54 RIN: Chapter Rewritten

As promised, we will now rewrite Rin's story.

We will start on the night he gave you the necklace belonging to his late mother.

You were then in an extravagant party arranged by Aki Saito.

Rin is your handsome escort who looked devilishly handsome as always.

You were conversing with Aki while waiting for Rin to return by your side.

"I see he gave you that," Aki shifted her eyes to the pendant.

"Oh yes, he did. Rin gave it to me a while ago," you smiled sweetly at the little girl and answered.

"That belonged to her. To our mom, the beautiful Esmeralda. She was very fond of my brother you see. She loved my brother Rin the most. So she gave him that before she passed away," Aki narrated.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know this was so important to your family. Do you want it back?" you asked apologetically.

"You remind me of her. Beautiful and naive. Untouched by this world," Aki chuckled as she remembered their beloved mother who has passed away on the night of their family's massacre.

"That pendant belongs to you. Brother Rin gave it to you, didn't he?" she assured you.

"Here he is. Smile, Maru. Brother Rin nearly died from worry while you were unconscious. Give his heart a rest and enjoy the night."

Your eyes shifted to Rin, there he was. The man of your dreams walking towards you.

His face was as unreadable as it always had been. Yet your heart went mad from longing while looking at his perfection.

His jet black hair a perfect compliment to the dark eyes that pulls you in.

Aki excused herself, allowing you to be alone with Rin once again.


Rin led you to the balcony away from the crowd.

There was only you and him, the orchestra playing in the grand hall a mere whisper to your ears.

"This is for you. It's a little strong so drink it slowly," Rin handed you a glass of champagne as dark as the night itself.

You took the glass from him and drank the wine he offered.

You can smell him when you are this close. Your heart pounded so fast, and faster still when you smelled his perfume.

You held on to his arm as you tried to maintain your balance. "Sorry, I may be a little unsteady," you apologized.

He didn't smile or frown, but his voice chastised you, "I told you to drink slowly."

"Then should I be punished? I've been a bad girl after all," you smiled longingly at him.

Your neck hurts from looking up, but it's okay as long as you can see his pretty face. Such a handsome, perfect creation.

The travel to his world has been well worth it, that much you can tell.

"I don't regret it. Not a bit. Dying in your place, I mean," you said as you stared into his pitch-black eyes.

His aura darkened when he heard that. He took the glass of wine from you and lifted your chin.

"Do you really want to be punished that bad?" he asked you, his voice threatening you, but his facial expression as calm as always.

Such control, you mused.

'He never loses self-control. I want him to lose control,' you wished.

You closed your eyes in anticipation of the kiss. You are hungry for his kiss. You missed him so much. Even in your sleep, even when you dream of him, it was never enough.

Minutes passed and you opened your eyes. He did not kiss you. And you looked stupid with your face lifted to him like that.

You tried to struggle from his grasp but he held on to you. "You have to tell me what you want," he whispered.

Your cheeks went hot when you heard him. His breath was warm, a contrast to the coldness of his eyes.

"Rin, kiss me please..." your words were cut short with his kiss.

It was surprisingly gentle, but you need more. You tugged on his neck, you wanted to be kissed by him the way he did the first time.

You wanted to feel his need, to feel him hot under your spell. For him to need you with such abandon in a kiss. You wanted that kiss.

If he was surprised with what you did, he did not show it. Instead, he pressed you to himself, the clothes nothing but a bother to you both.

When you can feel him beneath it all you were satisfied to know you were needed, that you were wanted.

He deepened the kiss, at first as if he was trying to punish you for torturing him like this. Initiating a moment that should have been for another place.

"You drive me mad woman," he said when he ended the kiss to catch his breath.

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"Rin, please... More..." you said as you tugged on his right hand, placing it on your chest.

He looked at you like contempt was secretly brewing in his soul. And yet his hands were gentle as he used his fingers to reach for your shoulders.

He reached for the zipper of your gown and exposed your bosoms to the soft glow of the stars.

You gasped when you felt his warm touch brushing your skin. He seemed to like your reaction since he reconnected your lips.

Your lips danced as he parted your lips open with his tongue. An unexpected moan escaped from your lips, "Rin... I love you... so much."

Your words were met with silence. It's as if Rin's heat was washed away.

He let you go and said, "We should return to the party." He zipped your dress up and held his hand in front of you.


"Why? Why did you stop?" you asked Rin.

Just then, Daisuke arrived.

"I hope I am not interrupting something. Can I borrow Maru for a while?"

Rin looked at you, waiting for your permission. You can't even look Rin in the eyes, not after he has rejected you like that.

You just nodded your head, which Rin took as a consent for him to go.

You looked at his back as he started walking away from you. You placed your hand in your chest to stop it from breaking.

Deja vu.

You have seen him walk away like this before. Back at the tower. The night he rescued you.

'Why does he always walk away? And why does my heart break every time?' you asked yourself as Rin's figure fades into the night.

Tears fell from your eyes. Daisuke quickly wiped those tears away.

"Did he make you cry again?" Daisuke asked, but he knew the answer too well.

"This is a perfect evening. You shouldn't be sad at all mademoiselle," his eyes were as sorrowful as yours.

Why couldn't you just fall for him?

Even when you wanted so badly to?

"Can we take a walk?" he asked.


"Can we take a walk?" Daisuke asked as he offered his hand to you.

You walked side by side until you reached the gardens.

He embraced you from behind. He was crying. You knew as your shoulders come in contact with his tears.

You tried to face him but he is far stronger, "I'm leaving, I will not be coming back... Unless you tell me you love me and ask me to stay."

"I'll give up everything to be with you. Just say the words. Tell me you love me, too," Daisuke whispered those words while keeping you in place, preventing you from facing him.

He doesn't want you to see him cry.

He doesn't want to see the truth in your eyes. The truth you've both known for a while now.

That you are in love with a different man. The only man you've ever loved.

The one who can't even tell you the words you wanted to hear for so long. "Please tell me. Tell me you love me. Tell me you want me to stay."

"I'll leave everything behind just say that you love me too," Daisuke pleaded as if the words you say will determine what he does with his life.

"I'm sorry," you said as tears fell from your eyes. Unable to face him, unable to meet his eyes and see how hurt he was with your words.

"Then walk away and return to his side. Don't look back, my love. I can't leave you if you turn and face me. I'll have false hope all over again."

"So, please just walk away, my love. Walk away and never look back." Daisuke's voice nearly broke. He said the words like he hoped that somehow you'll change your mind.

He wanted you to choose him. Your mind wanted so bad to choose him.

Here is a man who has given his heart to you. Who offers you his heart and his future.

And yet, you can't make your heart choose him. Because choosing him will be lying to yourself.

Deep inside, you've always known one inescapable truth... that you can never love anyone else.

You took a step away from him. You did not look back like he asked you to.

You continued walking until you reached the manor again. You can hear the faint music coming from the grand hall.

The music changed from a fast tempo to a sad melancholic song. The violins sounded so sad, so heartbreaking. You wanted so bad to shut it out.

You placed your hand in your chest to stop it from breaking. You don't want to hurt anyone, especially a person who has been by your side for so long. Your friend who loved you, cared for you, protected you.

But you have made your choice.

The only choice you could have made.

In your heart you knew, you will be lying to yourself if you pretend you can love anyone else but him.

He is the only one who can ever make you feel this way.

The dark-haired assassin.

Ironically, the only one you can ever love is the person who is unsure of how he feels or if he feels at all.

You found yourself crying uncontrollably.

You feel so sad and broken.

You feel so alone.

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