. He dropped the now dirty napkin and placed the axes back into the metal box and latched it shut.

He spat into his hands and rubbed it slowly. Blood mixing with saliva, he spat in more before rubbing it all on his jumpsuit.

Slowly he walked to the other end of the tunnel, his heavy footsteps the only sound that could be heard. He held unto the switch lever and pulled it up; leaving with the light, he brought back darkness and once again there was silence.

Seven Days Ago.

The sound of a bell been rung echoed across the hallway as various students trooped out of their classrooms to meet their friends and also grab a quick bite. It was break time, the period for a little play and get together time. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", ain't that right Jack ?

A brown haired dark skin boy with wide grin said out loud. "Felix the loud mouth" Jack retorted as he face palmed his face. Felix and Jack best of buddies since kindergarten. Some say they were destined to be friends forever, others, that they were twins. They both had similar body build; slightly muscular and not scrawny. Same height clocking at six inches with ages of sixteen. Same hair colour, but different skin complexion. Anywhere you see Felix, Jack was nearby.


The sound of a microphone could be heard waking up. Only the principal office had one, which was connected to all the speakers in the hallways and classrooms. The principal first did what sounded like a snort before coughing twice and then clearing his throat. Everyone paused, knowing fully well that their headteacher never repeated his words. There was silence.

"All students should head off to the Main hall in Five minutes". The announcement was brief.

For a moment everyone was still and quiet, then the sudden chatter and noise continued as the students all reverted back to their previous activities. Five minutes was all they had and it seems they knew time could be ticking fast, the noise increased. Two tall boys could be seen entering a classroom. At it top was the class tag boldly written Grade 12 (Science). Poking both heads in, they could see the class was empty. Staring at eachother and knowing fully well that they were both clueless with eyebrows raised, they turned around and headed for the schoolyard. It was obvious by their runs and urgency of action that they were searching for someone or a group of people and time wasn't on their side.

"Tick tock, tick tock",

"The time says we have three minutes left Felix". Jack said while scratching his head and looking around. Jack didn't reply cause he seemed too preoccupied in searching for someone. They were now standing a little bit away from the door when they heard a giggle and a light chuckle.

Hey guys! a pale blonde haired, blue eyed girl smiled and did a cute love sign to them both as she walked towards them. "Where have you been, we have been looking for you?" the boys asked in unison. "Ohh, I was at the restroom". She replied while turning around to hide her flushed face.

"Sorry, is she shy because we said we were looking for her or because she was getting herself relieved of..." Felix let his statement trail while grinning. "Let it drop Felix, shall we not start another teasing today" Jack said while smiling at Lisa. Lisa upon seeing his warm smile, returned it and threw out her fist immediately.

"Ouch girl, what have you been lifting" Felix rubbed his nose, before saying "well, a girl punch pack's no power" while grinning. "We would see about that when it's your pack between your legs that get the hit" Lisa grinned mischievously.

"No, no no, no no." Felix slowly backed away.

Jack seeming lost in their conversation but watching with a smile as his childhood friends converse freely with each other while having fun.

"Alright guys, I do not want to be the one who ruins the fun but we got sixty seconds left, I guess we should start heading towards the mainhall". "But Lisa, you remember our plan right."

Lisa nodded, all serious with a focused expression as she glanced at Felix before staring back at Jack. "And you both are set and ready to go right?" Both boys nodded as Felix walked towards Jack side. "Alright boys, let get going" She said happily as her cheerful attitude came on.

The hall was brimming with excited students who were noisy and constant talking with one another. Discussions ranging from plans for the upcoming weekend, the school excursion next week and what news the principal might want to tell us about ? Though some hoped and prayed that the reason for this meeting wasn't because the head teacher wanted to cancel the trip.

Though the three musketeers were early to the main hall, the first ten front rows were already occupied, leaving the middle and the backseat for those who were still on their way. Though some front rows had empty seats, but upon asking the group were told that those were seats been reserved for friends. "I mean who does that" Jack said a little pissed off. "But you would keep a seat for me if you were the one right" Lisa could be seen doing the puppy dog eyes at Jack after asking. He stared at her and couldn't help in breaking a frown into a smile. "Hey guys, over here!" Felix was waving at his friend's as he gestured them to come join him. Immediately a soft finger poked Jack's forehead dragging him out of his day dreaming, while the finger lingered across his cheek and down to his jawline, slowly tracing out the masculine outline before leaving his face completely. He stood still as his head went over the soft finge rubbing against his face and chin. He smiled before walking on, as he joined his friends.

"Hey, anyone seated here ? " An Asian black haired girl asked cheerfully. She was spotting a pig tail, big bright eyeballs which looked cute when she smiled or laughed. She seemed to be bouncing as her frilly skirt swayed slightly to each side as she awaited a response. "Sure you can, Felix responded as he looked over to his left and seeing Jack and Lisa were having a conversation, he let them be. But he needed someone to talk to, As usual the headteacher was late to the hall.

"The name is Hinata, what's yours ?" The cute pale skin girl stretched out her petite hand with a big smile plastered across her smooth oval delicate face. Losing his bearing a bit over a sudden introduction from a pretty girl made Felix to stutter a bit before replying "umm ...Monsieur Felix", he said with a French accent. Shaking her hand, hers melted into it as he felt how soft it truly was. looks didn't do justice to the feeling he was getting from the touch. "Ohh A Frenchy!". "Native right ?" she asked excitedly. It seems seeing another foreigner like her was getting her all giddy. Now realising he was still holding unto her hands, he withdrew his back and began to ruffle his brown thick hair. some strands began to unfurl and drooped closer to his eyes.

He was lost for words at the sudden question and was wondering how he would reply the elated bright eyed beauty in front of him.

"Hey Felix got a girl"

"C'mon man, how could you. not telling your closest buddy about the love of your heart ?"

With Jack continous teasing, Felix was turning a light shade of pink which seemed to get darker as Jack continued speaking. Even if Felix was a loudmouth, who seemed to be the "always happy and friendly guy" he always developed cold feet when a pretty guy was unto him. Perharps he thought the cute Asian was unto him, I mean boys do pick on vibes from the opposite sex wrongly.

Finding his voice and not disproving that he wasn't a wimp, he breathed in loudly and for the next two seconds his friends attention and that of the new comer were on him. He was ready to speak, and with a smile on his face, he opened his mouth in a slightly larger way than unnecessary as if he was a drunkard who had been on a long drinking session and was about to take a break with a loud, ear ringing belch.

A loud banging sound can be heard as everyone turned their attention to the short fat rounded man standing on the podium. What caught everyone was the loud silencing sound that ensured decorum was achieved almost instantly. The words from Felix mouth died instantly or better still were gulped down instantly as he swallowed a ball of saliva as the head teacher face was staring at the hall side where he and his friends were seated. There were rumours that the head teacher was a former marine sniper. Served two tours in Afghanistan and later on retired, worked his ass off by holding various jobs and also saving. Years later after having enough cash, he started his school and later convinced some investors that it was worth dropping some cash they didn't need or mind losing into the school.

But standing in front of the student was a man who looked far different from an ex military. Perharps he was a former shadow of himself or better still he didn't really serve in the military and it was all a cock and bull story.

The Head teacher adjusted his tie which was stretched out across his pot belly. From his neck down to his navel, it gave away the sight of a slope with the outstretched end; the dropping point. It was like he was pregnant. He was bald like most old men but was still spotting a full moustache which linked up with the goatee below like brothers in arms. Speaking of arms, in his right hand was a wooden mace which was similar to the one used by a judge in the courtroom to pass judgement. His was the sentence of silence. The Head teacher cleared his throat and began to speak. "Goodday to you all and I hope all has been well with your lives". "As we all know, next week is our excursion week and we ought to visit the "House of Horrors Museum". "We did a polling contest for which would you want to visit and you all choose what can scare you to death, I mean a little fun I always nice right ?" The students giggled and some laughed but not for long as the symbol of silence landed on the wooden podium once again. "Well all work and no play makes Jack a what ?" "A dull boy!". Most of the students replied cheerfully, while Felix and Lisa stared at Jack while grinning.They seemed to be really excited about next week. Today was the start of weekend, that was just an additional bonus. plus most of them felt the weekend would still continue next week since they weren't going to learn anything at all. Just excursion, one or two seminars and lots of fun to be had with your friends. Decorum ensured again but without the mace hitting the podium. It seemed everyone just knew the precise time to quit the noise. "And finally, there would be a new course for you all to take starting from next week. We would be having a visiting teacher who's also a psychologist by profession". " The classes that would be taking this course are Grade 12 Only". The sounds of low voices muttering could be heard, with students seen lowering their heads, speaking softly and trying to be heard but not be seen. "Now this is all I have for you today, perharps tomorrow would bring more. A nice weekend to you all."

After the headteacher left, the whole hall was thrown into a turmoil. Each students could been seen talking to at least one person, Felix and gang weren't an exception.

"Alright guys, back to the main discussion. we are still going to that agreed place right ?" Felix asked while staring at his friend's seated on his left.

"Yup" both Jack and Lisa said in unison.

"Call me Hinata", The cute Asian chipped in, as the three of them turned to stare at her.

"You guys seem to be fun and I would love to join you on your mini adventure" She completed, showing her full set of white teeth. They seemed to sparkle even without the sun shining on them.

Felix stared at her and then at his friend's who also seemed not to know what to say. Lisa seeing that the boys were loss of words, she quickly spoke up. "Yeah, we don't mind". She said while smiling at her. "Yay!" Hinata did a little jump as her skirt lifted up slightly exposing more of her creamy pale thighs, before it came down covering her exposed skin. The boys also followed her skirt motion, in an up and down eye movement with mouth left wide open. "Snap out of it boys" Lisa shouted at the two stoned boys; not weed, a little sprinkle of lust. The hall was beginning to empty as the students were leaving through the various doors. Slowly they filed out like a bottle filled with water but punctured to form many holes. "Alright then it's a deal". " See you all at the venue tomorrow". Jack said as Lisa grabbed his hands and started to lead the way outside. "Wait which venue ?" Hinata asked quickly before they left, forgetting that Felix was still there, most likely due to the excitement of been accepted by a new set of people she just met who might end up being her friends. "Ask your boyfriend, he should know!" Lisa shouted this while raising her eyebrows in a suggestive teasing manner, before winking and then grinning. This time around Felix smiled slightly which seemed to be a blush and Hinata face turned red. It seems the idea of them being a couple was embarrassing and also nice, but this was their first meeting, wasn't it ?

Present Day

The sound of sirens could be heard from miles away. The matchbox blue and white stripped metal whizzing after each other at high speed towards the centre of attraction. Their blue and red flashlights blinking rapidly, lighting up the road, while traffic was at standstill and its lights on red, they moved fast like dragon flies. It felt like they were tipped off about the location of a serial killer or was the president in danger ? The president ? definitely not in this small town they all thought. What could it be then, the confused and bewildered villagers all trooped out of their house late in the evening, wondering what was going on in their small peaceful town.

An ambulance was the last of the noisy entourage. It moved slowly, abiding by the rule of "safety first" unlike the others. The blue boxes seemed to be around five in numbers plus the red and white modern carriage. In a typical police fashion they littered the road with their rides, parking here and there; blocking and sealing off all entrances and exits. The doughnuts loving cops all came out almost immediately, some started decorating the entrance to a one storey building with a "Do not cross" red and white stripped ribbon. And the others walked inside briskly. The ambulance pulled up, with two paramedics jumping out with a stretcher which they wheeled past the sign and into the house alongside with first aid kit. The first stench that greeted all visitors was the smell of rotting flesh. Like some organic corpses or carcass was dumped in their numbers. Everyone came out apart from the medics who were on nose masks, few seconds later four cops got inside and they followed after them closely.

Inside the building was dark, not properly lighted and smelling. Cobwebs could be seen in some corners of the rooms and it's painting were wearing off. There were no furniture's, just empty stinking rooms. The visitors were surprised, after having gone through three empty rooms, they tried the fourth and its door was locked. Each room led to another room at its own end and instead of a wall to signal the end it was a locked door. "Perharps that's where the smell is coming from" a blue eyed blonde haired slightly built cop asked. "Maybe." a deep bass male voice replied. Standing at 6'3 and weighing 150 to 200 pounds, he was a black heavyweight duty cop. "Everyone move back" He said with firm authority. Pulling out his Glock 22 from its holster, his hand pointed slightly downwards, in a straight line with the door knob, he fired. The bullet knocks off the knob with a loud bang and a click sound could be heard almost immediately. The four cops stared at themselves for some seconds, all guns drawn. A head signal was given before one kicked down the door and the blue eyed cop enters first with gun raised shouting police here! Freeze, all weapons down!

The blue eyed cop and the other cop who followed in, an Asian black haired dude with slim frame were left muted with mouths hanging.

"What the fuck! They both uttered simultaneously. What the hell! ; Holy shit! was followed as the other two blue coated humans came in.

The room was well lighted unlike the others, with six ceiling hanging lamps arranged two feets away from each other. It was more like a hall, splitted into two by a once-white thick veil. The material was bloody stained, with some tissue like pieces stucked on it. Some red thick goo could be seen making a gradual slide down from the top to the bottom, creating a thick red pathway down the stained veil.

A long metal rod can be seen stretching from one end of the room till it parts the veil in the middle and continues to the other end. It had hooks connected to look like a hanger rack, with each hook having a rotary disc fixed to the rack to enable sliding a forward or backward movement.

It's design was like that of a cold room but had the sight of a torture room. Five naked humans could be seen suspended by the nape of their neck from the sliding rack, their heads hanged low and their bodies were drenched in blood. The skin holding them from the hook seemed to have been harden, since it supported their full weight.

They were all missing the lower half of their limbs, with their stomach region ending with a large broad stump. Two had long flowing hair which was now matted and red in colour. It shielded their face, but from their naked breasts one could identify them as females. The men on duty had their mouth wide open, none of them had ever witnessed such horror before. Unknown to them, the show was just beginning. The floor surface was a cemented ground and no tiles. The trails of a bloody torso been dragged across the ground could be seen starting from from the door to the dead humans hanging from the neck. While the cops took in the sight before them, they forgot to radio in their findings.

"Mike Jackson come in " the radio com on the squad leader shoulder buzzed. The sudden sound jolted all back from their thoughts. Immediately, their senses which was previously numbed sprang back alive. The stench was mind numbing and unbearable. There hands instinctively went for their noses, as the eye lids fluttered and their iris watered. "Mike Jackson over". "Boss, I think you need to see this". The darkskinned huge cop couldn't describe what he was seeing, maybe shock or perhaps none of them couldn't. "we are going to search inside, over". "Wait for backup, over" A husky voice called in. His subordinates were waiting for their squad leader next line of action while taking a defensive stance; though guns were still drawn and faced.

"Gbam". A large whirring sound could be heard, resembling that of a large rotating blade.

"A chainsaw" Mike muttered under his breathe. He quickly let go of his radio com and began to move cautiously towards the sound, while his tensed troopers followed obediently without been told. Slowly he parted the veil, and the Asian guy who was behind Mike knew what was next. Quickly he walked down in a crouched format across the veil. Safety click off, but he wasn't prepared by what he saw. Tied to a metallic table was a lady, arms outstretched and held firmly to iron pole at both ends. she was tightly gagged bruised and purple eye but still conscious. she was dressed in a tight crop top which hugged her petite breast and showed her smooth stomach and cute little navel, with a long skirt that covered her legs down to her dirty muddy tennis shoe. She was writhing and trying to pull herself free, not that she was in pain but because of the spinning blade. The chain saw was slowly eating through her skirt from the bottom to the top. Her legs been outstretched and also bounded in the same way as her hands made a smooth pathway for the chain saw.

The whizz of an arrow can be heard as it pierce through the thin air and stabs the Asian dude in the neck. His eyes widens as a look of shock plasters his face. The lady on the bed looked shocked as she repeatedly turn her head to stare at the dying policeman and the location the arrow came out from. But she had more things to worry about, cause the saw was already closing in on her vagina. Fuck he was really going to die. He could feel himself dropping gradually as time slowly paused and his colleagues all entered the room shouting "Freeze!" "Hands in the air, where I can see them!" He was now on his knees and was about to drop down when his body was caught and layed across a wall. "Aiguo! stay with me man, stay with me buddy" his captain voice kept on trying to keep him awake. He could feel his life slipping away. His blood running down his neck, shoulder and arms, like an over flowing fountain. He knew he couldn't last long, then he casted his gaze at the lady screaming as the chain saw inched closer to her. He tried to talk but blood spurted out from his mouth. With bloody fingers, he pointed towards the lady.

immediately the captian dropped him and went after the lady. On getting there he instinctual wanted to use his hand to hold the chain saw as he was acting on adrenaline. He knew that would be foolish but the fear of dying in the girl's eyes made him more desperate. He quickly dropped down to search for any switch, lever, pull or even a thick iron. The girl then began to swing her waist side by side to avoid the chainsaw which was already at her tail bone and was still cutting through her skirt. Instantly before it could go any further unto her soft private flesh, Mike slided a rod between her organ and the sharp blade. She released a gasp as the cold metal touched her sensitive spots. He was struggling to hold it still as the furious blade kept on moving fast while vibrating the iron. She stared at him with pleading eyes not to let go; if not for the situation, he would have asked her, her reason for him not to let go. Or perhaps she had more than one. A loud slam can be heard as the power of the building goes off. The whirling blade comes to a gradual stop. "John ? Nike ? is that you ?"

"Captain!" Mike radio com buzzes. " You need to see this boss" His voice was shaky. Mike recognising the voice of John quickly said " c'mon John, put it together. what the fuck haven't we seen since we stepped in here." " Yes boss" John answered with a fearful voice. "You got the light ?" " No boss, that has to be Nike".

"Hey boss, you good? should I switch it on ?"

Immediately the light came on and the blade started whirring again as it clashed against the metal. luckily, his hand still held unto it.

"No Nike, goddammit! Turn the fucking light off!"

"Sorry boss!"

Mike let go of the metal as he whipped out his knife and a flash light. The whole hall was pitch black and he was holding the only source of light in his mouth. He immediately cut off her mouth gag. She opened her mouth to mutter something,

he quickly pushed in his flashlight. Her eyes were wide open in what the fuck ? Quickly her began to cut through her other binds, swiftly as possible. In Two minutes, he was done with both hands and feet. Gently he lifted her off the table and unto her feet. Upon touching the ground she removed the flashlight and pointed it towards his face. Wanting to see her night in shiny armour or her cop in bloody uniform. Mike immediately shielded his eyes and spoke to his radio com.

"switch on the light brother."

"Alright Boss" Nike retorted.

Immediately the light came back on. Mike could be seen still holding her. She looked pale as the light shone on her skin. Apart from her dishevelled hair, she had no injuries on her. As she cleared her hair locks that covered part of her eyes, her looks were that of a teenager. what was she doing here, how did she get to here ?

Turning around, Mike could see his dead comrade, Kim. His body laid in its own pool of blood. He sighed deeply and turned to see the young adult they just saved. She was quiet since, but still, she should know more about what's going on.

"Sorry, what's your name?". She turned towards Mike as he asked for her identity. Ahead, John and Nike could be seen heading towards them. They both walked past the white stained bloody sheet hunged from above. Nike walked off to Kim already cold body and closed his eyes. John could been seen crouching somewhere, his face portrayed that of a man who had seen a ghost; he was visibly shaking. Mike casted a glance at him and wondered if it was because of the deaths or number of grumesome murdered bodies that was making him to be like this or had he seen something more terrifying than this. What could be more terrifying than what they have just seen and witnessed. He was trying to keep it cool, since he was their leader. But he knew sooner than later, he was going to lose it. But hold on a minute, where did John really disappeared to and the arrow which killed Kim, where did it come from?

"Lisa. Lisa's the name." His thoughts were interrupted as Lisa responded to his question. Though it wasn't immediately, since he gave her time but after thinking he couldn't wait for time. he needed answers right now and right here. "Lisa do you know where you are ?" Mike asked. He was slowly fidgeting, building up a momentum of uneasiness. He didn't like the fact that he had no idea what was happening ? on other missions, he had always been in control and also knew how to deal with any situation effectively. This was one of the reasons he was assigned this mission, but since they broke through that front door, everything has gone haywire. One of his subordinate was dead, another had lost his mind and the other had no clue just like him too. Knowledge is power and this time around they had no knowledge about what was happening, but whoever set this barbaric thing up should have the power. Judging from the corpses outside, they weren't fresh. He could tell the difference between a fresh meat and days old meat, it was all down to colouration and palatability to the eyes. That means seeing an alive victim and also dead one's, they were brought in at different intervals. Lisa was obviously later since she was still alive, though close to her death when he first met her and her being the only one here also mean't there could be more than one person here. probably alive or just recently killed. She wasn't alone.

Turning to her rapidly, as if a light bulb had clicked in his head, he asked her abruptly.

"You aren't the only one here are you ?"

She seemed kind of shock, upon realisation of Mike words, after 'it had hit home'. Where was her friends, are they still alive ?

Her memory was kind of blur, as she couldn't count how many times she had blackouts either from been knocked out or as a result of fear.

She turned to Mike and then remembering what happened to her friends she began to cry, as the tears flowed freely. There was no wailing or sobbing, no sound just a silent outpouring of water mixed with salt and emotions.

Mike stood there confused and daze. This wasn't the first time today but he was struggling to pinpoint the reason for this behaviour. Did his question bring back memories, if so does that mean she wasn't the only one brought in here. Is she crying because she doesn't know where the others are and they may likely be dead, or because they really were dead. Stretching out his thick palm, and resting it on her shoulder he consoled her. "Do you have any idea where your friends are?" Mike asked again.

Nike could be seen crouching close to John, trying to find out why he was looking pale and frightened. John just stared at him with blank eyes, with shaking hands, he slowly pointed at

the far end door. The door which he came through. Nike stood up staring at the door before calling his boss attention. Momentarily, Mike was distracted as he turned around from Lisa, backing her in the process. He took some steps forward before staring back at his subordinates, especially the one who called his attention.

"Sir, what ever made John to be like this is behind that door". He stared at Nike as he spoke before rubbing his temple slowly. Seeing how John was like, it seems more trobule awaits them. John lips began to move slowly and almost silent. He could be seen muttering some words but both of his partners couldn't hear anything. Nike moved ahead to scout the door, though he was curious,, he had no intention of opening it until his boss was ready. Mike stepped closer and squatted near John. He was curious to hear him out. Instantly, he felt a hand grabbed his side pulling out a metallic object. Turning around swiftly, his eyes caught sight of his own blade aimed for his neck. He was too slow, he was a dead man already. A squishing sound could be heard as the blade was forced past flesh and a crunching one came as it slammed into bone. Half of the blade was buried completely in his neck, it's hilt gleaming red, with a ruptured juggler vein sprouting out blood like a fountain. John was dead. Slowly she said while smiling with bloody stained lips "The show must go on". The others stared in horror.

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